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Best Blockchain Jobs

 Best Blockchain Career Options

Back in 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto introduced Bitcoin and this made Blockchain technology to attract a lot of attention. As a revolutionary technology, blockchain has seen a steady rise. This is despite the distrust that people had regarding it in the recent years and thus did not want to identify with it. As things are at the moment, the digital space has given rise to immense job opportunities, which is making blockchain jobs more popular. There is a rise in demand in the job market, but still there exists a shortage of crucial skills. As a result, compensation for those who have the skills is currently higher compared to other fields.

Why Are Blockchain Technology Skills Popular?

Now, blockchain technology expertise is no doubt an emerging skill. Since no sector wishes to remain behind, there is a growing need for experts in blockchain. And in case you’ve been searching for careers within this particular sphere, then you ought to understand that employers vary. You also need to know who they are. Basically, employers in the sector fall into four distinct types. They include start-ups, big establishments, governments as well as tech firms. Each one of them invests large sums of money to access the top most services possible.

What Blockchain Jobs Are the Most Popular?

If the thought of creating a career out of blockchain intrigues you, then you ought to seek for more knowledge regarding the huge career prospects presented by this technology. Numerous opportunities exist in terms of career in this field. This post looks at the best-paying Blockchain jobs today.

1. Blockchain Developer

Developers are among the most popular blockchain roles in the job market today. Blockchain developers are programmers whose role is developing applications using blockchain technology. Their position is high-ranking and popular because they are expected to offer exceptional solutions and services and their knowledge in technology must be comprehensive.

Blockchain developers fall into two categories, namely, key blockchain developers and software blockchain developers. Top organizations including tech firms, finance firms, and governments continue to look for blockchain developer talent. To become proficient in this field, there are skills that you require. They include knowledge in the architecture and the working of blockchain, data structure, web development, and cryptography. In addition, proficiency in .NET, C++, XML, and more would be an added advantage.

According to Indeed.com, the salary of a blockchain developer is $92,863 on average per year.

2. Blockchain Architect

Blockchain architects refer to individuals responsible for assigning, designing, and connecting the varied solution parts for blockchain. So, if you are one, you need to collaborate with professionals in other departments such as IT operations, network administrators, UX designers, and developers.

A job in Blockchain demands that potential candidates get to know about the most recent Blockchain technology developments. The skills to consider for such jobs include CSS, HTML, React, Python, Node, and Generic SQL. Also, one needs to be experienced in ion DevOps, cryptography, and data science. Further, having hands-on skills in developing blockchains is a plus.

According to a salary report on Indeed.com, blockchain architects earn an average pay of $114,803 per year.

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3. Blockchain Administrator

The work of a blockchain administrator is to create, develop, and maintain coordinated operations targeting all blockchain infrastructure components. At a primary level, these professionals utilize the leverage provided by the best talent availed by various teams in delivering business value. A block chain administrator also monitors the performance of varied services and tools administered within the infrastructure.

After the blockchain jobs at the entry-level, blockchain administrators are the most-looked for individuals with the demand of encouraging skills. If you’re aspiring for this role, you should have comprehensive fluency working with Bitcoin protocol, a programming language of a high level, and proficiency in coordination while using Linux or UNIX. Also, in blockchain administration, you require an intensive comprehension as well as competence in networking architecture, networking services, virtualization, and protocols.

According to a salary report by ITJobsWatch, a blockchain administrator earns a median pay of £75,000 annually.

4. Blockchain Project Manager

As a blockchain project manager, your work entails development of a link between an organization and the blockchain experts. They must demonstrate the firm’s needs and ensure there is a clear understanding of all the requirements by the experts. Also, as the experts deliver, they must simplify the technical needs so that all the stakeholders within the company understand.

The most demanded skills for project managers working with blockchain technology go beyond understanding the technology itself. One should be skilful in project management as well. Besides, having communications skills is another critical aspect of this role. When proficient communication skills are lacking, it becomes difficult to help the non-technical staff to understand what the jobs demands from them.

The average pay for blockchain job project managers as offered by Indeed.com is $106,175 per year.

5. Blockchain UX Designer

Blockchain UX designers are responsible for developing a unique interface that is user-friendly. They have to make sure it is intriguing and simple and hooks on the users. Most start-ups as well as companies that are well-established and popular prefer when the technology is launched in a manner that makes it easier for the user to navigate. This will make their ventures succeed in a big way.

If you’re seeking for a job as a blockchain UX designer, you must be creative and demonstrate outstanding technical skills and a proficient understanding of what blockchain technology is all about. Unless you fully comprehend the benefits, you will not be able to make it effective for everyone. Another requirement is good communication skills. This is because a professional in this field must work with other professionals such as those in operations, marketing, and content departments.

According to a report provided by cryptocurrencyjobs.com, a blockchain UX designer earns $107,500 per year in the US.

6. Blockchain Quality Engineer

Blockchain quality engineers ought to make sure all the areas related to blockchain and its development meet the highest quality. Their work involves automation frameworks, manual testing, dashboards, and tests. Any application that they develop must be checked for bugs or glitches through testing. And in case of any, the professional who is responsible for it ought to make a report to the departments concerned so as to make sure the end product is free from glitches or bugs.

As an applicant, you should be in a position to demonstrate in-depth knowledge in operating with blockchain platforms. In addition, skills in communication, problem-solving, and fast-thinking are essential for the success of your role.

Blockchain quality engineer is considered among the jobs that pay most. As per Glassdoor.com report, these professionals earn between $108k and $117k yearly.

7. Blockchain Consultant

Among the top most paying jobs in blockchain today is blockchain consultant. The key duties of this professional include how to develop strategies, come up with solutions, and offer technical knowledge. Also, they should know how to assess and manage risks.

For blockchain consultants, varied jobs arise. Someone can select their preference based on their skills. However, one has to always be aware that intrinsic knowledge in blockchain technology is compulsory for any job that deals with blockchain.

According to Glassdoor.com, a blockchain consultant attracts a pay of £35,918 annually.

8. Blockchain Legal Consultant

As the blockchain technology expands, it’s critical that organizations learn every legal jargon related to it. This can take together as legal partners, giving advice to companies regarding how to structure offerings for cryptocurrency as well as overlook the contracts. They also must make sure that such firms meet the regulations as laid down by their respective countries.

The expectations of the blockchain legal consultant job include understanding of how blockchain technology legally implies, the country’s fintech regulations as well as communication skills. Another essential area is understanding of smart contracts.

As a blockchain legal consultant, your salary can range between $100k and $190k per year.

9. Blockchain Engineer

The key role of blockchain engineers is to create applications that meet a company’s technological aspects. The skill that is desired most for professionals in this role is the willingness to learn and embrace new technologies and other related things. Besides programming skills, one should also display competency in blockchain engineering economic outlook. This encompasses the comprehension of concepts such as supply as well as demand, incentivization, and much more.

According to a report on salary by Indeed.com, a blockchain engineer attracts a pay of $70,859 per year.

10. Blockchain Analyst

For Blockchain analysts, you will find two different types, namely, risk analyst and business analyst. The work of a risk analyst is to assess any existing risk factors that relate to Blockchain application. They are responsible for identifying potential threats and offering effectual solutions to neutralize or counter them.

On the other hand, business analysts are charged with developing effectual business strategies targeting the blockchain application. They also identify areas requiring improvement. This career for blockchain has enormous scope in as far as growth is concerned. Blockchain analysts require intensive knowledge in blockchain in addition to expertise in various associated technical skills.

As per a survey on salary availed by Indeed.com, a risk analyst qualifies for an average pay of $93,291 per annum.

Final Remark

With all the information on the highest paying blockchain jobs, it’s up to you to settle on what meets your interests. However, you ought to remember that there are various positions still in the blockchain sphere that one can send their application to. The basis is your educational background, expertise as well as the experience you have in a specific industry. It’s advisable to pursue a job in an industry that has the potential for growth as it’s more advantageous. Still, it’s best to apply for a position that you know you’re highly qualified for.

As the world gravitates towards blockchain technology, there is an immense opportunity for you to build an outstanding career in a blockchain related job. The truth is blockchain is not about to crumble or disappear anywhere in the future. And because of this, the need for jobs will grow and with such is the growth in demand for expertise in the field. With the favourable pay attached to a high demand for the right skillset in block technology, it’s time to position yourself right. You need to pursue and earn a blockchain expert credential and prepare yourself to reap great benefits from your effort.

If you’re completely new to blockchain technology, you need not worry. You have a chance to begin from the basics and go all the way to become a blockchain expert.

May your career journey be exciting!

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