Web design is a dynamic field of IT. And because it’s ever dynamic, professionals need to always have up to date skills to ensure they remain relevant. That’s what makes it important for you as a web design professional or a desiring web design professional to take your career seriously. Part of taking it seriously involves going for a training course that equips you with latest skills in the field. This post enables you to know the best web designing training courses and certifications. The list we’ve compiled will help you understand the courses and their features so that you can pick the one you prefer. It includes free as well as paid resources to help you become effective in your chosen IT area.

8 Best Web Designing Training Courses and Certifications

Best Web Design Courses Online

1. Coursera Web Design for Everybody Certification

While collaborating with Coursera, University of Michigan brings you an in-depth course to help you get expert web design skills. The course intends to prepare you to have master skills in designing and creating websites. Skills to learn include building a responsive as well as accessible web portfolio while utilizing HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3. The 4.7 out of 5 rated course has so far equipped over 52,600 learners with these critical skills. You’ll be studying through a series of five courses that includes a capstone at the end. Students would be taken through web development basics as well as coding. Mastering coding in CSS3 and HTML and knowing how to create interactive websites with JavaScript will enable you to design high quality websites. These websites will work on PC, mobile, tablets, and other devices. The capstone is a project that gives you a chance to demonstrate your skills and knowledge as a website developer. You should be able to develop and implement responsive sites that utilize tools in creating sites accessible to all kinds of audience. 

Key Course Highlights

Purely online through self-paced learning option
Targeted at beginners
Course materials delivered through video lectures and readings
Learn how to develop sites that can be accessed by all audiences including those with physical, visual, cognitive, and audial impairments
Course delivery in English and subtitles in English, Hindi, and Spanish
Includes quizzes, graded assignments, graded programming assignments, and graded quizzes
Gain master skills in web development, responsive website design, CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript
Course Length: 3 months/8 hours per week
Access course details here

EdX Web Design Course Online

2. edX Free Web Design Courses Online

Building your skills and advancing your website development career requires any of the courses available through edX in partnership with training institutions across the world. These courses can be accessed by beginners, professionals with intermediate skills, and expert web designers. A well-built website is important as it determines how often people visit it. If you want to master web design skills like JavaScript, HTML, ideation, interaction design, product design and more, then a course by edX would be the best bet for you. Courses include JavaScript introduction, CSS Basics, Computer Science for Web Programming, HTML5 and CSS Fundamentals. At the end of the course, you’ll be able to understand technologies and platforms used in accessing web content as well as user accessibility needs. These are popular topics with web design professionals seeking to have a strong presence in the workplace. The courses are rated 4.5 out of 5, and this demonstrates student satisfaction.

Key Course Highlights

Course is purely online
Courses available through self-paced plan and accessible to you anywhere, anytime
Learn the basics of HTML5 and CSS3
Understand how to program in JavaScript as well as Python
Learn various aspects of web design such as CSS, HTML, color, social media, graphics, layouts, text size, and responsive design
Understand how web pages and websites function
Propel your career forward by earning a verified certification
Course Length: Depends on course taken
Access course details here

Coursera Responsive Web Design Course Online

3. Coursera Responsive Web Design Course

This course is brought to you by Coursera through University of London. Students will learn skills in application of concepts from interaction design as well as human computer interaction. This is intended to help them in designing and building interactive, professional websites. Website page designs must adapt to varied screen sizes. Through responsive layouts, students also get to learn how to do this. This best web design training course also includes assignments for web design and programming, each lasting one hour. You’ll also get practice quizzes to test your understanding of the course topics as you move along. This is definitely a great course having been rated 4.6 out 5 by 1,490 learners. Remember there are up to 57,500 students who have completed this course successfully!

Key Course Highlights

Purely online training course
Self-paced course to plan your own learning schedule
Study through four course modules including responsive website design, principles of web design, how to realise design principles in code, adding content to sites, and building of gallery apps
Learn web design concepts and gain skills such as CSS, JavaScript, HTML, and responsive web design
Course delivered through video lectures, assignments, and quizzes
Delivery language is English with subtitles in English
Receive a shareable course certificate after completing the course
Course Length: 17 hours/5 hours per week
Access course details here

4. Pluralsight Learn Web Design Online Course

This Pluralsight web design training courses help you become an expert in visual web design art. They are aimed at taking you through an interactive learning process to enhance your web developer skills. At the end of the day, you’ll be able to design interactive and responsive user centered designs. Qualified industry instructors will help you develop websites that will be accessible through varied digital devices. And don’t worry about your skill level, Pluralsight offers courses targeting professionals from all skill levels including beginners.

Key Course Highlights

Online courses
Know about important terms and key concepts in web design
Access any of the training courses free for the first 10 days
Choose from three learning course options including Monthly, Annual, and Premium
Courses cover areas such as Illustrator CC targeting web designs, Mobile First Responsive Web Design, Photoshop CC Fundamentals, how to use SVG to design websites as well as animations and more
Master required skills and knowledge through video courses, assignments, exercise files, course discussions, and hands-on learning
Offline viewing available
Course Length: Varies depending on the course you’re taking
Access course details here

5. Udemy Web Design Online Training Course

Web design has various tools that must be used in creating and developing websites. The Udemy web design online training courses help you to understand about these important tools and how you can utilize them in creating websites. Their learning programs include topics such as WordPress, user interface, Photoshop, CSS, Bootstrap, Adobe Illustrator, HTML, Dreamweaver, and more. By receiving instructions from expert instructors, you choose to enhance your skills. This is one of the best things you can do for your web developer career. 

Key Course Highlights

Courses are completely online
Affordable courses
Students get to learn how to develop interactive and responsive websites
Learn how to build stunning websites and applications
Learn the skills needed in developing quality websites, which lead to generation of quality leads and high conversion rates
Build skills in developing powerful and exceptional user interfaces
A 30-day money back guarantee
Course Length: Varies depending on specific course
Access course details here

6. LinkedIn Learning Web Design Free Online Courses (Previously Lynda.com)

It’s possible and easier learning web design master skills from home. These LinkedIn personalized courses target professionals who wish to be experts in web design areas like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Understanding web design’s latest trends is also possible as long as you take these exhaustive courses. The top courses help learners understand topics such as website typography, responsive web design, designing of mobile webs among others. Some of the courses include introduction to Web Design, HTML Essentials, Web Design Process, Video Delivery in Web Design, and Learning Webflow. 

Key Course Highlights

Access course free for one month
Course is purely online
Learn web design skills at the comfort of your home
Get expert instructions and career advice through qualified course trainers
Courses delivered through downloadable video lectures
Work through chapter quizzes to test your level of understanding
Suitable for beginners, intermediate skilled professionals, and advanced skilled professionals
Course delivery in English
Courses are accessible through mobile, tablet, or PC
Certificate of completion available

7. Harvard University Web Design Courses Free

Harvard University’s web design courses dive deeper into designing and implementation of web applications. There are three courses you can take for free. They include Web Programming with Python & JavaScript, Mobile App Development with React Native, and Introduction to Computer Science. The university has partnered with edX to offer you these courses. In the Web Programming course, students will be learning how to create and implement web applications in Python, SQL, and JavaScript. It’s a self-paced course, which will take you up to 12 weeks to complete while studying 6-9 hours a week. For the Mobile App Development course online, learners will get an opportunity to gain skills in developing mobile apps using React. It’s also a self-paced course targeting intermediate level students. You’ll need to commit 6-9 hours per week so as to complete the course within the required 13 weeks. On the other hand, the Introduction to Computer Science course takes you 11 weeks of in-depth learning while you study for 10-20 hours per week. This course covers basics of computer science as well as programming.

Key Course Highlights

Purely online
Course lectures offered in English through videos
Suitable for beginners, intermediate level learners, and advanced skilled learners
Learn basic web design skills, computer science skills, and mobile app development skills through expert instructors
Courses accessible for free but a verified completion certificate is available at a small fee
Course Length: Varies
Access course details here

8. Treehouse Web Design Online Training Courses

This is also another best web designing course online. Treehouse expert instructors take you through designing and building of responsive websites. You’re going to study basic web design principles such as branding, typography, and color theory. All these are all necessary aspects in the designing process of a website. Students also learn common coding languages like CSS and HTML used in building modern websites. Courses to study include Introduction to CSS and HTML, HTML Basics, Web Design Process, CSS Basics, CSS Selectors, Typography for Designers, and others. Beginners, intermediates, and advanced web design learners are all well-catered for by the training

Key Course Highlights

100% online training courses
Begin your web design learning process with web development basic building blocks like CSS and HTML
Learn how you can develop your own website or build a successful career in web development
Earn a certificate after completing your preferred course
Course Length: 43 Hours
Access course details here


If you’ve been searching for the best web designing courses and certifications, then you’re now sorted. This list will help you focus on finding the right course to pursue. Developing strong web design skills is possible as long as you do your part. Ensure to take advantage of these courses, which come to you free or at an affordable price. You don’t have to spend a fortune anymore to become a successful web developer. Go through the list, read through the features mentioned, then decide on what you want. You can only enjoy learning with a course that offers you the benefits you’re looking for. Any of the mentioned courses offers you these benefits. It’s time to go for what you’ve always desired!
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