Best Tableau Certification Courses & Training Online

Best Tableau Certification Courses & Training Online

Do you want to become an expert business analyst? Then these courses are for you! Several experts in the industry have taken their time to research and come up with the best Tableau Training Courses. These courses come packed with all the resources and tools to prepare you for real-life business analytics scenarios. Whether you’re just starting out or have been in the industry for some time, all your training needs will be taken care of. You won’t need any prior experience with Tableau to take any of these courses. Also remember that they have been created to prepare you to pass the Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate Exam. This means that the curriculum was created while considering the requirements of this Tableau Associate Exam.


1. Dooey Tableau Certification Training Online

This course has everything you need and more to pass. Dooey’s Tableau certification training ensures you learn how to organize data, design dashboards and build visualizations to provide more meaningful business decisions. You’ll be learn all the key concepts of statistics, data mapping, and establishing data connections to get pass the Tableau Desktop Certified Associate exam. Program Features:

  • 56 hours of Applied Learning
  • 4 industry-based course-end projects
  • 2 simulation exams

Skills Covered:

  • Tableau statistics
  • Building interactive dashboards
  • Arithmetic logical LOD calculations
  • Heat map waterfall Pareto
  • Clustering forecasting techniques
  • Custom geocoding radial selections
  • Special field types


2. Edureka Tableau Certification Training Online

This is another best Tableau Training Course with over 18,000 satisfied learners. It has received 5,000 reviews and an average rating of 4.57/5. This course can’t be anything else but great! The Tableau tutorial prepares you for the Tableau Qualified Associate Level Examination. It’s curriculum has been aligned with this exam. The course conducted by some of the leading data experts equips you with skills and knowledge to become an expert in data transformation. You’ll master how to transform data into both interactive as well as shareable dashboards. The curriculum includes key concepts like creation of charts, data blending, and graphs & LOD expressions while using varying versions of Tableau. You’ll also learn how to integrate Tableau using R and Big Data.

Edureka Tableau Certification Course

Course Highlights and Features

  • Instruction by trainers with over 10 years of experience in the IT field
  • Online live instructor-led training lasting 30 hours
  • Includes 10 lessons with each one of them having hands-on project(s)
  • 10 sessions each 3 hours long of weekend classes
  • 15 sessions each 2 hours long of weekday classes
  • Real-time case studies
  • Practical assignments totalling at least 20 hours
  • Lifetime access to the LMS (Learning Management System), quizzes, class presentations, class recordings and installation guide
  • Installation guide is to help you install Tableau Public on your device machine
  • 24/7 online expert support
  • Access to an online community forum
  • You’ll receive a Completion Certification on meeting the course requirements
  • Course Price: $359 at 20% off the normal price of $449. This offer expires in 1 day

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3. GreyCampus Tableau Certification Training

Learn how to perform data visualization and presentation techniques using Tableau with this amazing GreyCampus Tableau training course. The course has enrolled over 4,800 learners and has a rating of 4.6/5! Whether you’re looking for individual or group training, GreyCampus has all those arrangements for you. The course has expert trainers to take you through the curriculum. You’ll cover topics like charts and graphs, data manipulation, calculated fields, and combining data sets, among others. At the end of the thorough course coverage, you’ll have developed an analytical mindset. You’ll also attain skills in data analysis. Course Highlights and Features

  • 3 to 4 days of instructor-led online training
  • 3 exam simulations
  • Full year access to e-learning material
  • Hands-on Tableau project at the tail end of the course
  • Meets the requirements of the Tableau Desktop 9 Qualified Associate Exam
  • Course Completion Certificate on meeting the course requirements
  • Course Price: The online self-learning standard price is $399

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4. Coursera Data Visualization with Tableau Specialization with UCDavis, University of California

If you’re looking for a course that will equip you with skills in creating Business Intelligence (BI) reports that stand out, then this is it! The world has continued to produce large amounts of data. This calls for experts who can analyze this data and use it to provide business solutions. This course has been created to do just that. It prepares you to become an expert in data and business analytics. In partnership with UCDavis University, Coursera has made sure that this course gives you what it promises. UCDavis is a top-rated research university in various fields including technology. The course comprises 5 units with an average rating of 4.52/5. To take you through the course are Coursera’s expert instructors in data and business analytics. They are Suks S. Brar, Govind Acharya, and Hunter Whitney. These trainers are lead consultants in their areas of specialization. Some of the areas that you’ll master in this course include using features of Tableau, quality data assessment and exploratory analysis. You’ll also attain skills in creating and designing visualizations as well as dashboards. Course Highlights and Features

  • 100% online
  • Self-paced learning
  • Offers you a flexible schedule
  • Up to 4 months of instruction while studying 6 hours a week
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Includes training videos and readings
  • Skills include Storyboarding, Map, Tableau Software, Data Visualization
  • Graded assignments with feedback
  • Graded quizzes with feedback
  • Graded programming assignments
  • Unlimited access to lectures, assignments and discussion forum
  • A hands-on Tableau project
  • Shareable course certificates
  • Financial aid available
  • Course Price: $49 per month

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5. Springboard Business Analytics Tableau Training Course

Becoming an expert in making business decisions is what this business analytics training course is all about. It’s time to get you job ready with in-demand business analytics skills you need. The Springboard Business Analytics and Tableau course has been created by leading experts from globally renowned companies like Deloitte, Square, Bain, and Capital One.

Satisfied learners across the world have given this course a rating of 4.8/5!

Springboard has picked the most qualified experts as your mentors to guide you in becoming a business analytics professional. These Tableau training experts below are Ryan George, Joshua Weiner, Leslie Chen and Venkatraman Prabhu. These mentors were chosen for their expertise in teaching business and data analytics courses. They will guide you through 5 proprietary case studies and data sets with training videos on Excel, Tableau and SQL Better yet you get to interact with classmates and alumni in the private Springboard community. Plus attend weekly office hours for career advice.

Springboard Business Analytics Tableau Training Course

Course Highlights and Features

  • This online course consists of six units
  • 80 hours of instruction that includes exercises
  • Instruction videos on Tableau, Excel and SQL
  • 5 real life business related case studies to prepare you to be a hands-on pro and a reliable problem solver
  • Twelve 45-minute sessions of one-on-one mentorship each week by a qualified data scientist
  • Lifetime access to course training content including updates
  • Access to an interactive networking community
  • Certificate of completion on meeting the course requirements
  • Course Price: A one off payment of $1499 or 3 instalments of $550 per month

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6. Simplilearn Tableau Certification Course & Training Online

Simplilearn’s Tableau certification course has so far enrolled over 2283 learners, where 434 of them have rated it 4/5. It aims to help you pass the Tableau Desktop 10 Qualified Associate Exam. It’s taught by industry expert instructors with over 10 years experience in the field. In this course, you’re going to master Tableau Desktop 10 data visualization as well as reporting tools. You’ll gain skills like building data visualizations, organizing data and designing dashboards aimed at empowering useful business decisions. Other areas covered include concepts in data mapping, statistics and establishing data connections.

Simplilearn Tableau Certification Course Online

Course Highlights and Features

  • Self-paced, Online Classroom Flexi-Pass and Corporate training options available
  • Consists of 8 lessons
  • 56 hours of in-depth instruction
  • Project mentoring and hands-on labs
  • Free practice test
  • 4 real-life industry projects to equip you with hands-on skills
  • Lifetime self-paced e-learning access
  • 90-day instructor-led online classes, lifetime access to e-learning study material and live class recordings for the Flexi-Pass learning option
  • 2 simulation practice exams
  • You’ll receive a Certificate of completion once you meet course requirements
  • Course Price: $349 for the Self-Paced option and $399 for the Flexi-Pass learning option

Final Thoughts

With the rising demand for data analytics professionals proficient in Tableau, these courses will help you stay ahead of the pack. If you want to become a data analyst, BI developer, BI analyst, or data visualization analyst, then you should consider one of the above tutorials. Attaining a Tableau certification will be worth it in 2021 and beyond. This is because employers are now opting for such specialized skills. Besides employment, you’ll also be among the highest salary earners in technology. According to ZipRecruiter, Tableau analyst professionals earn an average annual salary of $83,566. Our aim in compiling this Best Tableau Training Courses list was to help you settle on a great course easily. It’s time for you to pick it up from here and do your best!