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Although the information age has provided countless benefits for businesses, it’s also been the cause of nearly as many risks. That’s why it’s so important for companies to hire information security professionals— which can be a terrific opportunity for you to pursue a career in InfoSec! But if you’re stuck on square one and have no idea where to start, one of the best resources you can turn to is Certified Information Security. This company provides top-of-the-line educational materials that can help you understand and pass the certification hurdles required to establish your career in CISA, CISSP, CISM, or CRISC. Thanks to their impressive bank of narrated lecture content — and ISO certified supplementary materials — you can easily acclimate yourself to the most complicated InfoSec concepts and disciplines and comfortably pass your exams! Keep reading to learn more about how Certified InfoSec pulls it off:

About Certified Information Security

In order to meet the increasingly relevant needs of modern information technology, Certified InfoSec was founded in 1999 by Allen Keele. Keele is an experienced architect for business systems and a professional consultant. He’s also a recognized subject matter expert with over 25 professional certifications and 6 published books relating to infosec. In addition to having such a uniquely qualified founder, this company has an equally impressive staff of instructors and authors. These talented individuals both create and teach Certified InfoSec’s library of study materials, resulting in a tremendously beneficial resource for a wide range of candidates. But what kind of study materials does this company offer? Here’s a quick breakdown:

Certified Information Security Features

If you want to know more about what materials this company uses to teach information security, check out these quick bullet points:

ISACA & (ISC)2 Exam Prep Courses

Certified InfoSec provides online review courses relating to four different certifications that are recognized by ISACA and (ISC)2 for their direct relevance to modern information technology. You can choose from one (or more!) of the following:

Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)Includes 650+ narrated slides, 900+ practice questions, 60+ practice exams, and 4 exam simulations
Certified Information Security Manager (CISM): Includes 650+ narrated slides, 600+ practice questions, 50+ practice exams, and 3 exam simulations
Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC)Includes 360+ narrated slides, 590+ practice questions, 40+ practice exams, and 2 exam simulations
Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) Includes 1,300+ narrated slides, 16+ hours of video content, 1,200 practice questions, 54 practice exams, and 8 exam simulations

As you can see, the content contained in each of these courses is more than enough to prepare you for test day. You’ve also got plenty of time to go through all the material at your disposal, since they offer a free six-month extension if you don’t pass your exam within their initial 180 day access period.



Private Coaching

Although the review courses this company provides for these different infosec certifications are thorough and should be a sufficient resource for most students, you can also reach out for more help. If you need some extra assistance with your CISA, CISM, CRISC, or CISSP exam prep, Certified Information Security also offers personal coaching sessions up to 50 minutes in length.  Unfortunately, these sessions need to be scheduled ahead of time and will incur an additional cost— but it can be exactly what you need to push past any difficult concepts and earn that passing score on your exam! LEARN MORE ABOUT CERTIFIED INFOSEC

IRMCB Accredited ISO Courses

In addition to their infosec certification courses, Certified Information Security has a gigantic library of certification materials that apply to several different ISO standards. In order to prove that these courses perfectly align with these internationally recognized professional standards, their courses are also accredited by the International Risk Management Certification Board (IRMCB). But what does this mean for you— or for your company? Essentially, these are some of the most efficient and convenient resources for ensuring you’re following standards for health, quality management, energy management, etc. These standards are set by worldwide experts and followed by the top institutions, so your career and/or professional organization will greatly benefit from consulting these materials. The different ISO standards covered by Certified InfoSec include:

ISO 19600Compliance Management
ISO 22301Business Continuity Management
ISO 27001Information Security
ISO 31000Enterprise Risk Management
ISO 37001Anti-Bribery and Corruption Manager
ISO 45001Occupational Health & Safety


Free Materials

When studying risk management, it becomes clear that one of the best ways to mitigate the risk of purchasing something is to try it first. Fortunately, there are several free educational products and study materials offered by this company that allow you to accomplish exactly that! If you want to see what one of their certification courses looks like, try the free sample located on their CISSP exam prep page. And if you want to know more about their ISO study resources, they’ve got four free webinars that demonstrate their lesson plans in great detail. CHECK COURSE PRICES

Certified Information Security Pros & Cons

With all this information, now we can break down the specific benefits and drawbacks that come with this company’s study materials:

Generous Access and Guarantees

If you enroll in one of their certification exam review courses, Certified InfoSec will provide you six months of access to their platform. And while this is usually enough to prepare you for passing the exam, they offer a guarantee for an additional four to six months of course access if you encounter any issues on your first try.

Reasonable Tutoring Prices

If you need the assistance of a private tutor, options are usually limited and expensive. However, this company will provide you an affordable option for all their certification prep courses. After all, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for extra help!

Extremely Capable Instructor

Allen Keele is the brains behind Certified Information Security and the instructor for all their prep courses. When signing up for one of these courses, you’ll get the chance to learn from his extensive professional experience in many different infosec fields. Best of all is the fact that Keele has taken and passed all of the certification exams he teaches— so you can take comfort in knowing he has firsthand experience.

Limited Video Content

If you sign up for Certified InfoSec’s CISSP prep course, you’ll have access to narrated slides and dedicated video content. However, you won’t have any extra video content if you enroll in CISA, CISM, or CRISC prep— just narrated slides. And while these are still helpful in teaching you the underlying concepts found on these exams, it would be nice to see some video content for these sections as well.



Still not sure whether this is the right choice for your educational needs? Check out these recommendations:

Are you a visual learner interested in pursuing a career in InfoSec? If so, we wholeheartedly recommend their CISSP prep course.
Are you interested in other infosec certifications and don’t particularly care about video content? If so, consider enrolling in their CISA, CISM, or CRISC review courses to get a head start on your career.
Are you an established infosec professional who wants or needs continuing education in your field? If so, we recommend trying one of their free webinars and seeing if a full ISO certification program is a good fit.

At the end of the day, Certified Information Security is an extremely impressive resource for all kinds of infosec disciplines. Regardless of your specialization or skill level, there’s ultimately something available here for you to learn from.

Certified Information Security Courses Review
Certified Information Security Courses Review
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