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CISA SuperReview was created by Allen Keele, who comes across as extremely knowledgeable about the CISA exam right from the first module of his course. Allen is great teacher who is able to clearly and concisely explain the test material. CISA Super Review requires approximately 30-40 hours of study to complete, and it contains over 600 narrated slides. It also contains over 890 practice questions, which cover all 5 of the CISA domains on the exam. Each lesson within a module begins with a pre-assessment test and finishes with a post-assessment test. Additionally, each module finishes with a test that includes all the practice questions from that module. The CISA Super Review leaves no ground left uncovered.

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Exam-Identical Practice Tests

The course also includes 4 timed practice exams which contain 200 randomly selected questions each. This is the same format as the actual CISA exam and will help you get comfortable answering so many questions while your on the clock.  This truly is a CISA exam prep on steroids!

cisa course Other Course Features

There’s a lot of material in this course, which means it’s definitely worth mentioning that the interface and organization of the content is very simple and easy to use. So whichever part of the course you need to access at a particular time, you are always just a click away. There’s also a search function for those times when you need to really narrow it down in terms of what info you need to find. CISA Super Review has an automatic bookmark function that remembers where you left off, so you can resume at just the right point in the course without having to search for it after you login. This course can be accessed from any computer, anywhere in the world, at any time.

Customer Service and Support

The best thing about this course though is the author’s continuous maintenance of it and the way he replies to students questions so clearly and quickly. He updates the course twice a year, which is particularly important when you consider that the CISA exam material is modified from time to time. All the updates to this course include those exam modifications. As mentioned above, Allen (the author) is superb at customer support. He recognizes that although his material makes everything super clear, there will still be times when you can’t quite figure something out, and this is when he’ll be on hand to give you answers within just a few short hours.

preview_now_2Free Online Demo

Before you commit to anything, you can test drive this course and see first-hand the overall value it provides by checking out their Free Online Demo.  This gives you the chance to find out if this course fits well with your personal learning style and preferences.


So what’s the price for the CISA Super Review? Well, it’s not the most expensive, and it’s not the cheapest either. For most products, you often find that the best value option is somewhere in the middle in terms of price, and I think that’s the case here. The total package price is $449.95, and for that you get access to all materials for 180 days and have unlimited access to them in that time. You also get a course guarantee that lets you use the course for an extra 6 months for free if you fail the CISA exam on your first time through.

FREE CPE Credits

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons to choose CISA Super Review is that after you pass your CISA exam (and you will pass, or why would Allen offer the guarantee shown above?) you will receive a certificate which gives you 40 continuing professional education (CPE) credits. You’ll need 40 of these per year to maintain your CISA certification regardless of which course you select, so choosing this one will save you a TON of time, energy, and cash!


CISA SuperReview Breakdown

CISA SuperReview Strengths 
1. Exam-Identical Practice Tests
2. Simple and Easy to Use
3. Awesome Customer Support
4. Free Online Demo
5. Free CPE Credits
CISA SuperReview
CISA SuperReview
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