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Are you looking for an easy and convenient way to renew your ISC² CISSP certification? Then you need to check this out. The Certified Information Security Professional (CISSP) credential is one of the leading and most preferred qualifications in information security. That’s why when the time to renew it comes, you must give it the attention it deserves. This article will help you know more about CISSP CPE training courses you need to take in order to renew it. You’ll have to renew your certification by attaining required CPE (Continuous Professional Education) credit hours. The intention is to help you keep tabs with the cyber security field requirements. As a cyber security professional, you get to know the details of CISSP CPE guidelines and how they affect your already earned certification. By reading the post, you’ll also manage to learn how you can attain the CPEs through the relevant study courses. 

Why Earn CISSP CPE Credits?

The target of earning the credit hours annually is to ensure you CISSP certification is up to date. As you renew your certification, you take courses that will keep you alert with the latest skills to handle latest cyber security challenges. Other than study courses, certified professionals will also be required to take part in specific activities to enable them earn the CPEs. This way, you’ll find that your skills never become obsolete. Being able to provide effective solutions whenever you’re required to should motivate you to pursue certification renewal with the right course provider. For CISSP renewal, professionals need to earn and report 40 CPE credit hours annually. They must also have a total of 120 CPEs at the end of a three year period. Your certification is valid for three years. Learn more about Master of Project Academy CISSP CPE Course Packages

Guidelines for ISC CPE Credits

There are rules that guide renewal of your CISSP credential. They include:

  • Abiding by ISC² code of ethics
  • Earning CPE credits
  • Paying the annual membership fee of $85 for ISC ²

These CPEs are classified into two groups. The first is Group A that requires you to take part in activities related to your domain. The second CPE category is Group B. Here, you’re required to participate in sharing of knowledge for professional development. The professional development activities include management courses and professional speaking development programs. Group A CPEs should come to a total of 90. The remaining 30 CPEs can be attained either through Group A or through Group B activities. All these should be earned within the three-year period. When you participate in an activity that lasts one hour, you gain one CPE credit.

CISSP CPE Training Courses

Now that you know what CPEs are and how they’re important in renewing your CISSP certification, it’s time to understand which courses to take so as to earn them. These are on-demand or online training courses. One of the leading course providers for the CISSP CPE training is Master of Project Academy. We’d like you to learn more about their courses and why you need to train with them.

Why Gain CISSP CPE Credits With Master of Project Academy?

Master of Project Academy offers you a chance to pursue CISSP renewal by learning through their 100% online course. Their training meets ISC ² CPE requirements, making it safe and secure for you. Learning at your pace is also another benefit of taking this course. You’ll be gaining 60 CPE credits once you finish their course package. There are three courses in all. They include CISSP certification training, Ethical Hacker training, and CISA certification course training. This means each one is able to earn you 20 CPE credits. For the remaining CPEs, professionals will have to pursue other activities that help them gain the other 60. As you take the course, you’ll be assisted to submit the credits you’ve already earned to ISC². You’ll also be receiving cheat sheets and other supporting documents to help you successfully go through the process of earning your credits. Professionals who renew their certifications in time will avoid getting their certification invalidated. This is because if this ever happens, you have to take and pass the certification exam all over again. Renewing your credential as required will help you avoid the hassle of having to start the process of gaining your credential again.

Key Highlights of Master Project Academy CISSP CPE Training Courses

  • You gain 60 CPEs to help in renewing your CISSP certification
  • Includes three packed courses
  • Over 60 hours of video course training
  • Purely online and self-paced
  • Money back guarantee of 30 days
  • Award of completion certificates

Learn more about Master of Project Academy CISSP CPE Course Packages

What You Gain from the Course

The study course materials for the three courses take you through theoretical concepts brought out well using examples of the real world. This is to help you understand the concepts and know how you can apply them in your actual job. Professionals also obtain systematic guidance on how to submit their earned CPEs to ISC² to ensure their certification is renewed. Another attractive quality about the Master of Project CISSP CPE training course is in how you get prompt support and answers from a qualified course instructor within 24 hours. To learn exhaustively and gain in-depth experience, you’ll have access to active discussions and interactions with fellow learners. This will enhance your experience in cyber security and your career as a whole. All this while as you learn, you’ll also be using study materials that include handouts. 

Who’s the Target of CISSP CPE Training Courses?

CISSP is a well-recognized certification in the cyber security field. Employing organizations search for individuals who are certified in this field as they’re effective and dependable in their work. That’s why you need to ensure your credential always remains active through renewal. Here’s a list of professionals targeted by the CISSP CPE study courses:

  • Security administrators
  • IT security practitioners
  • Network analysts
  • Security auditors
  • Information security officers
  • Security architects
  • Security analysts
  • Security trainers
  • Consultants

Master of Project Academy CISSP CPE Course Packages

By taking your CPE course with Master of Project Academy, you demonstrate seriousness in keeping your credential current through CISSP renewal. There are three packages you can choose from. The one you settle on is going to depend on your training needs. Here are the course packages: Learn more about Master of Project Academy CISSP CPE Course Packages

1. Monthly CISSP CPE Course Subscription

You can opt to pay a monthly subscription fee of $167 to attain CPE credits. This may look more expensive if you take too long to complete your course. But by opting for this bundle, you’ll be motivated to move faster, complete the course, and earn your CPEs. You’ll be billed automatically for every month you get access to the training course materials.

2. Annual CISSP CPE Course Subscription

The annual package costs you $187. This package allows you to learn at your pace, especially if you’re working full-time and may not find enough time to study during the day. A flexible training schedule enables you to plan your studies according to your availability. The best part about this package is how you’re able to go through your notes or video courses as many times as you want. This ensures you get a great learning opportunity and be able to fully prepare for the renewal of your CISSP certification.

3. Lifetime CISSP Course Subscription

This Master of Project CISSP CPE training subscription package gives you a lifetime access. You’ll have to pay $287 to enjoy its benefits. Some of these benefits to enjoy include an unlimited forever access to study materials as well as any future updates. All this will come at no extra cost to you. It’s a great learning option as you can always revisit what you’ve learnt before with an aim of mastering it. 


CISSP CPE training courses are important in making sure every professional understands latest information security concepts and can take care of evolving challenges. By going through the best CISSP CPE training, you validate that your career is a priority to you. Remember renewal isn’t just about keeping your credential. Renewal also ensures you keep your skills relevant. And there are many benefits that come with following the right procedure in obtaining professional skills. Some of them include the ability to access better job opportunities and being more effective at what you do. So if you wish to be on top of things, always select the right course to help you in renewing your certification.

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