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CISA, CISSP, CRISC, or CISM Certification Course? Why You Should Choose Simplilearn

A certification course is not just any other course. It is much more than that. A course designed to train you to become a professional takes time to create. It has to be of high quality, comprehensive, easily accessible,convenient and relevant to your training needs. Besides these qualities, a training course must also be affordable and must provide value for the time and money you’ll spend on it. So, if you are considering taking a CISA, CISSP, CRISC or CISM certification course, then you are in the right place. Simplilearn courses offer all the above qualities, and much more.


So, Who is Simplilearn?

Simplilearn, an organization founded in 2009, is a training provider designed to offer professional certification courses. The courses are delivered online through highly trained and vetted expert instructors who have many years of experience training in specific disciplines. Some of the disciplines that Simplilearn training focuses on are cloud computing, cyber security, project management, data science and digital marketing.

CISA with Simplilearn: What’s In This Course for You?

CISA simply stands for Certified Information Systems Auditor. This is a course designed to meet the needs of candidates seeking skills and knowledge toeffectively carry out security audit of an organization. Governing andcontrolling an enterprise IT system requires top skills and expertise. This course is designed with all that in mind. It is prepared and delivered within the ISACA requirements for the CISA certification.

Now, let’s check out the available packages and key features of this Simplilearn CISA course here below:

Self-paced learning Course

It consists of videos that are 40 hours long and is targeted at individual candidates. The course also comes with 5 simulation practice tests, 10 case studies that are industry based, 5 totally domain-based practice test papers, and an instructor-led course lasting 32 hours. Once you register for this high quality course, you’ll have an access to it for 180 days. This self-paced CISA training course would normally cost you $199, but currently, with a 30% discount, you get to pay $139.30.

The Flexi-pass Online Classroom

Just like the self-paced course, this Simplilearn CISA course package targets individuals. The course is packed with more than  one online instructor-led classes, and self-paced course content prepared by industry professional experts. With this package, you get an access of 90 days to the instructor-led online course, and an access of 180 days to the self-paced package.

The other features include 30-hour long self-paced training videos, 5 simulation practice exams, 10 case studies all industry-based, 5 domain-based practice exams, an instructor-led course training that lasts for 32 hours. The normal price for this package is $499, but currently with a 30 % discount, you’ll pay $349.30.

And if you are so busy during the week and only free on weekends, then this particular package has a weekend arrangement for you.Yes, the Flexi-pass package has training classes during the weekend. You get to choose what fits your schedule best!

Corporate Training Package

As the name suggest, this Simplilearn CISA training package is designed for corporate or simply put, businesses. So, it basically targets groups of employees working in an organization. For this package, you get both the online and instructor-led packages delivered through the enterprise LMS (Learning Management System). The cost would entirely depend on the number of employees.

What are the CISA Exam Details?

You can access the CISA course here.

CISSP Training Course with Simplilearn: Why it’s Good for You

The CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional)certification is aimed at preparing you to become an expert in the world of information security. The course by Simplilearn and delivered to you by certified expert instructors meets the 2018 requirements of the (ISC)2  Common Body of Knowledge (CBK). These are the requirements that include techniques, skills and best practices that a professional in the information security field must know. The aspects covered in this course include IT infrastructure, design, management as well as controls. Let’s take a look at the packages available for this course and their key features as well.

These are the CISSP training packages:

The Self-paced Training Option

This option gives you an access of 180 days to self-learning. You get to receive 32 hours of self-learning videos, 5 simulation practice tests with each one of them having 150 questions, and test papers that are domain-specific. In addition to the above, you will receive 30 CPEs (Continuing Professional Education), one of the stipulated requirements before you take the CISSPexam. 

This package would cost you $199.

The Flexi-PassOnline Classroom Option

The Flexi-Pass package includes an access of 90 days to an instructor-led learning,and 180 days to a self-paced learning experience. It consists of 32 hours instructor-led course training, 32 hours self-paced learning videos, 5 simulation practice papers each one with 150 questions, the 32 CPEs required to take your CISSP exam, and domain-specific practice test papers. Weekend classes are also available in case you won’t find study time during weekdays.

For this package, you get to pay $499.

The Corporate Training Package

This one is designed for businesses. It targets employees of various corporate institutions that understand the importance of equipping their professionals with the right skills. It involves a blend of both the self-paced online learning and instructor-led training options. The corporate package comes with a 24-hour support and teaching assistance.

For this case, the instructions are delivered via an LMS (Learning Management System).  For further consultation on pricing and other course requirements, you are required to call Simplilearn. This is because the training fee would depend on the number of employees and a few other factors.

Now, here are the CISSP certification Exam Details.

There are two exam designs, namely, the CAT (Computer Adaptive) and the Linear Exam.

Question Format Multiple-choice Multiple-choice Advanced Innovative
No. Of Questions 100-150 250
Duration 3 hrs 6 hours
Pass score 700/1000 700/1000
Cost $699 $699
Languages English German, French, Simplified Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, Korean, Spanish and Japanese
Certification Validity 3 years 3 years

You can access the CISSPtraining course here.

What’s In It for You in Simplilearn’s CRISC Training Course?

The CRISC, or Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control,training course is designed to equip you with skills and knowledge in designing, implementing, monitoring, and managing Information Systems (IS)controls for businesses or enterprises. It trains you on how to identify risk,assess and respond. The four ISACA prescribed four domains are also included.

So what packages does Simplilearn offer for this most important certification course? For the CRISC course, there is only one training option,the Corporate Training targeted at businesses or groups.  In this course,you’ll get access to 0ver 40-hour long audio or visual learning, and real-life hands-on projects. You also get access to 35 practice tests and 2 full simulation exams. The practice tests are meant to prepare you better for yourexam. You will also be awarded the stipulated 20 CPEs needed to take the CRISC exam.

The Simplilearn’s CRISC training model includes a blend of both the self-paced and instructor-led trainings. The instructions are delivered online by expert trainers through the LMS (Learning Management System).

For this corporate training pricing and other course requirements, you would be required to call and consult with Simplilearn.

Once you are done with training, it’s that time to take the exam. Here are the CRISC certification exam details:

You can access Simplilearn’s CRISC training course here.

Simplilearn CISM Certification Course:Why it’s Good for You

Seeking to become a Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) and perhaps looking for a great course for you? Simplilearn has got your back covered! With their most-in-demand course,you will get skills and knowledge in managing, overseeing, and assessing an enterprise IS.

Designed to meet the ISACA outlined requirements and best practices, this course will ensure that you can carry out tasks such as defining and designing an enterprise security infrastructure that’s aligned with IT governance and compliance. At the end of the course, you should be in a position to provide customers with solutions that meet their IT security needs and business goals in as far as their IT-based security systems are concerned.

So, what packages does Simplilearn have for their CISM certification training? Let’s delve in right away:

Self-paced Course Package

With an access of 180 days, this course includes an e-learning package that lasts for 16 hours, 1 practice test, and 16 CPEs required in order for you to sit the CISM exam.

You would normally be required to pay $599 for this course, but with the current 30% discount, you’ll end up paying $419.30, which is such a great bargain.

The Corporate Training

This course is designed purely for groups or employees in an organization. You can choose to opt for the instructor-led training option or the e-learning self-paced option. It can also come as a blend of these two training options.Created and taught by industry professionals, the training is delivered through the LMS (Learning Management System). You will receive a 24 hour support and teaching assistance once you enroll.

For the purpose of pricing and enquiries for other course training related issues,you are required to consult Simplilearn.

Once you are done with your CISM training, the next thing would be to take your exam. Here are the CISM exam details:

Check out Simplilearn’s CISMcourse here.

Here is a table summary of the cost of Simplilearn’s CISA, CISSP, CRISC and CISM training packages:

Self-paced $139.30 $199 Not offered $419.30
Flexi-Pass $349.30 $499 Not offered Not offered
Corporate Not specified Not specified Not specified Not specified

Note: For the CISA self-paced and Flexi-Pass packages, the normal price is $199 and $499, respectively. The above shows the cost at 30% discount.The CISM self-paced course is also available at 30% off. It normally costs$599.

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Final Thoughts

I know you’ll agree with me that nothing beats a training course that offers you a chance at flexibility, convenience, is affordable, and most of all equips you with the required expert skills and knowledge. That’s what Simplilearn’s CISA, CISSP, CRISC and CISM course training experience is all about. With their top-notch trained expert tutors, you’ll get all you need to pass your exam on your first attempt. That’s great, right?

Simplilearn Certification Courses Reviewed
Simplilearn Certification Courses Reviewed
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