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Surgent CISA Review has over 20 years of experience under the Exam Matrix CISA brand and leads the CISA review industry in product development and innovative technology. Despite it’s new name this course has helped thousands of people pass the CISA exam over the years and if you want to remove all doubts about failing your exam then this is your best bet.

The Surgent CISA Ultimate Course is a comprehensive online learning program designed to prepare professionals for the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certification exam. The course includes over 1020+ practice questions, flashcards, and a test bank. It covers the five domains of CISA: auditing, governance, risk management, information systems, and acquisition, development, and implementation. The course offers several features to help students prepare for the exam, including on-demand video lectures, study notes, and real-world case studies.


  • Comprehensive course material: The course covers all the necessary domains for the CISA exam, and the content is updated regularly to reflect the latest changes in the exam format.
  • Adaptive learning technology: The course uses adaptive learning technology, which identifies the student’s strengths and weaknesses and creates a personalized learning path accordingly.
  • Expert instructors: The course is taught by experienced instructors who have years of experience in the field of information systems auditing.
  • Pass guarantee: There’s no better peace of mind, than knowing if you don’t pass the first time, the course is on Surgent (and you get it free).

Overall, the Surgent CISA Ultimate Course is an excellent choice for professionals who are serious about passing the CISA exam. The course provides a comprehensive and personalized learning experience that caters to individual learning styles. The course’s pass guarantee and expert instructors provide additional value to the students.



Surgent CISA Review Features

  • 96% pass rate
  • Study 76% faster than competing courses
  • Unique Adaptive Learning Technology
  • 1020+ Mulitiple Choice Questions- with full text answers!
  • Unlimited Practice Exams
  • Trending Scores
  • Desktop, Mobile, & Tablet Compatible
  • PDF Textbook Included
  • FREE Automatic Content Updates
  • Pass Guarantee

Ultimate Course:

  • Print textbooks
  • Print flash cards
  • 110+ video lectures
  • Ultimate customer and technical support
  • Unlimited course access


Surgent’s Adaptive Learning Software

Surgent CISA Review Course Online

Surgent CISA Review software has an easy to use interface that makes it easy to track your progress in great detail. It utilizes “adaptive-learning technology” which allows you to create a customized study program that caters to your specific needs. This is an excellent tool to help you identify your weak areas and the topics you need to spend more time on. By focusing your studies on the areas you need it most, you are able to optimize your study time and retain more information.

Their software has a reporting function built in it which allows you to easily see a progress report, reference report, or your last session’s results. You can choose to view each of these reports in either a detailed or summarized format depending on what you’re looking for.

Practice Questions

Their complete CISA review course comes equipped with over 1,020+ multiple choice questions. Even though there are courses out there with more practice questions, Surgent CISA prides themselves on having the most difficult and relevant ones, many which have come directly from previous exams. All questions come with detailed explanations most contain a link to the page(s) in the book that covers the content relevant to that specific question.

Course Access and Practice Exams

The Surgent Certified Information Systems Auditor review course gives you unlimited course access with their Ultimate package. You’ll also get unlimited practice exams. These simulate the computerized exam environment you will see on your actual exam day and include the same tools and functionality. This will help prepare you for when you actually take the exam by minimizing your test anxiety and increasing your level of preparation.

Pass or Refund Guarantee

Surgent CISA Review guarantees that you will pass the CISA exam or they will refund your money.   To find out about the details, select Pass or Refund Guarantee from their main menu bar’s “About” tab drop down list.


The Surgent CISA course costs $349-$999 (depending on package).

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Surgent CISA Review Course Online
Surgent CISA Review Course Online


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