Best Ethereum Certification Courses

With nearly 50,000 transactions per hour on its blockchain, Ethereum is one of the largest blockchains in the decentralized finance and application space. So, it’s no surprise that more folks are turning to certification courses to learn how to develop on this platform. 

Here is our list of some of the best courses out there for developers, business owners, and Ethereum enthusiasts to take their knowledge to the next level.

Ethereum Development Certification Course by 101 Blockchains

101 Blockchains have an Ethereum Development Fundamentals course that is hard to pass up. Blockchain expert Joe Holbrook teaches the key concepts and terminology required to understand Etherium’s network architecture in this course. 

Ethereum Development Fundamentals is a perfect course for anyone who is new and looking to get started with blockchain. You’ll learn how to deploy the Ethereum Virtual Machine, as well as what to expect as the Ethereum ecosystems evolve. At $199, the course is pricey, but it has so much helpful material it’s worth the price.

Great fundamentals course for beginners

Bonus interviews and free lectures with blockchain leaders

Exclusive online events with influential blockchain industry experts

High price tag for a beginner course

Only three hours of content



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Certified Ethereum Expert Course by Blockchain Council

Blockchain Council’s Certified Ethereum Expert course begins with the fundamentals of blockchain and goes further into concepts such as decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and blockchain consensus to give students a specific application for their new smart contract understanding. 

This self-paced course goes for $149, featuring five hours of lectures that prepare participants to handle tasks as an Ethereum expert in a wide variety of fields. 

Lifetime access so participants can learn at their own pace

Online exam

Included Blockchain Council certification

Certification is de facto, not recognized by any official organizations

Only three attempts at passing the exam


Ethereum Training Course:

The Complete Developer’s Guide by Stephen Grider

This course by Stephen Grider has taught over 95,000 students everything they need to know about using Etherium, Solidity, and Smart Contracts to build blockchain apps. Through over 24 hours of lectures, you’ll learn Ethereum basics, how to build advanced smart contracts with Solidity, and even advanced blockchain applications.

Lifetime access to the entire course so you can learn at your own pace

Q&A section loaded with helpful questions and answers from other students

Captioned in multiple languages for international learners

Not a lot of interaction with other students because this is an older course

Outdated video lectures show old versions of applications


Ethereum Blockchain Developer Bootcamp With Solidity by Ravinder Daol and Thomas Wiesner

Blockchain technology is evolving at the speed of light, and developers have to stay on top of not just what’s changed, but what’s coming. For a more updated take on Solidity, check out this course by Daol and Wiesner, which covers the upcoming updates to Solidity. It’s a great refresher course or next stage for developers who are already familiar with Solidity for $119.99.

13 hours of video lectures

Practical assignments to apply the lessons

30-day guarantee

Outdated interfaces in video lectures

Q&A section leaves questions unanswered


Ethereum Development Course:

Decentralized Application Design and Development by Rajeev Sakhuja

Sakhuja’s Ethereum dApp development course starts with the basics of the coding behind Ethereum blockchain applications. Over the course of nearly 12 hours of lectures, you’ll learn how to create ERC-20 token and decentralized consensus models on top of the Ethereum blockchain and much more. 

This class covers a variety of Ethereum tools, including Wallet, Geth, MetaMas, Remix, Truffle V4, Ganache, and more. It’s great for programmers who want to learn more about blockchain.

$59.99 is a steal for a more advanced course

Practical assignments for hands-on experience

Active community of students to learn with and from

Participants must know Javascript or Java before starting the course

Some outdated information


Blockchain Specialization Course by Bina Ramamurthy

Coursera’s Blockchain Specialization is a four-course curriculum created by Bina Ramamurthy from the University of Buffalo. Over four months, you’ll learn blockchain basics, smart contracts, decentralized applications, and blockchain platforms. This course is part of the Coursera Plus collection of courses.

If you’re not sure whether you’re ready to invest in a long-term course, Coursera Plus offers a seven-day free trial. You can explore the class and see if it feels like a good fit before you commit.

Intermediate to advanced level curriculum

Applied learning projects make the information stick

Financial aid is available for qualified students

Requires a $59.00/month Coursera Plus membership

Costs over $200.00 to complete the entire specialization at the recommended pace


Ethereum Developer: Create a New Cryptocurrency with Ethereum by Toshendra Sharma

Part of Etheruem’s functionality is its ERC-20 protocol that allows tokens to be created on top of the Ethereum blockchain. If you want to learn how to create your own cryptocurrency, check out Sharma’s Ethereum Developer course on Udemy. For $84.99, you’ll get two hours of content covering the basics of developing decentralized blockchain applications.

You’ll learn how to develop your own cryptocurrency

The instructor is responsive and helpful

Money-back guarantee

Not a lot of content for the price

Requires prior knowledge of blockchain, Ethereum, cryptocurrencies, and programming

Blockchain For Business: The New Industrial Revolution by 365 Careers

If you’re more interested in how businesses are using blockchain technology, check out 365 Career’s Blockchain for Business course on Udemy. This $139.99 class will show you how businesses can use blockchain technology to improve their services. It includes over six hours of video lectures on the fundamentals of blockchain technology. 

While a developer might not get much out of this, a business leader or company head might find inspiration to use this new tech to create better services for their users in this course. 

Absolute beginner-level course

Captioned in nine languages for international learners

Great for leaders who want to innovate using the latest technology

Not a lot of content for the price

Last updated over a year ago

How to Leverage Blockchain and Ethereum for Business by Damanick Dantes

This beginner-level Ethereum course teaches entrepreneurs how to use Ethereum as the blockchain for your business’s services. While the benefits of blockchain may not be obvious to everyone, Damanick Dantes does a good job of making this complicated tech accessible in his Ethereum for Business course

As a Skillshare course, you’ll have to sign up for this course with a Premium member of roughly $8/month. However, this cost will allow you to explore not just this class but plenty of other development courses on the platform. 

Requires no technical knowledge whatsoever

Great for entrepreneurs who want to keep up with changing tech

Low monthly cost to participate

Requires a monthly Skillshare membership to participate

No practical application exercises

Building Blockchain Apps Using Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric by Navveen Balani and Rajeev Hathi

Finally, Ethereum is a blockchain that offers plenty of integrations and bridges with other applications. One of these is Hyperledger Fabric, a foundational program for applications with a modular architecture. This integration course by Balani and Hathi shows how to create an Ethereum-based dApp using the Hyperledger Fabric structure. 

Even better: this is one of the free courses on Udemy! By opening this class to anyone, Balani and Hathi offer an opportunity for anyone, regardless of on-hand resources, to learn how to create these apps and develop them for the Ethereum ecosystem. 

Great course for beginners who want to learn more about Ethereum

Makes complex concepts more understandable

Learn about Ethereum for free

No interaction with instructor for questions and answers

Less than two hours of content


With all of this information about courses on Ethereum, you might have some questions beyond just how good these are. Here are some common questions about Ethereum development and its merits.

How long does it take to learn Ethereum?

On average, three to six months of learning and developing on Ethereum will give you an intermediate level of understanding of how developing on this blockchain works. 

Is Ethereum worth learning?

As one of the top ten cryptocurrencies by market cap and as the supporting blockchain for a myriad of tokens and apps, Ethereum is a worthwhile platform to learn for a budding blockchain developer. 

Is Ethereum better than Bitcoin?

While Ethereum is great at being programmable money, Bitcoin acts as a truly decentralized way to transfer and store wealth. Neither is better than the other since the two coins don’t occupy the same space in the crypto landscape. 


The best Ethereum certification course out there is the one that best fits your goals with Ethereum. While many developers will want to learn how to interface and create on Ethereum, business leaders will instead want to know how Etheruem improves their company. 

Regardless of your motive, learning how to use this budding technology, with its broad use case and continued growth, can offer anyone a chance to learn something on the cutting edge. 

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