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Decentralized Finance, better known as DeFi, is the expression used to describe financial transactions that occur without the use of a centralized banking institution. Whether you’re making payments, taking out loans, or any other type of financial transaction, DeFi can provide the same services as traditional financial institutions, but uses blockchain technology to complete them. 

The world of DeFi is rapidly changing and expanding every day.  As a newly emerging technology, it can be difficult for those seeking DeFi certification to know which courses will best suit their learning needs. Lucky for you, we’ve done the work of sorting through some of the best DeFi courses and outlined what you can expect from each one. 

Check out our top picks for the best DeFi courses below and start expanding your knowledge and career opportunities today!

DEFI course online

Introduction to DeFi – Decentralized Finance Training Course Online

Course Name Course Format Hours to Complete Pacing
Introduction to Defi Fully Online 3-4 Self-paced

This DeFi course is hosted by 101Blockchains and is free to all members. It aims to give learners an in-depth understanding of blockchain technology that highlights both blockchain uses, as well as its current shortcomings.

DeFi Course Objectives

The course objective isn’t to teach trading or investing, but rather to provide a well-rounded understanding of how DeFi can be applied. Completing Introduction to DeFi will set you up to stay ahead of trends and teach you how to make blockchain technology work for you or your business.   

Once you complete the course, you’ll be able to take the knowledge you’ve learned and advise yourself or others on how to best utilize the blockchain.  

Who the Course Is Best For

This particular course is best for those who are looking to gain an overall understanding of the function of decentralized finance. A course like this is perfect for those that have a beginner to intermediate understanding of DeFi, and are looking to build their knowledge in a way that makes the real world application of blockchain transactions possible. 

Newcomers to the world of DeFi can expect to leave this course with an in-depth understanding of function, practical use application, and the risks of decentralized finance. 

Introduction to DeFi- Decentralized Finance Course is perfect for beginners who are looking to begin building a base knowledge about the world of decentralized finance. 

Course Flow

Introduction to DeFi is split into 5 modules. Course completion is expected to take 1 week at the most and requires a commitment of at least 3-4 hours. 

Let’s take a look at the modules and see what you can expect from this course: 

Module 1: What is DeFi? 

This module explains the basic definition of DeFi and shows how it’s currently used to complete transactions using blockchain technology. 

Module 2: Why DeFi?

This module outlines how decentralized finance can benefit individuals and businesses alike. It identifies gaps in service that current financial institutions are struggling to meet and explains how DeFi can help to fill those gaps. 

Module 3: The DeFi Ecosystem

This module takes a deep dive into how the world of decentralized finance functions and interacts with the economy. It also explains how cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and the blockchain all interact with each other. 

Module 4: DeFi Use Cases

In this module, you’ll learn about current practical uses of DeFi, as well as expected future uses. 

Module 5: DeFi Risks

This module informs about potential risks involved in decentralized finance investments and transactions.


Certified DeFi Expert Course

Course Name  Course Format Hours to Complete Pacing
Certified DeFi Expert™ Fully Online 5 Self-paced, Timed exam

Certified DeFi Expert™ is offered by Blockchain Counsel. This course is a great resource for gaining knowledge about real world business application of blockchain technology. 

Course Objectives

Focusing on foundational aspects of decentralized finance is what Certified DeFi Expert™ is all about. By looking into the way that DeFi originated and how it functions, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of practical use applications. 

The course objective for Certified DeFi Expert™ is to allow learners to gain a detailed understanding of the way blockchain financials function. If you decide to take this course, you’ll walk away with full comprehension of the complex inner workings of the decentralized finance ecosystem.  

Who the Course Is Best For

This course is best for people who want to develop their FinTech careers by achieving a deeper understanding of blockchain technology. The certification that’s provided will show potential employers that you have a comprehensive understanding of the way decentralized finance functions, and how to best apply those functions. 

Course Flow

Certified DeFi Expert™ contains 6 modules. The expected time to completion is 5 total hours. 

Below is a summary of what you can expect from each module:

Module 1: Introduction to CDE

This module is an outline of the course and explains what you can expect as you move forward. It prepares you for the topics you’ll learn and lets you know what to expect from the exam in module 6. 

Module 2:  Understanding the Basics

This module focuses on the foundations of decentralized finance and provides knowledge to build off of as you proceed through the rest of the course.

Module 3: Introduction to DeFi Technology

Module 3 explains in-depth the way that DeFi technology functions. It explains the origin of the blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and the function of the DeFi technology in today’s financial landscape.  

Module 4: DeFi Use Cases

This module explores real world examples of decentralized finance applications. It delves into current uses and identifies potential future uses as well. 

Module 5: Risks and Challenges

In this section of the course, you’ll learn about the risks associated with blockchain technology based finance and how to avoid the challenges those risks can present. It explains the volatility involved in the cryptocurrency market and explains how best to protect yourself against it.  

Module 6: Certified DeFi Expert™ Exam

This exam is a comprehensive exam based on the knowledge learned in the previous modules. Upon completion of the exam, you’ll receive your certification!


Best Defi Course by Coursera Online

Decentralized Finance Training Course: Coursera

Course Name Course Format Hours to Complete Pacing
Decentralized Finance Infrastructure Fully Online 6 Self-paced

This online DeFi course is hosted by Coursera but was created by professor Cam Harvey from the Fuqua school of business at Duke University. It’s the first of four courses in a series on DeFi created for Coursera by professor Harvey.

Course Objectives

 The objective of the course is to understand historical examples of unbacked currencies, explore the infrastructure associated with DeFi, and identify the problem solving capabilities of decentralized finance as a whole. 

This course takes a unique approach among DeFi certification courses by linking the current rise of utilizing unbacked capital with past and present examples of economies that function this way. Another original feature found in Decentralized Finance Infrastructure is the way Professor Harvey takes time to explain the very specific problems that decentralized finance can solve. 

People who take this course will come away with clear-cut examples of the way DeFi can improve financial transactions for the world at large. 

Who the Course Is Best For

This course is best for both individuals seeking to expand their understanding of DeFi, and professionals seeking to further their finance careers. Because of the structure of the course, it’s great for those who are starting with a minimal understanding of decentralized finance. But because of the unique way in which the topic is explored, it’s also a compelling option for those seeking to make themselves more professionally competitive in their finance careers. 

Because this course is a part of a four-course series, it’s great for those who intend to continue broadening their knowledge after they complete the course

Course Flow

Decentralized Finance Infrastructure contains 4 modules. It’s expected to take no longer than a week to complete, with a time commitment of at least 6 hours. 

You can find the module summaries below:

Module 1: The History of Decentralized Finance

This module is an exploration of economies that have operated with unbacked currencies. It also highlights some of the more obvious needs that traditional banking struggles to meet.  

Module 2: DeFi Foundations

This module delves into the functions of the blockchain, smart contracts, and cryptocurrencies. It explores the creation and implementation of these topics and how they interact with one-and-other to form the DeFi ecosystem. 

Module 3: Problems DeFi Solves

In this module, you’ll dissect the issues and inefficiencies of today’s traditional financial systems and how those problems can be solved with DeFi. 

Module 4: DeFi Myths and Facts

This module dispels common misconceptions and myths about decentralized finance and provides factual information to refute those myths. 



Finally, let’s wrap up with some of the most asked questions people have about the best DeFi courses.

How Do I Start Learning DeFi?

Choose a course that aligns with your goals and start there. Introduction to DeFi will be the best DeFi training course for beginners, while the other two serve as a DeFi development course and are recommended if you have some knowledge or experience in DeFi.

Will Businesses Recognize My DeFi Certification?

If you complete a certification from a reputable source like the ones listed above, businesses will recognize your certification

How Much Does DeFi Certification Cost?

Certification costs can vary from free to several hundred dollars. Research your preferred course and seek out free DeFi courses or that offer financial assistance if you need it. 

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