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Capturing, managing and processing of complex or high volumes of data require in-depth knowledge and skills to come up with the correct outcome. This is the reason why we’ve compiled industry’s Best Big Data Architect Courses for you. These courses researched and compiled by big data experts will help you learn how to generate and manage large volumes of data. At the end of the course, you’ll be in a position to help your organization with data to be used in making strategic business decisions and moves. To choose what’s best for you, check out these leading big data tutorials today:


Coursera Big Data Architect Course Review

1. Coursera Big Data Architect Course

There was no way this Coursera Big Data Tools Specialization was going to miss out in our list of the best Big Data Architect Courses. And here’s why: The specialization delves deeper into the latest frameworks used to process and generate large volumes of datasets consisting of both parallel as well as distributed algorithms. The highly qualified course trainer will guide you in mastering the process of designing, deploying and making use of scalable data processing systems. Once you successfully complete your course, you can apply for an online ASU Msc Computer Science degree course.

Coursera Big Data Architect Training Course

Course Highlights and Features

  • The course instructor is Mohammed Sarwat who is a specialist in Computer Science and Engineering
  • Covers main topics such as Apache Spark, Hadoop MapReduce, as well as Graph Processing Systems
  • Intermediate level
  • The course is 100% online
  • Access to self-paced learning that takes you up to 13 hours
  • You can study for 2-5 hours each week
  • Access to video tutorials, practice questions, and graded programming assignments
  • The subtitles are in English
  • You must complete a Capstone Project that develops and tests your practical skills and prepares you for real-life scenarios
  • You’ll qualify for a Big Data Course Completion certification once you finish your course
  • Course Price: $2765
  • Financial aid is available to anyone who can prove that they deserve it

Sign up for ASU’s Big Data Tools Course here

2. Kaplan IT Training Big Data Architect Course

This by far is one of the best Big Data Analytics course. But why are we confident about this course? It’s because Kaplan IT Training is known to have developed and produced relevant IT education related video tutorials for professionals as well as organizations. These tutorials or courses cover latest trends and tools in technology. Kaplan IT eLearning course defines big data as a concept and highlights reasons why organizations should utilise this valuable asset. You’ll also touch on security of big data and reasons why enterprises can make use of big data analytics in discovering and solving any kind of threats. Other areas covered in this course are tools as well as solutions for data analytics, challenges faced by organizations as they deal with big data. The other area highlighted by this course is the future of big data.

Kaplan IT Training Big Data Architect Certification Course

Course Highlights and Features

  • The course is delivered by industry experts with years of proven practical experience
  • 365-day access to eLearning course content
  • The course delivery is done through video tutorials
  • Course includes 2 video lessons
  • The course will take you about 1 hour to complete
  • Once you complete the course, you are allowed to apply for credits to maintain your PMI, CompTIA and (ISC)2 certifications
  • Course Price: $49

Sign up for Kaplan’s IT Training Big Data Analytics Course here

3. LinkedIn Architecting Big Data Certification Course Online

This Big Data online training course had to make it to our list of best Big Data Architect Courses because of what it has to offer. Having been viewed by over 10,224 people and liked by 552 others, this course has proven to be one of the best so far. It’s delivered by Kumaran Ponnambalam, a data science expert with over 20 years of experience in the field. This Big Data Analytics Leader has built cloud and enterprise applications focused on ingesting data. The goal is to bring useful insights for consumers. The areas that you’ll cover in the course include components of big data apps, strategies for developing big data apps, how to archive audit logs as well as perform customer analytics. Other areas covered are designing solutions and best practices. Course Highlights and Features

  • The course is purely online and will take you about 1 hour and 37 minutes to complete
  • Offline viewing available
  • A one-month free trial available
  • Consists of 7 quizzes in total that come after each chapter
  • You can access the course content on your phone or tablet
  • You’ll receive practical insights in each lesson
  • Includes case studies drawn from various industries that include IT and ecommerce
  • At the end of each case study, you’ll receive a review of best practices involved in data acquisition, processing, transport, storage as well as service
  • You qualify for a certification on course completion
  • Course Price: The monthly fee is $32.99. You can also get 17% off by opting for the annual price of $27.49/month

Sign up for LinkedIn’s Architecting Big Data Applications Course here

4. Pluralsight Big Data: The Big Picture Training Course

We couldn’t close our list of Big Data Architect certification courses without bringing you the highlights of this amazing Pluralsight course. So why has it ended up here in our list? It’s because of what it has. By looking at the features and the ratings, you’ll just have to agree with us! The 1 hour, 28 minute-long course has received a 4/5 rating from around 1511 learners. This great course takes you through a broad and thorough understanding of the concept of Big Data. You’ll also take a look at various technologies involved in Big Data. The focus would be mostly on Hadoop, but the instructor will also ensure that you understand MPP (Massively Processing Programming), NewSQL and No SQL databases, and hybrids that bring all these categories together. You’ll also take a look at the vendors that make up the Big Data’s market space, and how to integrate Big Data in BI technologies and conventional databases. Course Highlights and Features

  • The course is delivered by Andrew Brust, a Big Data expert. He happens to be an advisor to New York Technology Council.
  • Online self-learning course
  • Offline access to course content
  • Intermediate level
  • Personal and premium course plans available
  • The personal plan includes the course library, learning paths, skills and role IQ testing, learning checks, course discussions, exercise files, and access through mobile or TV apps
  • The premium plan includes all the personal features, access to practice exams, interactive training sessions, and course projects
  • Access to a 10-day free trial
  • You’ll receive a completion certification at the end of your course
  • Course Price: The monthly fee is $29. You can also get 14% off by opting for the $299 annual price. The other packages for this course include the Premium Price billed annually at $499, the annual Professional Price at $579 per user, and the annual Enterprise Price at $779 per user.

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Best Big Data Architect Certification Course Online

5. Edureka Big Data Architect Certification Course & Master’s Program

Do you wish to become proficient in Big Data tools and systems? Then the Edureka Big Data Training Course Master’s Program has been designed just for you! This course by expert trainers will take you through Hadoop, Spark Stack, Cassandra, as well as the popular messaging system called Apache Kafka. Attaining your Big Data Architect Certification begins with ensuring that you are in for the right course. The Edureka course curriculum has been developed after extensive research based on over 5000 jobs globally. This is one of the reasons why we highly recommend this course for you!

Edureka Big Data Architect Certification Training

Course Highlights and Features

  • You can opt for self-paced or instructor-led online classes
  • Some of the skills that you’ll master include YARN, MapReduce, Hive, Pig, HBase, Spark Streaming, Scala and RDDs, among others
  • Flexible and convenient learning. You can choose to learn during the week or on weekends, or in the mornings or evenings
  • There are 9 courses in all. 6 of them are core while 3 are elective
  • The course takes up to 29 weeks
  • Interactive learning of more than 200 hours
  • Lifetime access to presentations, quizzes, and installation guides
  • A hands on project at the completion of every core course
  • The final project is the Capstone Project. It targets to consolidate all that you’ve learnt throughout the course. The project develops and tests your practical hands-on skills and prepares you to handle real-world challenges
  • Access to a learning manager who’s always available to answer your questions
  • You’ll receive a completion certificate once you finish the course successfully
  • Course Price: $1499

Sign up for Edureka’s Big Data Architect Master’s program here

Simplilearn Big Data Architect Course Review

6. Simplilearn Big Data Architect Course Master’s Program Online

If you want to qualify as a Hadoop Architect, then Simplilearn’s ‘Big Data Hadoop Architect Master’s program’ is for you. This best course takes you through various aspects of big data Hadoop. They include real-time data processing using database technologies like NoSQL and Spark. You’ll also master how to utilize big data aspects and technologies like Kafka, Storm and Impala.

Simplilearn Big Data Architect Training Course

Course Highlights and Features

  • The course trainer, Ronald Van Loon, is among the three leading and most influential experts in Big Data according to Onalytica. He has also authored a number of leading Data Science and Big Data websites.
  • The eLearning course gives you access to over 100 instructor-led online classes
  • You’ll master tools and skills like Database Interfaces, Cassandra Architecture, Advanced Architecture, Scala, Spark, RDD, Scalability, Spark Streaming, Hadoop Clusters, and Kafka Architecture, among others.
  • 365-day access to the course
  • Over 50 in-demand big data tools and skills
  • Access to simulation exams
  • More than 12 projects targeted at solving real life situations
  • Access to a community with expert guidance
  • You’ll receive a Master Certificate at the successful completion of the course
  • Course Price: $1299


Why become a Big Data expert? Besides gaining skills, big data architects are known to be among the biggest salary earners in IT. Payscale puts the average annual salary at $145,133. Becoming a Big Data professional takes a process. If your desire is to qualify for job roles like data scientist, machine learning specialist, big data solutions architect, or big data developer, then you have to understand how to get there. Any of these carefully selected Big Data Architect Online Courses will give you all you need to become such an expert. It’s up to you to choose the course that you feel is the right fit for you and your training goals!

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