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If your interest is in digital products or technology, then you should consider becoming a UI or UX designer. But how do you become one? First things first, let’s find out the difference between UX and UI. These are two separate elements of the same consumer experience. While UX or User Experience focuses on user experience, UI or User Interface is on the layout and the outlook. UX is all about how a particular thing works and how users interact with it. Now, let’s go back to the initial question of how you can become a UX or UI designer. Becoming one requires that you go through a training process to equip you with the required skills and knowledge. And this brings us to the list of the Best UI UX Design Course Certification Training that we’ve compiled for you. This list of courses is a result of thorough research and wide consultations with industry experts. Let’s walk through the courses as we help you settle on one that works well for you:

Best UI UX Design Course Certification Training

1. Coursera UI/UX Design Course by CaLARTS (California Institute of the Arts)

This is another Best UI UX Design Course Certification Training with a difference! This is because their approach to user experience and user interface is design-centric. You’ll gain skills focused on visual communications rather than programming or marketing only. The course takes you through a series of four units that cover the whole UI/UX development procedure. It starts from user research all the way to how to define the strategy of a product, its scope, and information framework. You’ll also master how to develop wireframes and sitemaps. The other area to cover is on best practices that guide UX/UI design and their application in creating effective screen-based user solutions for apps or websites. Course Highlights and Features

  • Course instructors, Michael Worthington and Roman Jaster are design experts with many years of experience in the field
  • The course is purely online
  • Self-paced learning
  • Flexible schedule depending on your availability
  • Beginner level
  • Course duration: About 8 months if you study 5 hours each week
  • Course videos and readings available
  • Access to practice quizzes, graded quizzes, graded programming assignments
  • You’ll receive feedback for the graded quizzes
  • You’ll earn a completion certificate on completing your course
  • Financial aid available to learners who can’t afford the course fee
  • Course Price: ₹3474

Find the Coursera UI/UX Design Specialization Course details and sign up here

2. Linkedin UX Design Course: 4 Ideation

This best UI UX course by Chris Nodder is focused on helping your team generate various designs within a short time. It has been viewed by 21,853 learners and has attracted over 1,101 likes. The basis of this course is in the fact that when different people come up with many ideas, there’s a high chance that there’ll be more creativity and more satisfactory user solutions. The UX design ideation phase considers various ways that you can use in fixing the pain points of your user. Once that is done, the next thing would be to consider practical and useful alternatives. The course instructor takes you through the importance of having designers and other team members brainstorm through the process. The result would be a contribution by all towards the overall direction of a product. Course Highlights and Features

  • The course instructor is an interaction design professional, user researcher and an author of User Design books
  • Intermediate level
  • The course is 22 mins, 33 secs long
  • You’ll learn how to add creativity to the ‘User Centered Design Process’, and Ideation Techniques
  • Access to course content on tablet or mobile phone
  • Includes quizzes and project files to help you practice while learning
  • Offline viewing available
  • Free trial of one month
  • Course Price: The Basic Price is $29.99/month, while the annual Premium Price is $24.99/month. You’ll be saving 17% should you opt for the Premium Price

Find the Linkedin UX Design Course details and sign up here

3. Pluralsight: Getting Started in UX Design Course

This is a popular Best UX Design Course Certification Training approved by many in the user design industry. The instructor is Kurt Krumme, an award-winning design expert! The course rated 4.6/5 by 61 learners takes you through the process of understanding what UX design is all about. You’ll also learn the work of UX designers and how to get started. The other skills that this course helps you develop include how to use various tools to solve UX problems. In short, the course equips you with skills to identify, approach and solve UX related problems. At the end of the course, you’ll know how to develop a framework or a process that will help you design a product, and test it, or to diagnose a problem in an existing product then solve it. Course Highlights and Features

  • The course instructor has more than 10 years of experience working in Fortune 500 companies as well as start-ups
  • Beginner level
  • Course duration: 41 minutes
  • You’ll learn how to design an all-new product or diagnose the problem of an existing service or product, then provide solutions
  • Course packages consist of personal, premium and business
  • The personal package includes the whole course library, skill IQ and Role IQ testing, course discussions, exercise files, offline viewing and course completion certificates
  • The premium bundle includes all the personal features, interactive courses, practice exams and projects
  • The business packages includes all premium features, skills analytics, roles analytics, trend analytics, usage analytics, API access, and data export
  • Course Price: The Personal Packages costs $29 billed monthly, or $299 billed annually. You’ll save 14% with the annual payment plan. The other Personal plan is the Premium Plan at $499 billed annually. The business package includes Professional at $579 per user and Enterprise at $779 per user. Both of them are billed annually.

Take Me to Pluralsight’s UX Design Course

4. Edureka UX/UI Design Certification Training Course

Do you wish to gain design skills that stand out? Then this Edureka Design Patterns training is for you! The course is packed with real content to equip you with skills in design patterns. The goal is to make you an expert software architect who can develop and maintain applications that are highly scalable. Over 2,000 learners have been satisfied by this great course. The course rated 4.57/5 has had over 6,000 enrolments this far. Some of the topics that your instructor will guide you through include design patterns introduction, structural and creational design patterns, and behavioural patterns. Others are anti patterns and refactoring. The final step is a hands-on project to help you develop and test your real-world problem solving skills. Course Highlights and Features

  • Course instructors are experts in design patterns

Take Me to Edureka’s Design Patterns Training Course

5. Kaplan IT Training Introduction to Web Design Course

This course is part of our list because it’s one of the best design courses today. Kaplan IT Training has developed its web design curriculum based on the market needs. The qualified trainers will make sure that at the end of the course, you’ll have mastered the website design skills. The course will equip you with skills and knowledge in designing a website and effectively navigating it. You’ll also learn about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how to implement it successfully. Course Highlights and Features

  • Qualified course instructors with experience in the web design field
  • eLearning course option
  • Learning is through videos
  • 365-day access to course content
  • You’ll learn how to design web pages with HTML, use CSS to style webpages, navigating JavaScript, and basic browsers as well as user agents
  • Course Price: $99

Find the Kaplan IT Training Web Design Course details and sign up here

6. Springboard UX Design Course

According to design professionals, this by far is one of the best UX design courses. The reason is clear. With over 3200 enrolments, the course has one of the highest ratings at 4.88/5! This means that you’ll get the best out of it. So what will you get out of this course? The instructors will help you understand UX design and its process, tools as well as best practices. You’ll also be guided on a capstone project so that you can develop hands-on UX design skills. The hands-on skills will come in handy when you need to solve actual user challenges in your place of work. Course Highlights and Features

  • No prerequisites
  • The course instructors have years of experience in UI and UX design
  • Self-paced course
  • The curriculum designed by UX design experts is about 150 hours long
  • Course duration: 3 to 5 months
  • You’ll receive expert support from a mentor that you’ll be interacting with one-one through video calls
  • The course is divided into 11 Units and a capstone project. Some of these topics are UX design introduction, UCD & Design Thinking, User Research & Personas, Usability Analysis, Design for Mobile, Lean UX, Visual Design, and more
  • You’ll master design tools like Sketch, Adobe XD, Invision and Illustrator
  • A certificate of completion will be issued once you meet the course requirements
  • Course Price: $399/month


When it comes to settling on the Best UI/UX Design Course Certification Training options, industry practitioners can never be wrong! Whether you’re already a designer or are entirely new to the world of design, then you need not worry. We’ve done the research for you! The only thing left is for you to choose the right course that defines your training expectations well. Settling on a course is your first step towards becoming a professional UI/UX designer. The demand for these professionals is high. This gives you an advantage of earning a great salary. Professional UI/UX designers earn annual salaries of about $52k-$146k according to Glassdoor. The rates depend on your experience.

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