The 1st step to becoming a PRINCE 2 certified project manager is finding the best PRINCE 2 Foundation training course.  The PRINCE2 (Projects IN Controlled Environments) Foundation Certification training is essential to start your journey. You will be spending dozens of hours studying with it, so it’s critical to find one that matches your personal learning style.

We have reviewed all the PRINCE 2 exam prep courses below so you don’t have to! The comparison chart below will help you find the PRINCE 2 study materials that best fit your needs.

Best PRINCE 2 Prep Courses Comparison Chart


1. Dooey PRINCE2 Foundation Training


  • Practice Exams: we’re sure you must have heard the phrase before, “practice makes perfect”. While that couldn’t be more true Dooey incorporates 137 end of chapter quizzes to ensure you learn all the material and don’t see the same questions twice.
  • Video Lectures: Dooey provides over 29 hours of easy to understand and brief video lectures in which the key concepts that you need to know are explained.  
  • Real-world Examples: 20 real-world examples and 19 downloadable e-books are included to help you develop a working knowledge of the structured PRINCE2 project management methodology, including the seven principles, processes and themes.

The Bottom Line: The combination of practice questions and video lectures make Dooey an effective PRINCE2 study tool, but what sets it apart from its competitors is the way it incorporates real-world examples into its curriculum.


2. Grey Campus PRINCE2 Foundation Training


  • Not All Questions Include Explanations: As with most courses you’ll know immediately if you got a problem right or wrong, but for some questions you may not find an explanation. While this isn’t a huge deal it’s definitely helpful to know why an answer is wrong or how to get a correct one. Luckily if you don’t understand a question’s reasoning you can always ask an instructor.

The Bottom Line: GreyCampus’ well-organized interface provides students with a stress-free learning environment that they can complete at their leisure. Unfortunately, some of their practice questions fail to offer adequate explanations.