Cybersecurity is an area of focus that is in high demand. So much of our everyday activities are centered online, so having appropriate cybersecurity is vital. When planning for your future, becoming a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) is a great route to take.

By acquiring this certification and learning about the CISSP exam domains, not only will you be able to take care of your own security needs online, but you’ll also be able to serve others. 

Having the ability to extend your skills to others and engage in countless employment opportunities can result in a lucrative income!

Why Would I Want to Become a CISSP?

The online world has been a source of extreme growth for many years now. There’s no sign of the increase in use dropping off anytime soon. 

Today, all forms of employment have an online presence, and daily activities are performed using the internet. This realization is vastly different from the past, where cyber activities were few and far between.

With this change in online use comes security concerns. Individuals and companies want to know that their information and data are secure when they put it online. The possibility of devices being a victim of hacking is more prevalent than before as well. 

A Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) helps those people and organizations feel more confident while completing their work and living their lives. 

Taking the time and initiative to become a CISSP will pay off in spades. Not only will you have job security due to the continual and constant growth of the online world, but you’ll earn a substantial income in doing so. 

Now here’s the best part: the average salary in the United States for a person that has a CISSP is $135,510. 

There are also many different positions that you can fulfill with this skill set. Not only can you choose to work for yourself as a contractor or consultant, but you can also decide to work for a company. 

In both circumstances, there are many growth ladders that you can scale as you acquire more experience in the field. 

Therefore, if you’re looking to become part of a trade that will provide a significant income, job security, and copious opportunities, taking the step to become a CISSP will be worth it. 

How Do I Become CISSP Certified?

You might be wondering: how do I become a CISSP?

Becoming a CISSP involves taking a cumulative test to account for your knowledge and skills. To prepare for this test, there are prep courses available.

As part of the course, you will learn about the eight different domains of cybersecurity. You can take Dooey’s CISSP training course to provide you with simulation exams to help you understand the format of the test. 

What Are CISSP Exam Domains?

There are eight specific areas in cybersecurity, also known as CISSP exam domains, that you should focus on for certification. These CiSSP exam domains focus on different aspects of the cybersecurity world. Each domain is covered in the certification exam and will need to be studied thoroughly.

Without further ado, here are the top eight CiSSP exam domains:

1. Security and Risk Management

Concepts surrounding integrity, confidentiality, and availability

Security governance

Security management

Security compliance

Disaster recovery

Legal issues

Ethics in the professional world

Regulatory issues

Security policies, standards, and procedures

Business continuity

Identification and Authentication, Authorization and Auditing (IAAA)

2. Asset Security


Roles within an organization

System base-lining

System hardening

States of different data

Classifying data

3. Security Architecture and Engineering



Principles of secure design

Security perimeters


Security kernel

Security models

Reference monitor

Computer security architecture

Security evaluation

Trusted computer elements

4. Communication and Network Security

OSI model

Network protocols

Network connectivity

Network security threats

Wireless communications



6. Security Assessment and Testing

Security assessments

Penetration testing

Vulnerability assessments

Intrusion detection

Audit logs



7. Security Operations

Understanding investigations

Supporting investigations

Investigation requirements

Monitoring activities

Logging activities

Incident responses


Collecting evidence


Different evidence types

Fault tolerance

Recovery strategies

Managing physical security

8. Software Development Security


Flaws and errors in the software

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Software development

Object-Oriented programming





Malicious code

What Can I Do With a CISSP?

Since that was a lot to take in, you might be wondering: is getting a CiSSP worth it?

There are many jobs available that need a CISSP. The career opportunities range from a consultant to a Chief Information Officer. With additional experience in the field, you can obtain a wide variety of opportunities in the realm of cybersecurity. 

Want to get an idea of your options and their average salaries? Take a look at the table below:

Position Title Salary – National Average
Cyber Security Engineer $114,000
Chief Information Security Officer $173,000
Security Engineer $106,000
Security Architect $130,000
Information Technology Manager $105,000
Security Analyst $81,000
Chief Information Officer $162,000
Security Consultant $105,000
Vice President of Information Technology $166,000
Director of Information Technology $154,000
Information Security Specialist $97,000


The constant online presence that we experience today makes cybersecurity an area of focus in high demand. Not only are our children doing school online, and our doctor visits have moved to virtual, but all workplaces have their place on the internet as well. 

If you are planning for your future, becoming a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) is an avenue that you want to look into being part of long-term.

As you navigate your prep courses and learn about the eight different CISSP exam domains, you can take care of your own security needs online, as well as those of others. 

After passing the final exam and acquiring your certification, you will find that the opportunities available to you are endless. Not only will you find yourself in an area of high job security, but you will have the ability to make a lucrative income and grow within your field. 

Do you want to make top dollar and have your choice of work opportunities?

Sign up for a prep course today and start on the path to certification!