Best Business Analytics Certification Courses Online

Do you desire to become an expert in helping businesses investigate and explore their past performances? Then you need to take one of these courses below! Business analytics go a long way in helping businesses gain insight and plan their business activities. After wide consultations, industry experts have come up with the Best Business Analytics Certification Courses. Who are these courses meant for? They are for those seeking to become professional business analysts. Learners will understand the methodologies and tools for business data analysis. You’ll also learn how to utilise this data in making business decisions and planning. It’s time to take your business analytics knowledge and skills to another level! Let me take you through these courses here below.

Top 4 Best Business Analytics Certification Courses Compared 2021

Dooey Business Analytics Training Course Online

1. Dooey Business Analytics Training Course

This Best Business Analytics Certification Course is a leading course in the world of business analytics today. The program has been created to help you develop expert data analytics skills. The course helps you understand and master how to implement data science essentials. These essentials include how to explore and visualize data, and hypotheses testing. The other areas that this course covers include application of statistics and various techniques in predictive analytics. The topics include how to carry out business analytics using Excel, R-Programming, Tableau Desktop 10, Data Science with Python, and Data Science with SAS. Dooey’s Business Analytics Training Course Highlights and Features
  • The course instructor, Alvaro Fuentes, is an expert data scientist, a data science trainer and also the founder of Quant Company
  • The courses can be instructor-led or self-paced depending on the module or topic
  • Course duration: 19 weeks studying 8 hours each week
  • Over 40 in-demand tools and skills
  • Some of the analytical and statistical tools that you’ll master include hypotheses testing, decision trees, clustering, visualization, data blending, regression model, and more
  • Includes more than 15 real-world projects executed on CloudLab
  • There are 5 courses in all. You’ll get a certificate for each of these courses
  • You’ll earn a Master’s Certificate on successful completion of your course
  • Course Price: $1299
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2. Coursera Business Analytics Course Specialization with University of Colorado Boulder

This expert business analytics course equips you with the most sought after skills in the digital science space. And this is why this course is appearing in our list: Coursera has designed it to help you gain real-life skills in business analytics. You’ll become an expert in solving complex business challenges by mastering data leverage techniques. The topics to cover include business analytics, predictive modelling, and how to communicate results for business analytics. The highlight of this best course is a capstone project that develops and tests your business analytics skills. The project will take you all the way from data collection, through analysis and modelling, and finally to presentation of business insights. The goal of this project is to help you experience the whole process of collecting, and analysing data, and coming up with better decisions that aid high business performance. Business Analytics Certification Course Highlights and Features
  • You’ll be taken through the course by expert instructors with experience in business analytics
  • Intermediate level
  • You can take up to 4 months to finish while studying 6 hours per week
  • The course is purely online
  • 5 courses with an average rating of 4.3/5
  • Self-paced training option
  • A flexible training schedule depending on your flexibility
  • Course videos as well as readings available
  • Access to practice quizzes, graded quizzes, and graded programming assignments. You’ll get a feedback on the graded quizzes
  • At the end of the course, you’ll be required to undertake a capstone project to help you develop and master real-world skills
  • You’ll earn a shareable course completion certificate once you’ve met all the course requirements
  • Financial aid available to students who can’t afford the course fee
  • Course Price: ₹3474/month
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3. LinkedIn Business Analytics Certification Course: Prescriptive Analytics Training

Our list of best business analytics courses would be incomplete without this LinkedIn Prescriptive Analytics course. This program targets learners with intermediate capability. It has so far been viewed by about 39,407 learners. Industry experts and 1839 of these viewers have given this course a thumbs up! This tells you how popular it is. This course will help you understand analytics taxonomy, fundamentals of prescriptive analytics, data warehousing, business intelligence, and how to explore big data. You’ll also understand how to collect and process data, triggering of events, how to formulate business hypotheses, arriving at definitive conclusions, and more. The target of the course is to take you through today’s relevant business analytics technologies. Once you understand these technologies, you’ll also learn their application in specific business opportunities and challenges. Business Analytics Course Highlights and Features
  • You will be taught by Alan Simon, an approved business analytics industry expert with experience in business analytics, business intelligence, and data warehousing
  • The course will take you approximately 2 hours 40 minutes
  • You’ll master skills like big data, data analysis, business intelligence, machine learning, and data modelling
  • 8 chapter practice quizzes
  • Access to project files to help you practice while learning
  • You can access the course content on your mobile phone or tablet
  • Offline viewing available
  • A course completion certificate once you meet the course requirements
  • Course Price: The Basic Fee is $29.99/month, while the annual Premium Fee is $24.99/month. You’ll save up to 17% if you opt for the Premium Price.
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4. Springboard Business Analytics Course

This course has come on top of our list because of what it has for you. Rated 4.88/5 by satisfied students globally, this course can never cease to amaze! You will be taken by world-class instructors handpicked for their experience. They’ll prepare you to face the job market with confidence. You’ll learn how to employ structured approaches in solving business challenges that may arise. The other skills include stating hypotheses, seeking relevant data, and running analyses. The course also prepares you to understand the art of building models to help you in testing the hypotheses. You also learn the steps necessary in presenting a recommendation once you are through with the tests. This Springboard course is a result of in-depth analysis of over 50,000 business analyst jobs. This is what helped the creators understand the most in-demand tools and skills. Springboard Business Analytics Certification Courses Highlights and Features
  • The course has been created by industry experts from Deloitte, Bain, Capital One and Square
  • Over 80 hours of course content coverage
  • You’ll cover topics like spreadsheets, forecasting, root cause analysis, customer segmentation, funnel analysis, and customer lifetime value
  • Includes exercises and study cases
  • Includes actual business related case studies. The cases studies cover marketing all the way to forecasting
  • You’ll polish your skills in Tableau, Excel, and SQL
  • 12 sessions of 45 minutes each of mentorship from a professional data scientist
  • Access to an online community of classmates as well as alumni
  • Course materials lifetime access
  • You’ll earn a completion certificate once you finish the course successfully
  • Course Price: A one-off price of $1499 or a monthly payment of $550 for 3 months
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Businesses now understand the importance of analytics in improving their performance. This has given rise in the demand for expert business analysts. This aspect of business is no longer an option. Businesses are now making strategic decisions based on factual statistical analysis and recommendations. This means that there is need to train more people to meet the rising demand for these skills. If you want to be part of this revolution, then you had better be on the right side of things! The Best Business Analytics Certification Courses are what you need to gain the requisite analytics skills. Besides gaining the skills and experience, you’ll also be in for great job opportunities. These skills and certifications will help you find jobs in leading organizations. You can become a business analyst, a business intelligence analyst, or an analytics business consultant, among others. These professionals are known to earn average salaries of up to $91,921 annually according to Indeed. Choose your preferred course here today and be on your way to becoming a professional business analyst!