Application development review

A comprehensive assessment conducted during the development phase of an application system to validate it adheres to defined requirements and specifications. This evaluation examines various aspects, including:

  • Verifying adequate controls and safeguards are architecturally integrated into the system design to protect data integrity, security and processing fidelity.
  • Confirming the application logic, workflows and underlying computational rules will execute transactions completely, accurately and reliably per business needs.
  • Ensuring the system will deliver all specified functionalities and capabilities to meet its intended purpose and use cases.
  • Determining compliance with applicable laws, regulations and statutory obligations relevant to the application’s domain.
  • Reviewing conformance to the organization’s established systems development lifecycle methodology and governance processes.

The aim is to critically analyze the application throughout its build phase from multiple dimensions to identify potential gaps, defects or risks that require remediation before deployment. This provides timely quality assurance that the solution meets stakeholder expectations and organizational requirements.

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