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What’s are the best CISA prep courses?

Compare the best CISA training courses online – 2018 Guide

CISA Super Review$4506 Month Extension
If You Don’t Pass
CISSP ExamPractice$499Pass or Refund
Gryfin CISA Review$267Pass Guarantee
Exam Matrix CISA$244Pass Guarantee
Ed2Go CISA Review $1,395None
Simplilearn CISA$4503 Day Money-Back

Best CISA Study Materials

Choosing the right CISA course is the single most important decision you will make on your journey towards becoming a Certified Information Systems Auditor.

You will be spending countless hours studying with it, so it’s crucial to find the one that best fits your learning style.

So here’s the good news – I have personally tested and demoed the most popular online CISA prep courses on the market so you don’t have to! The comparison chart below will help you figure out which one best fits your needs.

Best CISA Prep courseBest CISA Exam Prep Courses Surgent CISA Training OnlineCISA Exam Prep CourseBest Certified Information Systems Auditor Prep Course






COMPANYCISA SuperReviewGryfin CISA Prep CourseSurgent CISA TrainingSimpliLearn CISA CourseCISA ExamPractice
PRICE$665.95 $499
Get Coupon  
$450 $295 Show Coupon$419 $349 Show Coupon$599 $450
Show Coupon
$599 $499
Get Discount
PRACTICE EXAMS4 Full Simulation
UnlimitedUnlimited5 Full Simulation
VIDEO LECTURES30-40 HoursN/AN/A27 Hours15 Hours
COURSE ACCESS6 Months12 Months12 Months6 Months6 Months
GUARANTEES6 Month Extension
If You Don’t Pass
Pass or RefundPass Guarantee3 Day Money-Back
COURSE UPDATESEvery 6 monthscrossIconcrossIcon
Read Full ReviewRead Full ReviewRead Full ReviewRead Full ReviewRead Full Review

See the Top 5 Best CISA Study Materials & CISA Review Courses [ Updated December 1st, 2018] Compare CISA Courses Below:

  1. CISA Super Review Course
  2. Gryfin CISA Prep Course
  3. Surgent CISA Review Course
  4. SimpliLearn CISA Prep Course
  5. CISA Exam Practice Study Materials

Research the best CISA review courses below.

1. SuperReview CISA Study Materials

 Certified Information Systems Auditor Prep Course


Up-To-Date Content: Their course content is updated twice yearly to include the newest content according to ISACA’s latest exam objectives. This is a very important feature for an exam prep course to have and helps ensure that you will be adequately prepared for the latest version of the exam. Among their updated content lies over 900 practice questions and 4 comprehensive exams.
Free Demo: Certified Information Security is so confident in their course that they let students try it for free. You can just click the “Preview Now” button on the course page and it will take you right to the fully interactive SuperReview. You will be able to listen to select lectures and even take the assessments (quizzes) that follow.
Earn CPE Credit: Once someone becomes a Certified Information Systems Auditor they will need to earn 40 CPE credits each year to maintain their certification; this course can be counted towards all 40 credits. It is a flexible and affordable online solution.
Student Support: Students are provided with personal support from the course author Allen Keele by phone and through email. It is not every day you will find instructor support over the phone and at such a great price. It is helpful to be able to ask questions to an experienced industry professional.
Guarantee: If you purchase the all-inclusive SuperReview and do not pass the exam within 6 months, they will allow you to access to the same training at no extra charge. There is no money-back guarantee with the course but getting to retake the course at no extra charge can be quite beneficial. Students will have to provide the proper notification of exam failure and meet certain requirements to qualify for the guarantee.

The Bottom Line: The generous free trial, frequent content updates, and excellent customer support provided by Certified Information Security’s CISA course make it an excellent resource for students attempting certification or pursuing CPE


2. Gryfin CISA Course

 Best Certified Information Systems Auditor Study Materials


Question Bank: The Gryfin CISA Prep Course has a large question bank of over 1,600+ practice questions. Practice questions are important in preparing for just about any exam as they give you a feel for what to expect on test day. When combined with proper instruction and learning, a large question bank can be quite beneficial.
Course Access: Students are given 12 months of online access to this course, which is longer than other top CISA courses. For those who plan on studying over a long period of time this can be very beneficial, but for some it may be an excuse to delay their study efforts.
No Video Lectures: If you are looking for a fully comprehensive course with both video instruction and practice, then you may want to look elsewhere. While this course does include a comprehensive book, it does not have video instruction or explanation which some students find quite valuable.
No Instructor support: The question bank does provide explanations; however, there are no instructors and it might be difficult to find a known expert that can elaborate on a difficult question.

The Bottom Line: Thanks to the large bank of practice questions and 12 months of access provided by Gryfin, students can take all the time they need to study for the CISA exam stress-free. However, the lack of video lectures is disappointing.


3. Surgent CISA Training

Surgent CISA Training Online


Adaptive Learning: Surgent CISA Review has what they call “adaptive learning”. Beyond the marketing hype what that really means is you get to focus on the questions that you have trouble with and pass faster. It’s personalized learning at it’s best and definitely something you want to consider when choosing a CISA prep course.
Pass or Refund: While you’ll never get back all the time you invested in studying, if you fail you’ll at least get your money back. Passing requires demonstrating a competence in all six areas during the four-hour, 200 multiple-choice question exam. A minimum score of 450 demonstrates a consistent standard of knowledge.
Intuitive Dashboard: The Surgent test prep platform has just been updated. It’s easy to use, works on your phone or tabled and keeps everything you need within reach.

The Bottom Line: Surgent offers a cutting-edge prep course with their highly intuitive dashboard backed by powerful adaptive learning technology. In the unlikely event that students fail to pass the exam, they also offer a generous refund policy.


4. SimpliLearn CISA Study Materials

 Certified Information Systems Auditor CISA Test Prep


Money-Back Guarantee: SimpliLearn has a full money-back guarantee for their CISA Course. They allow students 3 days to try out the course and make sure they are satisfied. If a student is unsatisfied with the course and hasn’t accessed more than 50% of the content they can request a refund (be sure to see the full details of the guarantee on their site).
Online Learning Content: The SimpliLearn CISA course combines 27 hours of audio/visual lessons with 79 “knowledge check” quiz questions throughout. This helps to reinforce what students have learned during the training. They also provide 5 full CISA Simulation Exams to better prepare users for the actual test.
Practice Questions: Having questions throughout the video lectures is a great feature; however, this course would benefit from having more “knowledge check” type questions. Having a small quiz or practice exam after each section would be very helpful.

The Bottom Line: SimpliLearn’s CISA course offers a great deal of learning material, comprised mostly of in-depth audio/visual content backed by some practice questions. Although it could stand to offer additional practice tests, this is still an excellent study resource.


5. ExamPractice CISA Study Materials

Best CISA Exam Prep


Self-Paced Course: This course provides future audit and security experts with the resources to pass the CISA exam, and does so via a web-based program. With access to 15+ hours of interactive training for 180 days, you’ll have plenty of time to get prepared and use these prep materials on your own time.
Included Content: This course comes with a ton of great resources to help you pass. Whether it’s the CISA workbook or the CISA chapter quizzes, there’s a lot of comprehensive material that comes with this program—all at an extremely affordable price.
Presentation: While there’s a lot of great information and solid resources that accompany this content, the presentation isn’t ideal. It’s not an extremely exciting course, which may be difficult for those of you who need help focusing and staying on track. While it’s not without value, if you need a riveting video course, this isn’t your ideal match.
Practice: This course has a ton of great features and a slew of different content types. However, there’s not a lot in the way of practice exams and extra ways to go over specific question types. While there are quizzes after each section, there’s no simulation work.

The Bottom Line: For a very reasonable price, CISA Bootcamp provides students with a plethora of educational resources over nine months of access. Still, their presentation and lack of practice exams leave something to be desired.



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