Data scientists, machine learning engineers, and design experts are in high demand everywhere. This has led to designing of expert courses to prepare professionals to take up these positions. Springboard has some of the best courses for these fields. If you want to gain skills in any of these fields, then you need to look at these courses below: Find the details of this Springboard Training Courses and Career Paths Here

Springboard Data Science Career Track Course Review

Any professional looking forward to becoming a data science expert must consider Springboard’s Data Science Career Track. If it’s about programming, data analysis or mathematics, then this course has it all, and is complete with a job guarantee. This is why: the course has been designed to equip you with skills to handle technical tasks like making predictions through programming and leveraging of statistics. If you don’t get hired within 6 months of graduating, you’ll get a full tuition refund. Other skills to gain from this unique data science course include guiding business decisions and optimizing outcomes. With videos, interactive class sessions, and other learning tools, this course has so far proven to be one of the best among other related courses.  What’s more, you’ll get to develop your practical skills through two hands-on capstone projects at the end of the course. To confirm that this is true, here are some of the areas to cover in this Data Science Career Track Course:

Why Take The Springboard Data Science Career Track Course?

Since its launch, this popular data science course with a rating of 4.79/5 has enrolled over 1200 students. You’ll not just be trained on the technical aspects of data science, you’ll also find useful career guidance on how you can succeed as a data scientist. Besides the two capstone projects, you’ll also have an opportunity to develop your practical skills by taking on mini-projects during the course. Along with that, you’ll also work through twelve mini- projects to practice your data science skills. With the capstone projects, you’ll learn how to identify a problem, describe it and identify which data to use in solving the problem. Springboard’s support system is one that you’re definitely going to fall for. You won’t be alone while taking the course. You’ll work 1:1 with an expert data science mentor who will help guide you through your course curriculum, projects, and give helpful career advice. In addition to 1:1 mentorship, students have access to an online student community, student advisor, and will work 1:1 with a career coach.

What Does The Springboard Data Science Career Track Course Include?

1. Access to Specialized Learning Tracks

Three learning tracks make up this data science career track course. The specialized tracks are Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning. You can opt to go for either of them or opt to go the generalist way. As a generalist, you’ll have an opportunity that gives you a deep dive into advanced techniques of machine learning.

Data Science Career Learning Tracks

2. Video Lectures With Detailed Content Coverage

This Springboard Data Science Career Track Course begins with an introduction into data science. From the introduction dubbed “demystifying data science”, you’ll learn what data science is and what it’s not. The course has up to 11 modules split into 18 units. These modules cover the course content in detail. Some of the modules consist of interactive video sessions and exercises to help you attain hands-on skills. One example is the Python Data Science Track module. Here, you’ll be taken through python tools that are specific to data science, programming constructs as well as how to use Python to write code. The video lectures can be as short as 10 minutes and can also go up to 4-6 hours for the interactive exercises.

Python Data Science Video Lecture

Data Science Interactive Video Exercises

The course focus is on both knowledge and hands-on skills. This is to help you understand the world of data science, expected challenges and how to provide real-world solutions to these challenges. The modules include:
  • Getting Started
  • What is Data Science?
  • Creating Your Job Search
  • The Python Data Science
  • Data Wrangling
  • Effective Networking
  • Data Storytelling
  • Differential Statistics
  • Informational Interviews
  • Machine Learning
  • Find the Right Job Title

3. Project Presentation and Career Guidance Interactive Sessions

he career guidance on the opportunities in the data science field and common mistakes to avoid when applying for a job is something that you would be grateful for. In fact, unit 3 is entirely devoted to giving you career tips and guidance. You’ll also learn about the importance of networking in Unit 6. You’ll also have access to 113 interactive YouTube videos. These videos consist of project presentations, general Question and Answer sessions and career guidance. This course intention is to make you an all-rounded career data scientist. Click here to view one of these Springboard’s YouTube videos.

Course Highlights and Features
  • Course Prerequisites: At least 6 months of coding using any of the programming languages like Python, Java, R, C++
  • Course Price: A one off price of $7,500, a monthly fee of $1,490 for the months you’ll be learning, or a Deferred Tuition Plan of $817 per month
  • The Deferred Tuition Plan allows you to start paying your tuition fees once you start your data science job
  • 11 modules
  • Up to 500 hours of curriculum designed by experts
  • Course duration is up to 23 weeks
  • Up to 65 hours of interactive YouTube videos
  • A study plan to guide you on the topics to cover for each module
  • 1:1unlimited mentor support and weekly calls
  • 1:1 mock interviews and career support
  • Access to a student community anytime
  • 2 Capstone projects at the end of the course and 12 mini-projects in between the course
  • A wrap up at the end of each module to help refresh your memory

Springboard Machine Learning Bootcamp

The Springboard Machine Learning Bootcamp takes you through important concepts of machine learning and deploying of an Artificial Intelligence system into production. With selected case studies as well as hands-on projects, you’ll master the application of deep learning and machine learning algorithms. Course Highlights and Features
  • Online course
  • Course duration of up to 6 months studying 15-20 hours per week
  • Over 1200 enrolments
  • The course is made up of 9 units
  • Up to 250 hours of interactive course content coverage sessions
  • 100 hours of capstone projects
  • 1:1 mentoring
  • Up to 30 hours of career support
  • Course Price: A one off fee of $4,500 or  $900/month
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Springboard Introduction to Data Science Course

The Introduction to Data Science Course is designed to give you an in-depth foundation in R as well as building your data science career. The course with a rating of 4.79/5 has enrolled over 1700 students from more than 43 countries. Course Highlights and Features
  • Course consists of 9 units that include a Capstone Project and Career Resources
  • Over 100 hours of expert designed data science curriculum
  • Over 40 hours of 7 real world/hands-on project work
  • 1:1 weekly mentorship
  • An online student forum
  • Course Price: $499/month
  • Certificate of completion
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Springboard Intermediate Data Science: Python

If you have a background in programming and math, then this Springboard Intermediate Data Science Python Course is for you! With a rating of 4.88/5 and over 800 enrolments, this course is something that you must consider. In this course, you’ll go beyond mastering skills such as statistics, visualization and data wrangling. You’ll also develop technical analytical skills in a specific area of machine learning. Course Highlights and Features
  • 7 course units including a capstone project and career resources
  • Over 140 hours course coverage
  • More than 40 hours of hands-on projects
  • 10 real-world projects
  • 1:1 weekly mentorship
  • Online student community
  • Verified completion certificate
  • Course Price: $499
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Data Science Career Track Prep Course

Enrolling into this Springboard Data Science Career Track Prep Course will give you an insight into the data science world. You’ll be equipped with basic coding as well as statistics skills. This course with a rating of 4.79/5 prepares you for admission into Springboard’s Data Science Career Track. Course Highlights and Features
  • Course duration of 4-6 weeks studying 10-15 hours per week
  • 6 units including a case study
  • 6 weekly mentorship sessions
  • Course Price: $490
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Springboard Digital Marketing Career Track

It’s time to learn expert digital marketing skills by enrolling into this Springboard Digital Marketing Career Track Course! In partnership with Google, this course with a rating 4.8/5 will teach you how to apply what you learn to real business scenarios. You’ll master content marketing, SEO, paid advertising and more. Course Highlights and Features
  • 13 course units including an industry-based Capstone Project and career guidance
  • Up to 150 hours of in-depth course coverage
  • 1:1 mentorship
  • $10,000 funding from Google to help you build a non-profit
  • Course Price: A one off fee of $2,399 or $499/month
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Springboard Digital Marketing for Professionals

This professional digital marketing course equips you with hands-on skills on how to apply the latest digital strategies in running your online business. Springboard has partnered with Google to bring you this marketing course. With real-life capstone projects, this course helps you put what you learn into practice. This course has a rating of 4.79/5, making it one of the most popular online courses. Course Highlights and Features
  • Self-paced
  • Up to seven topics of content coverage
  • Course duration of 3-4 months studying 8-10 hours per week
  • 1:1 weekly mentorship
  • Real-world digital marketing projects
  • $10,000 Google funding to help you build and grow a non-profit
  • Course Price: $399/month
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Springboard UX Career Track

Your dream of becoming a UX designer is now made possible through this precise Springboard UX Career Track course. The course rated 4.79/5 is hands-on. It takes you through topics like Synthesis and Presentation, Ideating and Designing, and Prototyping and Presenting, among others. Course Highlights and Features
  • Self-paced online course
  • Over 350 hours of expert designed curriculum
  • Curriculum consists of 25 units with videos, articles and hands-on projects
  • Over 40 hours industry-based design projects
  • A direct weekly collaboration with a client for 4 weeks
  • 1:1 mentorship and career guidance
  • Course Price: A one of fee of $4,900, or $999/month
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Springboard UX Design Course

The Springboard UX Design Course equips you with skills to create exceptional user-friendly products. Learn from expert trainers through in-depth course coverage and hands-on projects. It has over 3200 student enrolments and a rating of 4.79/5. Course Highlights and Features
  • Self-paced online course taking 3-5 months
  • 12 units including a capstone project
  • 1:1 weekly mentorship
  • Course Price: A one off fee of $1,197, or $499/month
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Springboard Business Analytics Course

Business decisions that are data-driven are must-have skills these days. This is what this Springboard Business Analytics Course prepares you for. Through the course, you’ll gain skills to help you become an expert business analyst. It has one of the highest ratings at 4.88/5! Course Highlights and Features
  • Over 12 weeks of over 100 hours course coverage
  • Includes case studies and exercises
  • Comprises 6 units
  • 5 real case studies
  • 1:1 weekly  mentorship
  • Course Price: $1,499
  • Verified certificate of completion
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Pros and Cons of Springboard Courses

YesMark In-depth course coverage
YesMark Interactive videos and exercises
YesMark Easy to understand topics as courses are split into units or modules
YesMark Includes hands-on projects to help you prepare for real-world tasks
YesMark Career guidance that include 1:1 mock interviews
YesMark Online classes with flexible schedules
YesMark 1:1 mentorship
YesMark Inclusion of real world examples help the learner to have an insight into the opportunities awaiting them once they complete their courses
YesMark Flexible payment plans
Some courses like the Data Science Career Course may not be affordable
Long videos of 4-6 hours for some courses and this might make the learner to lose concentration along the way


Springboard uses a unique approach to equip learners and professionals with much needed skills. This means these learners will learn to apply a structured approach towards any work related challenges that they may come across. The strong support system and access to career resources are some of the things that make these courses popular among professionals seeking knowledge on how to become better at what they do.
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