Best SAFe Agile Certification & Training

Scaled Agile Frameworks, popularly known as SAFes, have been around for decades. However, when it comes to certification, a shroud of mystery and misinformation envelopes the development and implementation of SAFe. SAFe training is usually offered in forums and workshops, traditionally targeting leaders in the corporate world, but in recent times, a broader audience has been jumping onto the bandwagon.

So why should you worry about certification? The answer is simple. For many employees, the prospects of improving productivity and cooperation among staff might not provide adequate incentive to participate in training. Certification means adding a SAFe agile certification course to your resume, which attracts potential employers. Put a feather on your cap.

Don’t worry if you are still wondering how much SAFe training might benefit your professional or corporate life. You are part of many individuals looking to better their professional lives or build their teams. With over 13 courses offered under scaled agile frameworks, choosing the perfect niche to venture into may be a daunting task.

Best SAFe Agile Certification Courses of 2023 

The best SAFe Agile Training courses typically offer the complete program, course materials, preparation for the exam, additional learning resources and support, and a certificate of completion.

Read through our top choices below to find the right SAFe Agile Training course for your particular learning style.

#1 – KnowledgeHut SAFe 5.1 Agile Certification Course

KnowledgeHut logo

KnowledgeHut is a global ed-tech company based in India that offers comprehensive training programs and courses to professionals across various industries.

The company’s mission is to empower employees with the skills they need to close the existing skill gap. Each course is outcome-based and highly immersive, ensuring that your learning is actionable and immediately applicable.

KnowledgeHut is an ideal choice for those seeking a supportive learning environment since this organization provides the following: 

  • Experiential workshops
  • Mentorship by industry experts 
  • Access to the largest SAFe Network 
  • Six months of post-training support and additional resources

Course Features 

KnowledgeHut’s SAFe 5.1 with SPC Certification course offers many unique features. 

This course teaches you to plan and prepare the SAFe transformation framework, and you can learn to establish Lean-Agile Centers of Excellent.

KnowledgeHut is also a certified partner of Scaled Agile, Inc, so you can trust that the course is legitimate and will teach you all aspects of the framework.

Features of this course include:

  • 32 hours of live digital training
  • Access to over 2,800 sample exam questions
  • Experiential workshops 
  • Complementary one-year SAFe Community Membership
  • Course fee includes exam cost 
  • Exam preparation and support 
  • Access to SA Community of Practice 
  • 32 PDUs and 32 SEUs

Pros & Cons 

Before investing in the program, consider the pros and cons of KnowledgeHut’s SAFe training.


  • Post-training support and resources 
  • Diverse scheduling options 
  • Prices displayed on the website
  • Monthly payment options
  • Excellent reviews on Facebook and Course Report


  • Possible cancellations pending enrollment and costly rescheduling fee ($50–$100)
  • No asynchronous or in-person options.

Bottom Line

KnowledgeHut’s course is perfect for students needing a highly supportive environment and multiple channels for learning.

With access to a broad support network, post-educational resources, and experiential workshops, you can ensure a profound and impactful learning experience. KnowledgeHut teaches you to apply your learning to your work environment so you can use your skills immediately.

#2 – Project Management Academy SAFe Agile Certification Course 

Project Management Academy is an organization that provides career-related learning and development courses and experiences to professionals worldwide. With over a decade of experience in the industry, this education provider has thousands of positive reviews from satisfied students.

The Project Management Institute aims to uplift project managers by providing valuable skills and expertise to allow them to compete in an increasingly cutthroat business environment.

To that end, the Project Management Institute offers courses in the following:

  • Project management training
  • SAFe Agile Training 
  • Kanban
  • Quality Management 
  • Business Analysis 

Course Features

Project Management Academy offers one of the best SAFe Agilist (SA) certification programs.

In the introductory, two-day course, you will learn to leverage the framework and develop the five competencies necessary to become a Lean business. Students will learn to adopt the Lean-Agile mindset and Lean-Agile transformation. You will build Agile teams and programs, develop a Lean Portfolio, and develop the invaluable skillset needed to compete in today’s marketplace.

This is a two-day live course, so it is synchronous and requires live attendance. Additionally, you receive:

  • A workbook
  • One-year membership to the SAFe Community Platform
  • Certificate of completion
  • Preparation for the SAFe Agilist exam 
  • Additional resources and badges upon passing the exam
  • Eligibility for advanced courses 

Pros & Cons 

This course boasts many benefits with few drawbacks. Consider the following before making your choice.


  • The fastest, most comprehensive, and most efficient SAFe training available
  • Learn more about leadership and other aspects not covered in similar courses 
  • Open to all levels (familiarity with scrum preferred)
  • A globally recognized institution with over 700,000 previous students
  • A vast array of program offerings to continue your education, including: SPC5.1 Certification, SAFe Dev0ps Practitioner Certification, Release Train Engineer (RTE) Certification, SAFe Scrum Master Certification, SAFe Advanced Scrum Master Certification, SAFe 5.0 for Government Certification 

Bottom Line

Project Management Academy’s SAFe Agile training course is truly among the best offerings in the market.

In this course, you will learn everything you need to know to integrate and teach the framework in your work environment.

This course is ideal for all professionals regardless of experience, though PMA recommends at least five years of experience and knowledge of scrum if you intend to take the exam.

#3 – Learning Tree International SAFe Agile Training

SAFe agile training course online

Learning Tree International is a global IT and management education and training leader.

This company has dominated the ed-tech landscape since 1974, making it one of the most well-established institutions in the market.

Learning Tree offers a vast array of courses across different fields and areas of expertise, including:

  • Scrum and Agile training
  • Business Applications 
  • Cloud Computing
  • Data Analytics
  • Cyber Security
  • IT Infrastructure & Service Management
  • Leadership & Project Management 
  • And more! 

Course Features

Learning Tree International’s course will teach you the SAFe principles across a comprehensive two-day live training.

In this course, students learn Lean business principles, Scrum Product Ownership (CSPO), Systems thinking, Dev0ps, Agile development, business agility, and product development flow. Additionally, you will learn to establish skills in your business, prioritize the flow of value, teach lean portfolio management, support and execute PI Planning events, and coordinate Agile Release Trains (ARTs).

Course features include:

  • Eight comprehensive modules with actionable knowledge and direct skills 
  • A two-day course that is efficient and fast
  • Exam voucher included in the price 
  • 11 PMI PDUs
  • 11 NASBA CPE credits

Pros & Cons 


  • This course offers in-person and online options
  • Instructors with years of experience in SAFe 
  • Post-course learning opportunities 
  • Emphasis on product management (also ideal for product owners and product managers) 
  • Affordable and inclusive pricing


  • Fewer scheduling options than other providers 
  • Only available in English

Bottom Line 

Learning Tree International’s leading SAFe certification course is ideal for most students, particularly those seeking a quick and efficient solution.

With nearly a dozen industry credits available, the course offers more opportunities to gain credentials than many others.

This course is ideal for business analytics, software development professionals, and those with several years of experience. Additionally, prerequisites include prior knowledge of scrum principles.

#4 – AgileMania’s Leading SAFe Agile Training

AgileMania is an accredited, verified Scaled Agile Partner that provides high-quality SAFe training courses worldwide. This company is unique for its efficient programs, comprehensive materials, and agile coach pairings.

AgileMania offers the SAFe training and Agilist certification course on the Simplilearn platform, an e-learning platform for professionals. 

This course is ideal for those on a budget since costs are relatively low compared to similar offerings.

Course Features

AgileMania’s course has over 240 ratings on Simplilearn, with an average of 4.5/5 stars. Reviews are overwhelmingly positive, and students report mastery of the course’s principles, including Agile Scrum foundations, Program increment (PI) planning, Lean Portfolio  Management, Dev0ps, Lean Systems, executive Agile Release Trains, and more.

With this course, you can benefit from the following features:

  • Two-day in-person training
  • Two-day online training 
  • Delivered by SPCs 
  • 15 PMI PDUs available 
  • One-year membership as a SAFe Agilist
  • Agilist exam fee is included in the cost

Pros & Cons 

Consider the pros and cons before choosing this course.


  • Cheaper than most alternatives 
  • Free previews of lessons
  • Continuing education options 
  • Highly positive reviews 
  • Both in-person and online options


  • Instructors often speak English as a second language, which may impact comprehension.
  • Communicating with a support representative is often tricky.

Bottom Line

AgileMania’s SAFe training is excellent for those seeking a quick, affordable course.

Remember that most courses, including this one, have prerequisites—five years of experience in a business or tech-related field and some knowledge of scrum principles. 

If you qualify, consider choosing this course to earn your SAFe credentials and maximize your impact at work and beyond.

#5 – Invensis Leading Safe 5.1 Certification Training

Invensis is a globally accredited training and certification provider for IT workers and business professionals. This organization has provided learning solutions to over 100,000 students, making it one of the industry’s most popular SAFe certification providers.

Invensis offers individual and group training opportunities, one-to-one agile coaching, and employment opportunities.

Invensis offers broad scheduling options and cross-continental course offerings, making it ideal for those seeking flexibility.

Course Features

With Invensis, you can learn the basic and advanced principles of SAFe and become a competent Agilist in no time. 

Invensis teaches the competencies and applications of the Lean-Agile Mindset and framework, the SAFe Implementation Roadmap, PI Planning, implementing business agility using industry metrics, Release on Demand with the Continuous Delivery Pipeline, Strategic Themes and Lean Portfolio Management, Arts, and more.

Course features include:

  • Interactive workshops with qualified instructors 
  • A 98.7% passing rate 
  • Access to industry-leading case studies 
  • Certified SAFe Program Consultants (SPCs) 
  • 16 Scrum Educational Units (SEUs) 

Pros & Cons 

Consider the following benefits and drawbacks of this course.


  • Pay in your local currency 
  • The high course pass rate
  • Interactive and actionable workshops
  • Affordable pricing


  • Unresponsive student support 
  • It doesn’t include as many supportive resources as other programs

Bottom Line

The Invensis Leading SAFe 5.1 Certification Training is ideal for students seeking a flexible learning experience.

With Invensis, you can choose from many scheduling options. Pricing is affordable, and instructors are typically qualified.

Consider choosing this course for your SAFe training—particularly if you need a flexible option.

#6 – CPrime Certified SAFe Agilist Training Course

CPrime is an IT management company based in the San Francisco Bay Area. This company offers IT and business management courses, project and product management, and more.

According to reviews, CPrime offers high-quality courses that are accessible and easy to understand. Course materials are relevant and easy to access, and you can count on affordable prices.

CPrime has broad course offerings across different fields like Agile, Atlassian, Cybersecurity, Dev0ps, SAFe, Scrum, Cloud and IT, and more.

Course Features

CPrime offers one of the best two-day SAFe courses at an affordable price.

The course includes eight in-depth modules with experiential exercises and real-world applications. Topics range from Lean Thinking to Agile Development, and you will learn portfolio management, scaling leadership, product management, and more.

CPrime’s SAFe course includes:

  • Affordable pricing 
  • 14 PDUs
  • Public and private classroom options 
  • Comprehensive exam preparation 
  • Live online instruction with a qualified leader and Agile coach

Pros & Cons

Although there are distinct benefits to CPrime’s course, you may wish to consider drawbacks as well.


  • Affordable pricing 
  • Positive reviews 
  • More PDU credits than many competitors offer
  • Flexible learning options


  • Fewer scheduling options than other courses.
  • Fewer complementary products and services 
  • No access to the Community Platform

Bottom Line 

The CPrime SAFe course is ideal for learners seeking flexibility and affordable pricing. This course will teach you the fundamentals of the SAFe framework and agilist principles and methodology in just two days. However, you may need to supplement this course with another if you wish to broaden your capabilities.

Ultimately, the CPrime course is a good choice for most professionals.

#7 – StarAgile SAFe Agilist Certification Training

StarAgile is a leading Agile, Scrum, and Project Management training provider in the United States.

This company has excellent reviews across multiple platforms, and students report high passing rates, comprehensive methodology, and robust course materials.

StarAgile offers additional courses in Data management, Dev0ps, Scrum, Agile, Project Management, Quality Management, and Data Science.

Course Features

According to reviews, this course has catered to over 300,000 students, many of whom have had positive experiences.

The course teaches customers everything they need to know to qualify for the following positions:

  • Certified Scrum Master (CSM)
  • Scrum Product Owner (CSPO)
  • Agile Scrum Master (CASM)
  • Senior Agilist 
  • Agile Coach
  • Senior Project Manager 
  • Senior Agile Scrum Master 

To prepare you for these positions, you can expect the following features:

  • Two days of classroom training with qualified SPcs
  • SAFe Agilist exam preparation and included fee
  • Case studies and simulations 
  • Membership with Scaled Agile
  • Access to 20+ Whatsapp groups
  • A soft copy of course material included 

Pros & Cons

This course offers distinct advantages and disadvantages.


  • Highly immersive and actionable workshops
  • Access to Whatsapp groups, membership groups, and more 
  • Exam fee included in the price
  • Positive reviews across third-party platforms 


  • Fewer scheduling options than others, and no digital option
  • Less credible institution.
  • Higher pricing than other offerings

Bottom Line 

This course is an excellent option for those in need of immersive activities and practical, real-world learning. It is also ideal for networking since it offers more contact with other students than most courses.

With StarAgile, you can expect to learn each of the principles of the SAFe framework in depth and with diverse applications.

#8 – AgileMania SAFe Agile Training Course

Agile Mania offers diverse courses within the Scrum, Agile, Kanban, and SAFe frameworks.

With over two dozen options across each of the above modalities, you have plenty of courses to choose from should you wish to continue your education.

This SAFe course differs from others in that you can access one-on-one coaching and more PDU credentials than other courses.

Course Features 

In this course, you will learn everything about agile methodologies, the SAFe framework, Lean principles of business, and product development flow. Course topics include Lean Portfolio Management, Leading Change, Establishing Agility, Agile Product Delivery, and more.

Course features include:

  • One-on-one Agile coaching
  • 16 PDUs and 16 SEUs 
  • Training with accredited SAFe Program Consultants (SPCs)
  • One-year membership to the SAFe Community Platform 
  • Quality materials and preparation questions
  • Two-day training with immersive exercises

Pros & Cons

Consider the following pros and cons before making your decision:


  • Private coaching included with the course 
  • Training with accredited CPUs


  • Less flexible scheduling
  • Instructors speak English as a second language.
  • Customer service is not always responsive

Bottom Line 

AgileMania’s course is ideal for those who benefit from one-to-one coaching and learning opportunities.

This may be the course for you if you need personalized education experiences and rapid feedback. 

General Exam Information 

The Scaled Agile Framework certification exam is the cumulative assessment for each course. This is the exam that allows you to obtain your certification.

The exam includes 45 multiple-choice questions, and candidates have 90 minutes to complete the exam. 

You must get 35 questions right to pass the exam, though you can retake the exam for $50. Typically, you must wait a select period between retakes (10 days between your second and third attempts and 30 days between your third and fourth attempts). 

Most programs will include the exam cost in the price of the training.

The Best 10 Review Courses for SAFe Agile Certification

There are numerous courses offered under SAFe agile training. Only 13 provide the coveted certification credentials sought after by most employers and employees. The courses vary in complexity and curriculum but have the same underlying principles.

Depending on several factors, the best SAFe courses vary from one individual to the next. The most important factors to consider are the following:

Your Role at the Company or Enterprise

Executives have a different agenda from business analysts and portfolio managers regarding SAFe agile training. Understanding your role in the company and level of influence is critical when choosing a course to delve into.

What you Hope to Get Out of SAFe Training

Your goals for completing the SAFe agile certification course will directly influence your chosen course. Analyzing what you aim to accomplish from Safe training allows you to plan appropriately. An informative course would be ideal for those looking for the opportunity to expound on their SAFe knowledge or understand how SAFe affects them in their place of work.

A hands-on approach is advisable when the course intends to advance your career or incorporate a SAFe agile framework in your enterprise or among your team.

Your Business Type

Different businesses employ different agile frameworks. It is easier for a small business with a small agile team to carry out an agile transformation than a large corporate enterprise. When it comes to SAFe training, you should consider whether your business is an enterprise, government business, or non-profit organization before taking the first steps.

Past Experience with SAFe

Most SAFe courses have minimal and non-specific prerequisites. However, some courses are more complex than others, so it is more advisable to go through them on a ladder basis. Like everything else, more accessible courses should come first, succeeded by the more complex certification programs.

For the best agile skills, you should consider the following SAFe certifications:

SAFe Agilist Certification (SA)

With many companies distancing themselves from a command and control management system, agile is inversely gaining popularity. Consequently, the demand for SAFe-certified individuals has increased exponentially. SAFe agilist certification demonstrates one’s competency in scaled agile and implementing it in everyday activities.

Many online institutes provide opportunities to seek SA certification, but some institutions’ certification programs are more recognized than others. This one provides a Google-acknowledged SAFe certification that earmarks successful grandaunts for success in the corporate world and gives them an added advantage in the job market.

This leading SAFe course is a two-day program teaching individuals and project managers how to implement a lean portfolio and DevOps practices. You will be at the forefront of lean-agile transformation in professional leadership upon completion.

The agilist certification exam features 45 multiple choice questions tested over 90 minutes with a passing grade set at 77 percent. It comprehensively covers the SAFe agilist syllabus.

Pros & Cons

  • Boost your professional credentials
  • Recognized SAFe agilist certification
  • Agile transformation skills
  • Minimal prerequisites
  • Will improve project management skills
  • Short course period
  • Slightly time-consuming

SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) Certification

To adequately lead an agile transformation, you must have a proper foundation of the skills and principles of scaled agile frameworks. The best course to provide you with these essential skills and get appropriate certification is at Knowledgehut. Trusted by companies such as Daimler and Orange, they provide market-ready education under the SAFe Program Consultant umbrella.

The course lasts four days, accumulating an average learning time of around 32 hours. Upon completing the course, you will sit for the program consultant certification exam, valid for a year upon passing. At the end of the validity period, you will need to renew your certification by settling application fees.

The exam features 60 multiple-choice questions answered over an allocated time frame of 120 minutes. The passing grade is 75%, which translates to 45 out of the possible 60 questions answered correctly.

Pros & Cons

  • Leading SAFe certification program
  • Agile skills
  • Suitable training course for leaders and agile enthusiasts
  • Equips one with a SAFe, centered mindset
  • Recognized training program
  • Requires annual renewal
  • Relatively cost-intensive program

Certified SAFe Practitioner

To be a certified SAFe practitioner, you must complete a relatively short course that lasts between 2-4 days. Cprime is a leading company offering the practitioner certification program, which includes attending a team course where you will be provided with good reading and revision material and exam-related information.

The course provides you with the right skill set to actively contribute to agile release trains and incorporate tools such as XP, Kanban, and DevOps to optimize enterprise functionality continuously.

The exam itself consists of 45 questions and lasts for 60 minutes. It is online-based and employs one-book principles where you cannot access external help, and the page is limited to one tab and browser. To pass, you need to score 77%, roughly 35 questions out of the possible 45.

Pros & Cons

  • Ideal for a broad audience of employees
  • Relatively short course duration
  • Recognized SAFe practitioner certification
  • Certification subject to renewal
  • Exam access is limited to the SAFe community platform upon completion of the course

SAFe Scrum Master (SSM) Certification

Achieving the coveted title of a SAFe scrum master has numerous benefits to your enterprise, project management, and career. The role of a scrum master is to plan and implement program increments throughout all levels of the organization. A SAFe scrum master certification identifies you as a master of scrum and its execution on a company scale.

The Knowledgehut provides you with a competitive program for SSM certification. This program is even more inviting if you work in the construction, banking, investment, or even engineering industries. Upon completing the program, you can actively utilize scrum and scaled agile to create a cross-functional team.

The SAFe scrum master certification exam consists of 45 multiple-choice and multiple-select answers and lasts 90 minutes. Once the timer elapses, the exam is submitted regardless of the completion rate. To pass, you need to score 73%. The prerequisites for taking the course are intermediate competency in SAFe and scale agile.

Pros & Cons

  • On completing the course, each participant earns a scrum master certificate
  • Recognized SAFe scrum master certification
  • Ability to use scrum and scale agile
  • Comprehensive SAFe knowledge
  • Comprehensive SAFe training
  • Leading SAFe 5.1 training
  • Relatively cost and time intensive

SAFe Advanced Scrum Master (SASM) Certification

A cut above the typical scaled agile framework scrum master certification is the advanced scrum master certification. The SAFe advanced scrum master certification allows you to utilize tools such as scaled agile and DevOps to optimize workflow in the business. The course at SAFe provided by scaled agile consists of a single-day virtual class and a 4-hour video session.

As a scrum master, you already possess the skills to guide your agile team toward delivering positive business outcomes for the company. However, by taking the next step and completing a SASM certification program, you will also be able to use lean and SAFe principles and Kanban and DevOps, both of which are essential in coordinating agile teams and fostering continuous growth among employees.

Like all other SAFe certification exams, you must log in to the SAFe community platform to begin the exam. It consists of 60 questions, which are allotted 120 minutes for completion. To pass, you will need to score 73% on the exam.

Pros & Cons

  • Advanced scrum master skills
  • Technical knowledge of agile framework
  • Comprehensive understanding of agile methodologies
  • Project management and facilitation skills
  • Slightly Cost intensive
  • Validity subject to annual renewal

SAFe Release Train Engineer Certification

Agile release trains (ARTs) are a vital tool in the business world. The interaction between release train engineers, product managers, and system architects is essential in ensuring maximum agile delivery among remote teams. Release train engineers are responsible for utilizing raw data to assemble the right group of minds to develop the best possible plans to propel the business to success and facilitate program increment and project management.

The SAFe release train engineer certification course is a two-day program that instills the necessary knowledge to use lean agile to release value. It also helps you understand how being a servant leader will maximize value from agile release trains. The program teaches you how to create highly functional ARTs and add value on all ends of the release train.

The SAFe release train engineering certification exam consists of 60 questions and lasts 120 minutes. You must complete the course and log in to the SAFe community platform to access the exam. To pass, you must score 75%, which means you must score 45 out of the possible 60 questions.

Pros & Cons

  • Recognized SAFe release train engineering certification certificate
  • Facilitate value addition and program increment
  • High demand in value-stream organizations
  • Professional progress
  • Validity subject to annual renewal
  • Cost intensive

SAFe Product Owner/ Product Manager Certification (POPM)

What are the roles of product owners (POs) and product managers (PMs) in a scaled agile framework? How can they be used to link the customers and the business? If you have questions like this, then you will do well to pursue the SAFe Products Owner/Product Manager Certification (POPM) course. The course offers invaluable insight into how to deliver more value through a customer-centered approach.

The course spans two days and focuses on improving the dynamic relationship between product owners and product managers and how they offer an interface with other employees, such as release train engineers and business stakeholders. You will learn to effectively transform epics into features and deliver high-value and high-quality products from an agile coach.

The POPM certification exam consists of 45 questions answered within 90 minutes and has a passing score of 73%. Upon completing the program, you will feel right at home with lean enterprises with multiple agile teams and a running SAFe program.

Pros & Cons

  • Recognized SAFe product owner/product manager certification
  • High demand in real estate, construction, engineering, and architecture industries
  • Minimal and non-specific prerequisites
  • Validity subject to annual renewal

Certified SAFe DevOps Practitioner (SDP)

As a certified SAFe DevOps Practitioner, you will be responsible for formulating and implementing delivery pipelines that continuously pass on value from one end to the other. You will nurture working solutions from the idea to the experimental phase. DevOps practitioners are critical to continuous software development, testing, deployment, and security.

Despite having a technical approach, a course in SAFe DevOps provides non-technical personnel with the right mindset to participate in the delivery pipeline. The course lasts for two days and enables you to rapidly integrate security, deployment, development, and testing tactics to provide value to customers.

Upon completing the course, you will log in to the SAFe community platform and sit for the exam online.

Pros & Cons

  • Recognized SAFe DevOps Practitioner certification
  • Technical and non-technical personnel integration
  • Value addition to the end user
  • Weight addition to your resume
  • Validity subject to annual renewal

General Exam Information

All Scaled agile framework certification training courses have a matching exam in the SAFe community platform. Depending on which course you are currently doing, you will need to select the ideal exam before beginning.

Each exam consists of a set of multiple choice questions or multiple select questions that comprehensively cover the syllabus provided for the matching course. For each question, you have 2 minutes to select an answer. Consequently, exams with 45 questions have 90 minutes to complete, and those with 60 questions have 120 minutes to complete.

Each exam is designed to limit external assistance by limiting you to a single browser and tab. The timer is also visible throughout the exam and automatically submits the exam once the timer elapses, regardless of your current completion rate.

To pass the exam different courses have different pass scores. However, a rule of thumb is always to aim for at least 75 percent, as this will guarantee your success. However, some courses have a leeway of about 2%, in which a score of 73% is still considered a pass. The percentage is calculated for each exam and depends on the number of questions.

If you cannot meet the pass score requirements, you are allowed to retake the exam. The set of questions changes randomly; therefore, there is no guarantee that the same questions will be asked twice. You may also be required to pay an additional fee to retake the exam.

Upon completing the exams, you are done with your certification path, and validity usually lasts for about a year. After the end of the validity period, you will be required to renew your certification at a small fee.


There are numerous options available when exploring scaled agile framework programs. For leading 5.1 training, you should always consider an institution’s reputation and the training modules they employ. It is also paramount to evaluate your prevailing conditions, assess your current occupation, SAFe expertise, and what you hope to accomplish before settling on your preferred course.


Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about the best SAFe agile training. 

How do you Pass SAFe Agile Training Exam?

To pass the SAFe agile training exam, you need to log in to complete the course syllabus and master the content provided. After this, you need to sit for the exam and meet the set pass scores by answering the multiple choice questions and multiple select questions.  

How much does the SAFe Agilist Certification Training Course Cost?

The cost for SAFe agilist certification training varies depending on the program provider but amounts to about $100 for the exam and $100-$580 for the course. However, there might be additional charges depending on your chosen course and the material provided for the course length.

How Many People Pass the SAFe Agilist Certification Course?

The number of people that complete the SAFe agilist certification course remains to be discovered mainly because of the absence of proper documentation and metrics analysis. However, passing the certification course exam is accessible with adequate syllabus coverage. Following the exam requirements also contributes massively to your success rate.

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