Best CISM Training Course

Best CISM Training Courses

For those aiming to solidify their position in the realm of information security management, the Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) certification is an essential certification. This exam tests your proficiency in information security management practices and the standards that guide them. To do well in this demanding test, extensive preparation using quality study materials is essential. Recognizing the shear amount of resources available, we’ve meticulously assembled this guide to the best CISM study materials to ensure you pass on the first try.

Our team of industry veterans reviewed 20 of the most sought-after CISM study materials to determine which ones truly offer the best instructional content. We predominantly focused on materials that can be accessed entirely online to ensure our recommendations reach a wider audience. However, you might also find it worthwhile to explore any physical CISM classes available in your region. We scrutinized each resource for the depth of its content, the assistance it offers to learners, and its overall comprehensiveness. To gain a well-rounded perspective, we also consulted with individuals who used these materials during their CISM training, gathering insights on what was effective and what fell short.

After exhaustive evaluation, six resources emerged as the most commendable. While ISACA’s official resources are always an option, we found other materials introduce distinct advantages in technology, video content and overall quality. Given that everyone’s study journey is unique, we encourage reading all our reviews to find the best course for your needs.

Highlighted below are our four top recommendations, complemented by the other 14 materials we analyzed. Click on the designated links to explore our detailed evaluations and to further acquaint yourself with the offerings on the respective platforms.

Top 4 Best CISM Training Courses 2024

1. Dooey CISM Review Course


  • Practice Exams: I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase before, “practice makes perfect”. While that couldn’t be more true Dooey CISM incorporates 65 practice quizzes to ensure you learn all the material and don’t see the same questions twice.  
  • The Real Deal: The Dooey CISM training course includes official CISM® Review Questions & Explanations Database.
  • Video Lectures: Over 45 hours of video lectures that are easy to understand and break down the key concepts you need to know. Watch the vieo below to get an idea of the lectures.

bottom line
Dooey is quickly becoming the world’s #1 online bootcamp for training certification skills focused on helping people acquire knowledge they need to thrive in the digital economy. This CISM course has all the tools you need to pass fast, at an affordable price. Click below to learn more.


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2. SuperReview CISM Study Materials

Best CISM Prep Course


  • Updated Content: Certified Information Security updates their CISM course information twice per year to better line-up with ISACA’s exam. Their up-to-date course includes 600 practice questions stemming from 52 practice exams. This helps students to be more accurate in their preparation and more comfortable with the latest version of the exam.
  • Free Demo: They are so confident in their course that they let students have a free preview of the course. You can just click the “Preview Now” button on the course page and it will take you to the fully interactive CISM SuperReview. You will be able to view select lessons and even sample some of the practice questions that follow.
  • Earn CPE Credit: Certified Information Security Managers are required to earn 40 CPE credits each year to maintain their certification; this course can be counted towards those 40 credits. It is a flexible and affordable online solution to CISM continuing education requirements.
  • Guarantee: Students will be allowed to retake the course at no extra charge, if they purchase the SuperReview and do not pass the CISM Exam within 6 months. Students will have to provide the proper notification of exam failure and meet other requirements to qualify for the guarantee.
  • Student Support: Students can have their questions answered from renowned course instructor Allen Keele, either over the phone or through email. This is not a common feature among CISM training courses , but very beneficial.

bottom line
In addition to providing students with a wealth of material to help them study for the CISM exam, Certified Information Security is one of the rare few educational providers that offer a support team that is actually helpful.


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3. Kaplan CISM Training Course Online (CyberVista CISM)


  • Best Coverage of Expected Exam Topics and Skills: To understand the topics inside out, you need an instructor that uses detailed explanations and takes you step-by-step through the course coverage journey. The eLearning and On-Demand exam prep methods are designed to give you these advantages and more. The course instructors uses their experience to cover the topics and teach you critical skills so that in the end you can master them and pass your exam. Skills to acquire through the course include IS Governance, Information Security Management, IS Program Development as well as Management, and IS Incident Management.
  • A Free Course Retake: The On-Demand Prep Course gives you a guarantee in passing your exam. But incase something happens and you need to redo the exam, then you’re allowed to retake the course for free. This is a way to ensure that you won’t miss the required marks the second time.

  • Can Be Difficult to Learn Without Discpline: For pre-recorded videos, a learner might be tempted to leave their studies for the last minute. This may force them to rush through the content leading to information over-load. This challenge is solvable, though, through drawing up a study plan and following through it with discipline.

bottom line
To acquire top-notch skills and knowledge, you need an excellent course. The Kaplan CISM Prep Course is designed for anyone who desires to gain knowledge and at the same time acquire skills. This is to help them pass their exam and apply the newly acquired knowledge in their day-to-day real world jobs.

4. ExamPractice CISM Study Materials

Best CISM Bootcamp Review Course


  • Chapter Quizzes: The comprehensive CISM review course covers all 5 domains present on the CISM exam with a quiz at the end of each domain. You are quizzed once you reach an interactive milestone to reinforce course topics and see where your knowledge needs improvement.
  • Interactive Training: This CISM review course will prepare you for your exam with a variety of tools including full-motion video, printable materials, quizzes, and more that keeps you engaged. These tools are intended to give you an in-depth training experience. Taught by Kenneth Mayer, a leader in the field of Information Security, the interactive course will allow you to self-pace and re-visit lessons as many times as you like.
  • Free Demo: Exam Practice offers a free demo of the CISM review course for you to test out the interactive lessons. All you need to do is click the “Course Demo” button on the CISM course description page and you will have access to a handful of lessons to try out.

  • Limited Practice Exams: While Exam Practice does offer quizzes as you study and reach certain milestones, this CISM review course does not offer practice exams. The point of practice exams is to allow you to check your knowledge in a test like setting that will prepare you for the actual exam day.

bottom line
Exampractice offers an enticing demo that does an excellent job introducing prospective students to their powerful learning tools, including interactive training and some practice quizzes. However, the lack of additional exams is concerning.

What is the CISM exam?

The CISM is a certification offered by ISACA that evaluates your knowledge in managing enterprise information security teams. In order to become certified with the CISM, you need to pass two separate exams: the Project Management domain exam and the Security domain exam. Taken together, these two exams cover a broad range of management topics that can help any organization—whether it’s in business or government—run more efficiently. Passing the CISM (Chartered Information Security Management) exam is a critical step to your journey to becoming a CISSP.  

How difficult is the CISM exam?

Many students taking the CISM exam have found that it was not as difficult as you may think. It is definitely a challenging exam, but you can prepare for it by obtaining a CISM training course that fits your learning style. CISM courses often include multiple choice practice questions, video explanations, flash cards and more to ensure you understand all the key concepts to pass the exam. If you want to pass on your first try our advice would be to be confident in yourself because if you feel nervous when you take the exam you will likely do worse. Being well rested during your test is another key factor that can’t be stressed enough.

How long is the CISM Exam?

There is a time limit of 4 hours to complete the exam

Where do I take the CISM exam?

You can take the CISM exam at PSI testing locations worldwide. Visit for the latest exam locations and dates.

How is the CISM exam scored?

ISACA (the governing body for the CISM) uses a 200-800 point scale with 450 as the passing mark for the exams.

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