Top 10 Ways To Get Your Cobit 5 Certification

COBIT 5 (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology) is an ISACA-made plan of action for the administration of IT activities. Since its dispatch in 2012, COBIT 5 has supported the expansion of Big Data by incorporating up-to-the-minute ideas into big business administration and administration techniques. This certification trains financial experts and auditors in best practices for modern information technology. People with this accreditation are in charge of IT reviewing, administration, quality assurance, and general improvements as they apply to the financial sector. Holders of this qualification have an edge in a highly competitive job market since business firms see them as people who can deal with data innovation at the bleeding edge. COBIT 5 is a supporting toolset that enables administrators to cross over any barrier between control necessities, specialized issues, and business dangers. Sounds great, right? Well here’s what you need to know if you want to attain this certification:

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COBIT Examination Structure

There are two ways in which a qualified applicant can take the exam: web-based or paper-based. The more well known of these two is the online version since most approved students tend to lean toward the version that lets them take the exam from the comfort of their own home. Students can choose to take the exam after a period of independent study or at the conclusion of a preparation course, such as the one offered by Simplilearn. An instructional class is more favorable for most students since it provides significant advantages that will increase their chances of successfully passing. The COBIT 5 Foundation exam contains 50 questions that must be finished in 40 minutes. An applicant needs to successfully answer at least half correctly, obtaining a score of 25/50 or greater, in order to clear the exam.

Best COBIT Online Training Course

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  • Money-Back Guarantee: SimpliLearn has a full money-back guarantee for their COBIT 5 Course. They allow students 3 days to try out the course and make sure they are satisfied. If a student is unsatisfied with the course and hasn’t accessed more than 50% of the content they can request a refund (be sure to see the full details of the guarantee on their site).
  • Online Learning Content: The SimpliLearn COBIT 5 training course combines 10 hours of audio/visual lessons with a 200 question bank throughout. This helps to reinforce what students have learned during the training. They also provide 10 COBIT life examples to better prepare users for the actual test.
  • Practice Questions: Having questions throughout the video lectures is a great feature; however, this course would benefit from having more real life examples.
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SimpliLearn’s COBIT course offers a great deal of learning material, comprised mostly of in-depth audio/visual content backed by some practice questions. Although it could stand to offer additional practice tests, this is still an excellent study resource.


Top 10 Tips to Pass the COBIT 5 Exam

While it may sound easy enough to pass this exam and become certified, the truth is that it will take quite a bit of effort on your part if you wish to succeed. Here are some quick tips that will help you be prepared: 

Plan and Prepare in Advance

Setting aside a large number of study hours and a dividing your study schedule by branches of knowledge is fundamental for COBIT exam preparedness. If you are already working part-time or full-time and have other time obligations, getting ready for the examination 3 – 4 months before the examination is the best way for you to ensure that you are prepared. We additionally recommend that you commit at least an hour or two each day solely to studying. Likewise, we suggest that you tailor your study plan according to the advice of experts.

But how do you find experts to provide you with advice? This next step will help you:

Take an accredited course

Even though there is no compulsory need to take a certified course preceding this exam as outlined by ISACA, taking an authorized course can help you reach your study goals. In fact, finding a reputable course through Simplilearn or another prep company can ensure that you cover the entirety of the COBIT 5 syllabus in a set amount of time with the aid of high-quality study materials. Although many of these courses won’t be a financial burden, it’s true that this method of learning does come with a price. Fortunately, there are also quality e-Learning alternatives available that will cover the same material, albeit in a limited capacity.

Practice with sample papers

There are two reasons why we propose engaging in test exams: to ensure you can review the required material effectively and in a timely manner, and to identify trick questions and false answers. And while these practice tests and exam simulations can be easily taken through a prep course provider, additional ones can be found for free online with a bit of searching.

Read the exam syllabus

This may seem obvious to some of you but it’s worth stating regardless; after all, a surprising amount of students tend to overlook this study resource. In any case, the COBIT 5 Foundation syllabus goes over everything that will be covered in the exam: similar to a COBIT 5 body of knowledge. Because of this, students can ensure they’re well-prepared for the exam by studying this sheet and writing down any sections that they need to spend more time studying.

Read the glossary

One of the issues with correctly answering questions on highly technical exams such as the COBIT 5 is the wording and specific terminology. Based on your experience and study material, you may not work with the same terms and can be very confused as a result. To prevent this from happening, take some time to study the ISACA glossary to learn the diverse terms and how they apply to your own experience and study material. Additionally, the glossary is an awesome memory jogger in general, so consulting it really is a fantastic idea.

Don’t Panic

Once again, a simple point that might go unheard by many students: If you don’t comprehend a question or can’t recall something on the day of the exam, don’t worry! Simply skip it for now and move on to the next question. Time is short, so don’t stall on a single questions. It’s not a big deal, all things considered, and investing excessive energy in it might mean you could come up short on time while you’re still answering questions. Furthermore, there is always the possibility that you will have time later to check these questions again, since other sections of the exam might help to jog your memory.

Keep An Open Mind

With regards to the COBIT 5, professionals with experience in CISA or other InfoSec certifications need to keep one thing in mind: forget everything you think you know and approach your study session with an open mind. The IT business is dynamic and consistently evolving and the COBIT is designed around the absolute cutting edge. It’s more than likely that any certifications you’ve obtained prior are a few years old, which can be a lifetime in IT.

Study Old Exams

Much like with any other certification exam, success on the COBIT 5 is also a matter of how well you can deal with the test itself. One of the most common reasons unsuccessful test takers give for their disappointing results among is an absence of time to finish the exam, which usually comes about because of unfamiliarity and a lack of focus. By examining declassified test pages and exam questions from earlier years, you should be able to accurately assess the amount of time you need to answer each question and determine how many questions will cover each topic. All things considered, a fruitful COBIT 5 student is required to think and react quickly and have the capacity to make confident choices; studying old tests will be a significant help in this regard!

Brush Up Your Verbal Reasoning Skills

For hopeful students who are taking the Cobit 5 exam in a language other than their primary one, more than a few questions on the exam may appear overwhelming. Contextual, analysis-based questions by and large require impeccable verbal recognition and reasoning skills. Because of this, extra time taken to go over your English-speaking skills and language comprehension will be very helpful. The same is even true of native speakers!

Go for a Simplilearn training course

The COBIT 5 Foundation course provided by Simplilearn is intended for IT experts looking to prepare themselves for the exam as effectively and efficiently as possible. Because of this, it gets our recommendation as the best COBIT 5 prep course, regardless of your starting skill level. Simplilearn’s course incorporates six exercises that cover the five standards and seven empowering agents that comprise the COBIT 5 business structure. Genuine situations and tests supplement their additional prep tools and study resources. On completing the COBIT 5 Foundation course, you will be able to:

  • Pass the COBIT 5 Foundation exam and become accredited
  • Understand the IT administration issues in your association/undertaking and execute COBIT to react to those difficulties
  • Put into training the information you learn and suggest uses of COBIT for large business ventures
  • Take additional specialized exams and tests to further your knowledge

Follow the above-mentioned tips and we are sure that you will become successfully COBIT 5 certified. Good luck! GO TO SIMPLILEARN COBIT 5

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