CISA Courses & Certification

CISA Courses & Certification

Thinking about getting the CISA Certification? Chances are you’ve done the research on the CISA certification process. But what’s next on the agenda? These tips for CISA certification are intended to help you make your next moves carefully. Keep reading to find out how best tackle this unique exam, dos and don’ts to pass the first time, and important points to use along your journey! Don’t want to wait? Get started with the best CISA study materials & discounts here.

Why get a CISA Certification?

The world of information security auditing is growing at exponential rates. Demand for information security auditors has increased year after year.With all the recent changes in IT and business in general, the scope for CISA certified professionals has increased. These changes and more are encouraging a host of new security professionals to take up the CISA exam. Many large financial institutions and banks across the world have started hiring CISA certified candidates to ensure the most effective security assessments. This bears great news for those of us who are certified as salaries and benefits are rising across the board.

How difficult is the CISA Exam?

We’re not kidding when we say the CISA exam is one of the toughest around. It’s even notorious for a less than stellar pass-rates. While the ISACA, (the officials administering the exam) have stopped publishing information about pass-rates in recent years, feedback suggests that less than half of candidates pass. After all the weekends and time you put into studying that’s the last thing you want to do is fail the CISA.

Top 3 Reasons You Could Fail The CISA Exam

  1. Questions are subjective and sometimes ambiguous or vague.
  2. The focus is on memorization and rote learning.
  3. The CISA is not a vendor specific test.

How to study for the CISA Exam?

These are the most important tips to keep in mind when preparing for the CISA exam.

1. Become An Accountant

The CISA focuses on real world applications, so being an expert exam taker won’t help you here. You’ll need to sharpen you IT auditing and accounting skills or else.

2. Read The Most Important CISA Study Materials

You’ll have a love-hate relationship with the CRM from the ISACA. It’s not exactly exciting but it’s a comprehensive guide for all candidates. The CRM has the details you need related to the exam plus defines the roles and responsibilities of IS auditors. It’s a must have study guide for all CISA exam takers and you better read it more than a couple times if you want to pass.

3. CISA Study Planner

Planning your study time will be crucial to your success. If you work full-time you’ll need at least a few months to prepare. Set aside at least 1-2 hours a night to to sit down and cram. Recommended CISA Study Times

  • 35% on the manual
  • 20% on coaching
  • 45% on simulations/practice tests

4. Use The Free CISA Study Materials

The ISACA has a lot of what you need to get started.

5. Practical Information Security Audit Experience

You’ll want to make friends and get acquainted with IT Security processes ASAP. Getting hands on experience will definitely he helpful in your journey to becoming certified. Information security audits are different from financial and resource audits so you’ll need to have a good idea of the business processes required. Seek out other CISA professionals on Linkedin or other social media sites to help familiarize yourself with the roles and responsibilities. Better yet they may be able to provide you with even more tips or tricks.

6. CISA Courses

There are many great choices when it comes to CISA prep courses. They are typically offered online or live online. Each concept has it’s own pros and cons. If you want to pass then you’ll definitely want to pick at least one even above and beyond the free CISA study materials available across the web. The best CISA courses include practice exams, video lectures, lot’s of MCQ’s and instructor support. Although the CISA isn’t easy, with proper planning, determination, and the right guidance, clearing the exam on your 1st try is definitely possible. If you’ve followed the tips and tricks presented in this article and created a study-plan customized to you and your unique needs, passing the exam is almost a given.


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