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The growing demand for artificial intelligence (AI) talent by employers worldwide has led to the increase in demand for knowledge and skills by professionals who want to have a piece of the cake. According to the New York Times, giant tech companies are willing to pay huge salaries to experts just to get their projects done. Amazing, right?  Definitely, that’s not something you’d want to miss out on.

But what exactly is artificial intelligence? It is the programming of machines to mimic how humans think and act. It involves building of smart apps used in processing, analyzing and extracting natural language related information. This is where the world is at the moment. And you wouldn’t want to be left out.

The rise in demand for experts in AI has led to unique and credible training opportunities for anyone who wants to be part of this revolution. So if you are looking out for a great course, then I got you covered. The courses will equip you with hands-on skills on how to build intelligent bots or agents that will allow communication between AI systems and humans. I want to take you through the best training courses in AI for you to decide on one that suits you. Here we go…

5 Best Artificial Intelligence Course & Certification 2022


1. EdX Microsoft Professional Program in Artificial Intelligence

  • Course creators: Microsoft
  • Prerequisites: The course is designed for high school students with knowledge in maths and statistics, and willing to learn and master the skills. Those with basic Python programming skills have an added advantage.
  • Training fee: The course is free but you will be required to pay $99 to get a verified certificate. You can apply to be considered for financial assistance from here.
  • Duration: The self-paced course consists of 9 separate courses and a project at the end. The whole course will take you about 54 weeks to complete.
  • Languages: English
  • What’s the edX Microsoft Professional Program in Artificial Intelligence course about?

The course is divided in to 10 separate courses. It is advisable that you progress through the program until you get to course 8, though you don’t need to follow any particular order. Course 9 gives you an opportunity to choose any one of three courses available. You can either opt for 9a) Computer Vision and Image Analysis, or 9b) Speech Recognition Systems, or 9c) Natural Language Processing (NLP).

The training includes video lessons, quizzes and hands-on labs. You can move through the program at your own pace, depending on how your schedule is.

The peak of the course is the capstone project in course 10 which allows you to showcase your already acquired knowledge and skills in providing solutions to a real-world challenge. It’s a hands-on project.

These are the courses covered in this edX artificial intelligence course:

  • Course 1 – Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Course 2 – Introduction to Python for Data Science
  • Course 3 – Essential Mathematics for Artificial Intelligence: Python Edition
  • Course 4 – Ethics and Law in Data and Analytics
  • Course 5 – Data Science Research Methods: Python Edition
  • Course 6 – Principles of Machine Learning: Python Edition
  • Course 7 – Deep Learning Explained
  • Course 8 – Reinforcement Learning Explained
  • Course 9a – Computer Vision and Image Analysis  Course 9b – Speech Recognition Systems .   Course 9c -Natural Language Processing (NLP) 
  • Course 10 – Microsoft Professional Capstone: Artificial Intelligence

To qualify for the certification once you complete the Microsoft AI program, you must first create a Microsoft Academy account. Once you earn a verified certificate, it will be displayed on your dashboard. You get a certificate for each course in the track once you meet the eligibility requirements.

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2. EdX Artificial Intelligence- MicroMasters Course Program

  • Course creators: Columbia University
  • Prerequisites: A bachelor’s degree in Mathematics or Computer Science, with basic knowledge in college algebra, statistics, calculus and programming languages.
  • Training and certification fee: You can pay a one-off fee of $841.40. The other option is to pay for each course separately. For course 1 & 2, each verified certificate would cost you $199, while a verified certificate for course 3 would cost you $249. Course 4 verified certificate costs $299.
  • Course Duration: There are 4 courses in all. Each course takes approximately 12 weeks
  • Languages: English
  • What’s in the MicroMasters course?

In this course, you will learn about the guiding AI principles, how to apply your knowledge and skills in machine learning to real-world scenarios, how to design neural networks and harness their power, and how to apply AI to robotics, and physical & vision simulation.

The four courses for this program are:

The training includes weekly assignments and hands-on labs. Once you obtain your MicroMasters certification, you can apply to be considered for the Columbia University Master’s in Computer Science program. If you are accepted, your MicroMasters certification will count for 25% of the coursework or 7.5 credits out of the 30 credits that you’ll require to graduate.

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3. EdX Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Microsoft

  • Course creators: Microsoft
  • Prerequisites: High-school level Statistics and maths. Basic knowledge of Python programming is an added advantage.
  • Course Duration: 4 weeks
  • Cost: This self-paced course is free, but if you require a verified certificate, you will have to pay $99. Anyone who may not afford the verified certificate can apply for financial assistance here once they enroll in the course.
  • Languages: English
  • What does the edX Introduction to Intelligence course include?

This course is part of the Microsoft Professional Program in AI. It takes you through the fundamental principles of AI and how you can apply it in building smart apps that aid businesses and organizations in becoming efficient. It basically prepares you to handle tasks such as building AI predictive models using machine learning.

The practical aspect of the course uses Microsoft Azure. Due to this, subscription to Azure would be needed.

The training covers the following areas of interest:

  • Introduction
  • Machine Learning- The Foundations of AI
  • Text and Speech- Understanding Language
  • Computer Vision- Seeing the World Through AI
  • Bots- Conversation as a Platform

At the end of the course, you should be able to demonstrate your skills in using Microsoft Bot architecture in implementing conversational bots.

Ensure that you have a Microsoft Academy account as this will give you an access to your dashboard. This is where you will get updates regarding your verified certificate once you meet the course requirements.

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4. Grey Campus Artificial Intelligence Course (Foundation & Machine Learning)

  • Course creators: Grey Campus
  • Prerequisites: Basic knowledge in Python programming, statistics and machine learning.
  • Duration: The self-paced course will take you about 120 hours
  • Cost: Check Pricing
  • Languages: English
  • What are the objectives of the Grey Campus Artificial Intelligence course?

The course takes you through AI concepts such as machine learning and TensorFlow, and programming languages required in designing algorithms in deep learning, intelligent agents, as well as advanced neural networks that adopt the use of predictive analysis in providing solutions to real-world problems.

The 3 courses include video lessons, exercises, simulation tests, real-life projects, and an online unlimited access to CloudLab (Grey Campus’s own project development platform). On completing course one, you get a three-month experience credential for successfully using Python to implement projects. There is also a certificate for course two and three, respectively.

These are the courses covered (you can download the syllabus here):

  • Data Science with Python
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning with TensorFlow

Once you have completed the three courses successfully and met all the requirements, you will earn an AI Master’s credential.

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Final Thoughts

Artificial intelligence is notably the best thing that ever happened to organizations that take efficiency and enhancement of human life seriously. The growing demand for the hands-on skills by these organizations has led to a scramble for the few artificial intelligence professionals who have already mastered these smart skills. If your goal is to attain skills that shall remain relevant for many years to come, then this is the right time to grab this opportunity. For you, it’s time to pick up the right course and run with it!