Best ISACA Continuing Education Courses

Cyber Security Continuing Education Training Courses Online

Best ISACA Continuing Education Training Courses

For every professional, pursuing desired skills shouldn’t be just for the sake of earning a certification. It should also be about the training and accreditation provider they choose. ISACA’s has many years of providing training and certification opportunities to IT and business based professionals. This has brought them out as the best firm professionals can partner with. Their training standards have made them stand out in a number of areas. And this isn’t just about their certification program. There’s also something interesting about their education courses that enable professionals to renew their certifications. Read this post to help you understand more about the best ISACA continuing education courses you can pursue. 

Why Is Knowing About ISACA Continuing Education Courses Important?

Some of the leading certifications ISACA offers you include CISA, CISM, and CRISC. Knowing the process you need to take to renew ISACA certification is helpful in ensuring your skills stay relevant. Certified professionals must therefore get to know the best courses to take. They also should know what they need to do to ensure they renew their certifications in time. As you read through this post, you’re going to learn about how to renew CISA certification. You’re also going to get a clear picture of what’s required of you if you need to renew CISM certification. And if you had been certified in CRISC, it’s also critical you understand what it takes to renew CRISC certification. We’ll now be focusing on ISACA’s best training courses for CISA, CISM, and CRISC. 

Best CISA CPE Training Courses

Auditing, control, monitoring, and assessing business systems for organizations are must-have skills for every security professional. And for those who already have acquired these skills, it’s crucial for them to ensure they always update them. This is to make sure they stay relevant in a technology world that’s ever dynamic. That’s why you need to get it right by choosing the best course to help you update your skills and renew your CISA certification. This happens through ISACA’s CISA renewal online plan that works well with most professionals in systems security. Recertifying in Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) needs a great plan. You’ll be able to maintain your credential through earning of CISA CPE (Continuing Professional Education) credit hours. To keep your credential current, you need to earn and report 20 CPE hours annually and at least 120 CPE hours in every three years. You also need to pay an annual maintenance fee. The CPE hours are earned when you attend conferences, take courses, complete training weeks, take journal quizzes, and volunteer in ISACA. The courses include CISA online training and on-demand training. Here are the best CPE training courses to consider when your certification is due for renewal: 

 Illumeo CISA CPE Training Courses

1. Illumeo CISA CPE Training Courses

Illumeo’s CISA CPE training course ensures you obtain on-the-job practical skills. You’ll have to take ISACA related study courses as well as go through educational activities which are non-related to ISACA. Through this course provider, you’ll be able to earn one hour of CPE after actively participating in required activities for 50 minutes. You only need to attend an on-demand course, online self-paced course, and live webinars to fulfil your CPE requirements. Illumeo awards you a certificate once you satisfy these requirements.

Go To Illumeo CPE 

2. Master of Project Academy CISA CPE Training Courses

When you use Master of Project Academy to obtain your CISA CPE credits, you’ll be learning through a self-paced and purely online course platform. The 60+ hours of training includes a bundle with three courses that lead to 60 CPEs. Professionals who take these courses and comply with all the requirements will receive completion certificates from Master of Project Academy. Get access to courses and other materials like handouts, cheat sheets, and supporting documents by taking your CISA CPE course with Master of Project Academy. Learn more about Master of Project Academy CISA CPE Training Courses

Best CISM CPE Training Courses

Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) practitioners also have to maintain their certifications by earning CPEs. This is because it’s important for them to prove the relevance of their skills in a world where threats to systems and information keep getting more complicated. To qualify, you need to undergo managerial and technical training to update your information security skills. You’ll require to achieve and report not less than 20 CPE hours annually and a minimum of 120 CPE hours every three years. There’s also an annual fee to pay for CISM maintenance. To ensure you comply with CISM renewal online demands, you need to take study courses and participate in ISACA and non-ISACA training activities. The courses include online training packages that you have to take. Here are the best CISM training courses you can take:

1. Illumeo CISM CPE Training Courses

An effective CPE course should be able to bring out a candidate’s ability to manage, design, and assess a business’s information security. It should also help them improve on the skills through certification renewal. And since CISM is a managerial certification, the CPE hours attained should be relevant to management skills for information security. This is what Ilumeo’s CISM CPE courses aim to achieve. Professionals will be required to attend on-demand training courses as well as live webinars to qualify. One CPE hour is achieved through active participation of 50 minutes. These activities include professional meetings and education activities.

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2. Master of Project Academy

An online CISM course package with 60 CPEs is what you get by renewing your certification with Master of Project Academy. The cyber security online course allows you to access three course packages worth 60 CPEs. You’ll have access to supporting documents, cheat sheets, and handouts to help you through your studies and to attain required CPE hours. If you meet the requirements, you’ll manage to get a certificate that shows you’ve already gone through the courses and have satisfied the requirements. Master of Project CISM course package is definitely something worth considering! Learn more about Master of Project Academy 

Best CRISC CPE Training Courses

As a certified risk management professional, it’s necessary for you to ensure you always have the right skills to detect and manage risks with efficiency. Certified in Risk and Information Systems (CRISC) professionals have a chance to renew their certifications. This will ensure they are ever prepared to tackle any challenges in business risk management and IT. That’s why you need to understand about the CPE policy. Pursuing your CRISC renewal online is a sure way to enjoy flexibility at all times. You need a minimum of 20 CPE related hours annually. Professionals should also ensure that every three years, they achieve and report CPEs of not less 120. If you want to attain this, you can take any of the following best CRISC CPE training courses: 

1. Illumeo CRISC CPE Training Courses

The CPE hours you gain should be applicable to identification of risk, assessment, and evaluation. You also must ensure the criteria on how to respond, monitor, design, implement, and manage IS controls is met. This approach is necessary in making sure you attain professional development. Illumeo offers you CRISC’s CPE study courses that focus on meeting these expectations. To earn a single CPE hour, you have to actively participate in required activities for 50 minutes. You have to participate in related educational activities as well as meetings. At the end of all these activities, you’ll qualify for a completion certificate.

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2. Master of Project CRISC CPE Training Courses

Participating in activities that count towards earning CPEs and renewing your credential is vital. Master of Project Academy ensures you’re always up to task in your role as a risk management professional. Their way of helping you earn CRISC CPE hours is trusted and reliable among professionals. With their 60 CPE worth course bundle, you’re good to go. The package includes three CRISC online courses that last for over 60 hours. And since it’s self-paced, you’re going to learn with flexibility and ease. Participating in the courses and required activities will also lead to you attaining a certificate of completion to validate your CPE status. When you take Master of Project’s course, you’ll be accessing other helpful materials like cheat sheets, supporting documents, and handouts.

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If you’re really into performing effectively in your career, these best ISACA continuing education courses are what you should pursue. You need to go for a course relevant to the certification you currently have. It doesn’t matter whether your interest is in CISA, CISM, or CRISC. All your CPE course-training needs will be catered for. Yours is only to take the required step and your desire to renew your certification will come to pass. Always be prepared for your role by doing the right thing at the right time. Your information security career is important. 

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