blockchain developer roadmap

The 2022 Blockchain Developer Roadmap

The number of businesses and people interested in blockchain technology is growing every day. If you want to become a part of the blockchain revolution, then a career in blockchain might serve as a favorable answer. Interestingly, a blockchain developer career path can set you in the right direction for a productive blockchain career. The job of a blockchain developer is one of the most common choices for building your blockchain career. However, you need a detailed overview of the skills that are essential for a blockchain developer before you pursue blockchain developer jobs. 

Employers seek qualified blockchain developers at lucrative salary packages for their blockchain transformation initiatives. At the same time, blockchain developers can also create their own solutions independently and build their reputation as experts. The following discussion offers a blockchain developer roadmap for 2022, showing you an outline of the skills you need. 

Need for Blockchain Developer Roadmap

The interest in blockchain technology might encourage you to follow a blockchain developer learning path with commitment. You must understand that blockchain is a new technology, and discovering a suitable job in this field can be quite difficult. Most important of all, you need to follow a clear roadmap suggested by experts in the field. Anyone would wonder about the necessity of following a roadmap or learning path for becoming a blockchain developer. It is important to note that a roadmap for blockchain developers helps in providing a specific direction to your career development initiatives. If you want to reach your goal efficiently, then you must follow the recommended learning path with an overview of the skills and resources you need for the same. 

The roadmap for blockchain developers offers insights on the essential skills you need to become a proficient developer. Most important of all, the roadmap guides you through the necessary topics for blockchain developers alongside an overview of necessary courses for the same. You can think of the roadmap as a guiding light for any blockchain beginner to start their preparations for a career in blockchain development.      

Mandatory Skills for Blockchain Developers

The best way to begin a blockchain developer roadmap would start with an overview of the essential skills for developers. Does the job of blockchain developers differ from that of software developers? What are the special skills you need to develop blockchain-based solutions? You can solve these questions with a clear understanding of the following essential skills for a blockchain developer. 

Command over Blockchain Technology

You wouldn’t receive any marks for guessing the importance of knowledge of blockchain technology in the career of blockchain developers. Candidates seeking a productive blockchain developer career path must develop a comprehensive understanding of the mechanisms underlying the working of decentralized networks. At the same time, aspiring blockchain developers must also understand some of the core concepts such as distributed ledger technology, consensus mechanisms, and security for decentralized networks. 

  • Fluency in Programming Languages

If you thought the job of a blockchain developer was different from that of a software developer, think again. A blockchain developer also needs a strong set of skills in programming with at least one popular language. Some of the notable programming languages you can find in a blockchain developer learning path include JavaScript, Ruby, Solidity, Golang, Python, and others. Competent blockchain developers must have a broad set of skills as expert coding professionals in one of these languages. 

  • Proficiency in Peer-to-Peer Networking and Distributed Systems

Distributed systems and peer-to-peer networking are the most important highlights in the working of blockchain technology. Candidates aspiring for the role of blockchain developers must work on their understanding of distributed systems and how computers in a network communicate with each other. In addition, peer-to-peer networking can show you more details about the working of peer-to-peer or P2P transactions on blockchain networks. 

  • Understanding of Data Structures and Algorithms

Blockchain relies on cryptography and is basically a database that is decentralized in nature. The blockchain developer roadmap focuses on understanding the type of data structures adopted in blockchain networks. For example, UTXOs or account/balance data structures. On top of it, candidates must also learn about algorithms, which can help in solving problems alongside performing different tasks. For instance, you cannot move ahead as a blockchain developer without the knowledge of consensus algorithms such as Proof of Work and Proof of Stake algorithms. 

  • Cryptography and Smart Contracts

The most important set of skills in a roadmap for blockchain developer careers would refer to smart contracts and cryptography. Cryptography is a mandatory skill for blockchain developers as the understanding of various security principles and practices are important for the safety of solutions created by blockchain developers. On the other hand, smart contracts are a vital tool for automated tasks on blockchain networks with the assurance of integrity. 

Learning Path for Blockchain Developers

The outline of the essential skills for aspiring blockchain developers shows a glimpse of what you have to go through to become a professional blockchain developer. Even if the skills are new and seemingly difficult to learn, you must look for a blockchain developer learning path covering all the important skills. In addition, you must look for resources that can support your journey towards expert blockchain developer roles. Here is a roadmap you should follow for becoming a blockchain developer. 

Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals Course

The first skill you need in a blockchain developer roadmap would refer to fundamentals of blockchain technology. You can rely on the Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals Free Course as the learning material for understanding the basics of blockchain technology and more. The important highlights you must cover in the course for becoming a blockchain developer include,

  • Definition of blockchain technology
  • Important blockchain terms
  • Fundamentals of smart contracts
  • Digital transformation through blockchain

Introduction to Hyperledger Fabric

The blockchain developer roadmap for 2022 would draw the emphasis towards learning about blockchain platforms suited for development tasks. You must work on developing your expertise in the following basic highlights of Hyperledger Fabric.

  • Value of Hyperledger Fabric for businesses
  • Efficiency of Hyperledger Fabric as compared to other blockchain networks
  • Fundamental and advanced concepts on Hyperledger Fabric
  • Architecture of Hyperledger Fabric
  • Demos of deploying Hyperledger Fabric applications on AWS Cloud Services

The Getting Started with Hyperledger Fabric course on 101 Blockchains can help you achieve these learning outcomes efficiently. 

Introduction to Corda Development

The next step in the learning journey of an aspiring blockchain developer would point at Corda development. You can use the Beginner’s Guide to Corda Development course on 101 Blockchains for learning about the blockchain development platform. Here are the important topics about Corda you need in a blockchain developer career path for ensuring the best results. 

  • Corda network architecture
  • Key terms and concepts
  • Methods for creating assets and smart contracts
  • Methods for making transactions
  • Implementation of Legal Prose
  • Ideal use cases for Corda
  • Methods for becoming certified Corda developers

Basics of Ethereum Development

While Hyperledger Fabric and Corda are essential highlights in a roadmap for blockchain developers, you cannot miss the most popular blockchain development platform. Candidates must build their skills in Ethereum development before approaching any job. Some of the important topics you must learn about Ethereum development include, 

  • Ethereum network architecture
  • Key terms and concepts for Ethereum
  • Requirements for creating dApps and smart contracts
  • Deploying the Ethereum Virtual Machine
  • Understanding of differences between Gas and Ether
  • Familiarity with the latest changes in the Ethereum ecosystem

You can choose the Ethereum Development Fundamentals course on 101 Blockchains in your blockchain developer learning path for fluency in Ethereum.

Hyperledger Fabric Development

Many businesses choose Hyperledger Fabric as their choice of platform for developing blockchain solutions. The roadmap for blockchain developer would be incomplete without building your skills in Hyperledger Fabric development. Here is an outline of the essential skills you must cover to prove your expertise as a Hyperledger Fabric developer.

  • Hyperledger Fabric concepts
  • Best practices for development with Hyperledger Fabric
  • Methods for asset creation, smart contract development, and transactions
  • Knowledge of methods and practices suitable for assembly and development of Chaincode
  • Best practices for deploying Chaincode
  • Understanding of general development tools in Hyperledger Fabric

The Hyperledger Fabric Development Course on 101 Blockchains is an ideal choice for the blockchain developer roadmap you need right now.     

Final Words

The highlights of different milestones in the blockchain developer roadmap 2022 show the unique perspective on blockchain development. Candidates must use the individual milestones to measure their journey in learning about blockchain development. It is important to note that blockchain developers have to build a formidable set of skills, including knowledge of blockchain technology, smart contracts, cryptography, and other important topics. 

In addition, candidates can pursue a blockchain developer learning path only with strong command over programming languages. As the demand for blockchain developers continues to increase, aspiring candidates cannot afford to lose time on unnecessary resources. The roadmap outlined here serves the essential resources to build the skills you need to become blockchain developers. Most important of all, you have the assurance of a credible blockchain training and certification provider, 101 Blockchains, with the learning path. Explore the blockchain development learning path and set the foundations for your career as a blockchain developer now.