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10 Skills Every Blockchain Developer Should Learn

Blockchain adoption is growing at exponential rates while driving the need for expert blockchain professionals. The continuous growth in the adoption of blockchain-based solutions and the rise of new trends has prompted the need for expert blockchain developers. As a result, the emphasis on essential blockchain developer skills has also increased considerably in recent times. 

You must look for the important blockchain skills you need to become a blockchain developer. However, it is also crucial to recognize the skills and identify how they are relevant to your role as a blockchain developer. The following post helps you uncover the top blockchain skills you would need for building your career as a blockchain developer.

Why Should I Become a Blockchain Developer?

Blockchain-related jobs have been witnessing an upward trend on almost every professional networking platform. LinkedIn reported blockchain as one of the fastest-growing skills in recent times, with around 600% growth in job listings. Among the many roles listed among crypto and blockchain jobs, the blockchain developer role is the most favorable. As a matter of fact, you are here looking for blockchain developer skills out of curiosity regarding the job role. The blockchain developer’s job primarily involves the design and development of blockchain-based apps. A blockchain developer is quite significant for the future of blockchain adoption as the value offered by their solutions can improve trust in the potential of blockchain technology. 

Important Skills for Blockchain Developers

Beginners have a lot of doubts regarding the skills needed for blockchain development as they are new to the field. In this case, an overview of the important skills required for blockchain developers can offer promising solutions to build your career. Here are the ten important skills which are mandatory for blockchain developers. 

1.    Blockchain Basics

Any aspiring blockchain developer would encounter difficulties in completing the desired learning path for achieving their goals. However, the best way to ease the difficulties would focus on blockchain fundamentals. A clear overview of blockchain fundamentals can drive prolific results for long-term career development initiatives. Blockchain fundamentals not only qualify as essential blockchain developer skills but also for every blockchain job. 

2.    Technical Fundamentals of Blockchain

Knowledge of basic terms and concepts related to blockchain technology is only the beginning. The outline of 10 skills needed to become a blockchain developer would also focus on the technical specifications pertaining to the blockchain. You have to learn the concepts related to cryptographic hash functions as well as consensus mechanisms and distributed ledger technology. The variations in these technical specifications are important for every blockchain developer’s primary responsibilities. 

3.    Interoperability Skills

The list of top blockchain skills for aspiring developers would also focus on interoperability. Developers must have the capability to interconnect ledgers throughout different technology platforms. You must have the necessary skills to ensure safety from deployment risks. In addition, developers should also learn the best practices for integrating applications with business systems to lower latency. 

4.    Ability to Driving Value for Business

The primary focus of blockchain developers should be on ensuring value for businesses. Blockchain solutions largely emphasize technology improvements rather than simplifying business processes. Therefore, blockchain developer skills also include the ability to ensure business outcomes through their solutions. For example, developing direct connections among stakeholders in an ecosystem and investigating data flows. 

5.    Command Over Different Blockchain Platforms

The selection of a suitable blockchain platform is also one of the important skills needed for blockchain developers and a critical challenge. You can find multiple blockchain frameworks, including R3 Corda, Hyperledger Fabric, and Ethereum. Blockchain developers must have a strong grasp of different platforms to identify suitable platforms for different use cases. 

6.    Adaptable Mindset for Innovation

The outline of 10 skills needed to become a blockchain developer does not have to focus on technical skills only. You must have an adaptable mindset prepared for innovation in the simplification of business processes. A competent blockchain developer would seek the best options for driving business value rather than replacing existing systems altogether with new technologies. 

7.    Cryptography and Security

The job of a blockchain developer does not end with creating and deploying a blockchain-based application. Developers must ensure the implementation of suitable cryptographic measures to safeguard their solutions. The security skills required for a blockchain developer include cryptographic hashing, elliptic curve digital signatures, and public and private key cryptography. 

8.    Smart Contracts

One of the most crucial blockchain developer skills would draw the limelight on smart contracts. The effectiveness of smart contracts in driving plausible business outcomes is one of the formidable aspects of the job of blockchain developers. You need to develop fluency in programming languages such as Solidity for designing smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. The use of smart contracts is an effective solution for improving the productivity of blockchain-based solutions. 

9.    Familiarize with Blockchain Standards and Ecosystems

Another significant entry among essential blockchain developer skills would point to a comprehensive understanding of blockchain standards and ecosystems. Aspiring developers should identify the standards pertaining to personally identifiable information or PII, important terminology, and concepts alongside security risks and threats. In addition, you must cultivate the mindset for partnership with academic institutions and blockchain consortia for advocacy of blockchain principles. 

10.    Programming Skills

The final and most important skill required for blockchain developers would refer to programming skills. You have to develop fluency in at least one high-level programming language such as C#, Python, Ruby, or JavaScript. Expertise in programming languages helps you develop blockchain-based solutions with ease. 

Final Words

The final impression regarding the skills needed for blockchain developer jobs suggests that candidates have a tough job. On the other hand, it is also important to look at the lucrative prospects associated with the job of blockchain developers. You must develop a strong command over each and every skill outlined here. However, aspiring blockchain developers can make the job easier by choosing a reliable career path. Interestingly, 101 Blockchains has the ideal blockchain developer learning path to help you earn the necessary skills and knowledge. Explore the details of the learning path and start preparing for your career in blockchain development right now!