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Best CISSP Study Materials

Are you intending to become a security expert? Could you be wondering which way to go? If this is your position at the moment, then we got your needs covered. It’s critical for you to demonstrate your security skills. Let the world know you’re capable of solving any system security issues brought to your attention. It’s time to consider earning the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) credential! This is a certification for security practitioners. It’s also great for managers and executives who wish to ensure that security challenges in their organizations are taken care of. Designing, implementing, and managing a reliable cybersecurity program need expert skills. These skills are acquired through intense study. That’s why you need top-of-the-range study resources to help you confidently walk the journey towards your CISSP. This post takes you through best CISSP study materials to help you reach your goal. And remember it won’t just be about earning this security credential. You’ll also have the privilege of becoming a member of the (ISC)2. If you’re looking for something more than just a book, we have the best CISSP Training Courses online here. Check it out!

1. Certified Information Security CISSP Certification Study Materials

Certified Information Security CISSP Training Course Review


  • Excellent Instructor: This CISSP certification course is taught by Allen Keele, an experienced professional with over 20 certifications and 6 published books. With his expertise informing every aspect of this review course, you’ll be in the best possible hands to understand and pass your exam. Plus for a limited time, get a free 50-minute exam-coaching session with the author himself!
  • Video and Audio: In order to provide the best volume and quality of study materials possible, this CISSP prep course provides two different forms of lecture content. Alongside 16½ hours of standard video lecture are an additional 1,300 informative slides with full narration.
  • Double Access: Although the six months of access to this online course should be enough to help you prepare for your CISSP certification exam, there is an included guarantee just in case. Failing to pass your exam within the initial access period means that you’ll receive an extra six months of study time at no extra cost.
  • Tutoring and Continuing Education:If you still need a bit more help than you receive with this course, Certified Information Security has your back. Check out their private tutoring sessions or continuing education courses for affordable supplements to your infosec prep.

bottom line
Whether you’re just starting your journey towards becoming an infosec professional, you’re somewhat experienced and in need of some extra help, or you’re an established CISSP who wants some extra education— Certified Information Security offers powerful educational resources to meet your needs. If you’re on the fence try out the free trial lesson on the button below.


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Best CISSP Exam Practice Tests

2. CISSP Official Study Guide and CISSP Official Practice Tests

Passing the CISSP exam isn’t easy but possible. As a candidate, you need to prepare for it thoroughly. You actually need a training guide that offers you the exam material that leaves out nothing. This is what this study book by Mike Chapple, James Michael Stewart, David Seidl, and Darril Gibson is all about. The book is a combination of the CISSP Official Study Guide and a collection of test questions. All these are provided to make you have an all-rounded preparation for your exam. Reinforce your studies with the unique practice questions and flashcards available in this guide.

Make yourself exam ready through this exam training guide!

Best CISSP Study Materials

3. The Official Guide to the CISSP, 5TH Edition

This guide by John Warsinske and other experts is vendor neutral and covers content that aids professionals in the information security field. It’s an official (ISC)2 CBK (Common Body of Knowledge) study book that targets experts involved in technical tasks like designing, implementing as well as managing security programs. The aim is to ensure that the information systems for organizations or enterprises are protected from possible threats. The CISSP study guide has been designed by experts who have years of experience in the subject. This reference book is comprehensive and covers over 300 objectives of the CISSP presented in a well-structured format.

You can access the study guide here!

CISSP Training Books Compared

4. The Eleventh Hour CISSP Study Guide, 3RD Edition

Written by Eric Conrad, Joshua Feldman, and Seth Misenar, this amazing CISSP reference guide is great for anyone who has a short time to study or is busy with other important engagements. The package is definitely great for your study needs! It’s current and offers a comprehensive coverage of the objectives of the CISSP. Whether you prefer studying at the last minute or time isn’t on your side, the guide will give you all you need to pass your exam. The topic coverage is complete and concise. What’s more, the text also highlights the core topic areas so that you can have an in-depth experience all through your study period.

Get your study guide right here!


Best CISSP Study Materials for passing the CISSP Exam


5. CISSP (ISC)2 Official Study Guide, 7TH Edition

This best CISSP training book is up to date and covers the latest CISSP CBK. All the exam objectives have been covered in detail in this guide. Having been written by experts like James Michael Stewart, Mike Chapple, and Darril Gibson, you can’t expect anything less than the best. The book takes you through actual-world scenarios and advice on how to pass your exam. You’ll also access an interactive learning environment that makes your study all fun and interesting! Take yourself through the objectives while testing yourself with review questions available in each chapter. The 250 practice tests and over 600 all electronic flashcards will help reinforce the knowledge required.

Go for your copy right away here!


CISSP Training Books

6. CISSP (ISC)2 Official Practice Tests

You need to check how far you’re with understanding the CISSP exam objectives. Mike Chapple brings you a reliable way to do just that! Through his training book, he provides you with 1300 practice questions. Every domain consists of 100 questions. This is to ensure that you master every aspect of the exam requirements by working thoroughly on your weak areas. Another interesting fact is on the 250 practice tests that help you in mastering the exam material. This is exactly what happens when you use this study guide:

  • Your preparation will be aligned with the latest ‘CISSP Body of Knowledge’
  • You’ll perfect your knowledge on all exam domains through practice tests
  • It helps you identify your weak areas so that you can work closely on them
  • You’ll understand how your progress is throughout the exam prep

Here is how to get your copy of the guide!



7. CISSP: A comprehensive Beginners Guide On the Information Security

This is a Kindle Edition written by Walker Schmidt. Understanding such aspects of information security like evaluating and mitigating risk requires comprehensive guidance. This is basically what you learn from this book. This same resource also takes you through how to ensure a company’s organizational structure supports a robust security system. The success of an organization is dependent on the people manning its information security systems! These are professionals like penetration testers, firewall engineers, auditors, and more. Become knowledgeable and skilled in the most sensitive field by making use of this best CISSP training guide. Acquire the best skills and offer the best expertise through this guide!

This is where to access your training book!


8. CISSP All-In-One Exam Guide, 8TH Edition

Understand the requirements of the CISSP exam latest release by digging deeper through this guide. The authors, Shon Harris and Fernando Maymi, have availed this book to help you cover the exam topics in detail. It’s up to date and covers the 2018 CISSP Common Body of Knowledge. All the exam domains and the 2018 CISSP CBK have been comprehensively covered by the text. At the beginning of each chapter, you’ll learn the exam objectives and tips. You’ll also get a chance to practice your knowledge using past questions. The book also contains detailed explanations in every one of these chapters. And if you need a unique on-the-job guide, then this reference book does it best!

You can access the guide through this link!


9. (ISC) 2 CISSP Official Study Guide, 8TH Edition

This Sybex study book by Mike Chappel, Daril Gibson, and James Michael Stewart is all you need to pass your CISSP exam. It’s completely aligned with the most recent 2018 CISSP CBK. There’s a 100% coverage of the exam topics. Inside this book, you’ll find expert content, examples touching on real world security issues, and a Sybex based online interactive environment that reinforces learning. You’ll also find review questions at the end of each chapter. Take your time and practice with the questions and flashcards that come in handy even during that last minute rush!

Learn More Here!


10. CISSP for Dummies, Kindle Edition

This is another great tool to use in your CISSP exam prep! The guide covers all the eight exam domains in detail and offers you real expert advice needed to ace your information security exam. It has up to date material aligned to the changes made to the (ISC)2 Body of Knowledge. If you need a secret weapon to pass your exam, then you’ll have it in this training book! This is what you get from this package:

  • Details on all the exam domains
  • Test-taking and exam-taking tips
  • Tips on how to set up a study plan
  • Free online practice tests and flashcards

Get direct access to the guide here!


11. Official (ISC)2 Guide to the CISSP CBK ((ISC)2 Press), 4th Edition

This best CISSP training book authored by Adam Gordon is an amazing exam study tool. With some topics expanded, the book prepares you to become a competent technical professional. You’ll be able to effectively design, implement as well as manage the information security program of an organization. The workbook gives you an opportunity to learn through real-life examples as well as case studies. This practical guide is great for you if you wish to build or refresh your knowledge on information security.

Get a copy of the guide here !



12. CISSP Study Guide, 3RD Edition, Kindle Edition

Gain the experience you need by studying with this guide by Eric Conrad, Seth Misenar, and Joshua Feldman. Through this book, you’ll get a deeper understanding of all the required exam domains. The exam objectives are clearly stated even as each chapter is specially designed to help you pass your CISSP exam. You’ll come across useful unique terms, definitions, and hands-on exercises. The exam text also includes real-life practical examples and questions at the end of each chapter.

Here’s how to get a copy of the guide!



These CISSP training books will give you all the support you need to become a certified information security expert. It’s the best and recommended way to gain the right experience to help you become effective and dependable. The books will equip you with relevant competencies to execute your role successfully!

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