Best Digital Marketing Courses and Training

Best Digital Marketing Training Courses Online

Are you an aspiring digital marketer? Or are you already into digital marketing and want to learn new techniques to help you improve your marketing skills? If you answered yes to any of these two questions, then this article is for you! The latest statistics on digital marketing shows the importance of using the right strategies and channels to reach out to and convert potential clients. This article on Omnicore says it all. Finding the right knowledge and experience takes a process of learning the right way. And we care about your digital marketing learning needs. We’ve compiled and listed the Best Digital Marketing Courses and Training. These courses will help you acquire the knowledge and skills to help you run an online business successfully. It’s only left for you to choose the course that fits your training needs. Let’s go to the courses right away:


1. Dooey’s Digital Marketing Course

This leading Dooey Digital Marketing Certified Associate (DMCA) Certification Training has already enrolled 4447 learners. Out of this number, 2759 of them have given it a rating of 4.4/5. The target of this course is to enable you become an expert in the essential aspects of digital marketing. These key aspects include SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media, PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and conversion optimization. You’ll also master skills in content marketing, web analytics, and mobile and email marketing.

Course Highlights and Features

  • The course advisors, Brad Geddes, Matt Bailey, and Stephane Hamel, are experts in areas like PPC marketing, internet marketing, and Google Product Strategy
  • Instructor-led training of in-depth content that takes about 53 hours
  • Online mentoring sessions for projects led by an instructor
  • Self-paced video lectures of over 40 hours
  • You’ll be taken through over 35 marketing tools
  • Access to prep materials for OMCA, Google Analytics, Facebook, Google Ads and YouTube exams
  • Simulations for 10 Mimic Pro, and 6 Mimic Social to help you practice SEO, Web Analytics, PPC, social media marketing, and email marketing
  • Access to a free course on Hootsuite Platform
  • Training packages include self-paced, online flexi-pass, and corporate training
  • You’ll receive a DMCA completion certificate on completing the course uccessfully
  • Course Price: The Self-Paced package goes for $499 while the Live-Onine training package goes for $999.

Sign up for Dooey’s Course here

2. Edureka Digital Marketing Training

Expert skills in digital media essentials like SEO, keyword planning, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing and Google analytics needs in-depth learning. This is why this Edureka course was designed with your learning needs in mind. This most sought after course has had over 4000 learners go through it already. But that’s not all. These learners have given this course a good rating of 4.57/5! In this course, you’ll learn more on keyword planning, on-page and off-page SEO, social media marketing, Google analytics, and more.

Course Highlights and Features

  • Instructor-led live online classes with a 24-hour access
  • Course instructors are leading industry practitioners with over 10 years of experience in the digital marketing space
  • 12 weekend sessions of 2 hours per session
  • Includes practical assignments totalling up to 40 hours
  • Includes case studies to help you develop and master digital marketing strategies. You’ll also master B2B and B2C product implementation plans
  • You’ll have a lifetime access to the LMS (Learning Management System). This system has installation guides, class presentations, class recordings and quizzes
  • 24/7 online support available
  • Access to Edureka’s online community
  • You’ll receive a certification once you’ve successfully met the course requirements
  • Course Price: $350

Sign up for Edureka’s Digital Marketing Training here

3. Coursera Digital Marketing Specialization With University of Illinois

This best digital marketing course will teach you how to master strategic marketing tools and concepts to help you address your business brand in today’s digital space. You’ll cover topics like digital marketing, digital analytics, and digital media marketing. Other areas to cover include principles of marketing and how to market in the analog space. This specialization has 6 courses and a capstone project. All these courses have an average rating of 4.4/5.

Course Highlights and Features

  • The course is delivered by expert instructors with years of experience in digital media, marketing and advertising
  • Self-paced training
  • Beginner level
  • The course is purely online
  • Includes 6 courses and a real-life capstone project
  • Course videos, readings and practice quizzes available
  • Includes graded assignments, quizzes and programming assignments
  • You’ll receive a feedback on the graded quizzes
  • You qualify for a shareable course certificate once you successfully complete the course requirements
  • Financial aid available for learners who can’t afford the course fee
  • Course Price: ₹5601/month

Sign up for Coursera’s Digital Marketing Specialization here

4. LinkedIn: Becoming a Digital Marketer Training Course

If you want to learn how to develop new business opportunities online, then this great digital marketing course is for you! It will take you through a number of tactical and analytical skills to help you understand buyer behaviour online. The aim of this course is to make you a successful digital marketer for your business or organization. You’ll learn about marketing plans, SEO, lead generation, principles, and digital marketing best practices. You’ll also be taken through the process of building an online integrated marketing strategy.

Course Highlights and Features

  • The course content is delivered by experts with actual experience in the digital space
  • The hands-on training takes you a total of 19 hours
  • It consists of 7 items
  • Access to practice quizzes
  • Access to projects files to help you practice what you’re learning
  • Offline viewing available
  • You’ll be awarded a badge and a certificate of completion on meeting the course requirements
  • Course Price: The Basic Price is $29.99/month, while the annual Premium Price is $24.99/month. You’ll save 17% if you opt for the Premium Package.

Sign up for LinkedIn: Becoming a Digital Marketer Training here

5. Springboard: Become a Growth Marketer Training Course

In partnership with Google, Springboard brings you one of the best courses to help you acquire digital marketing skills. The course with a rating of 4.79/5 brings you real business cases studies. The case studies will help you better understand the world of digital marketing. Some of the skills that you’ll learn include marketing fundamentals, how to use social media in sharing your business brand message, content marketing and Email marketing. Other areas are on smart measurement techniques, SEO/SEM, and conversion rate optimization. You’ll also learn more on acquisition channels such as using affiliates, referrals, and influencer marketing.

Course Highlights and Features

  • Qualified course instructors
  • The course has been vetted and approved by leading industry experts
  • You’ll have a chance to develop and test your skills through real-life situations and projects
  • You can cover the course curriculum in 3-4 months if you study 8-10 hours each week
  • The real-life projects will lead to a ‘Portfolio Project’ that you’re allowed to showcase on your LinkedIn profile and your resume
  • Access to a personal mentor, a student advisor, and the student community
  • A one-on-one mentorship for 30 minutes each week. The mentors are qualified digital marketers. They work with leading organizations like Facebook, Sage, IBM, and Warner Bros. Television
  • Google funding worth $10,000 to enable you build a non-profit and build your skills through AdWords. This will also enable you to bring a positive change as you build you personal portfolio
  • Course Price: $299/month

Sign up for Springboard’s Course here


The rising demand for digital marketers is one of the indicators of how the future of digital marketing looks like. It has seen exponential growth over the years. The CMO Survey August 2018 report reveals how firms have significantly increased their digital marketing budgets compared to allocations for traditional advertising. What does this imply to you as a marketer or aspiring marketer? It implies that the demand for professional digital marketers will continue rising. Digital marketing is at the moment the hottest skill around. That’s why we have compiled this list of Best Digital Marketing Courses and Training for you. We understand what gaining digital skills means to you and your digital marketing career! So if you’ve been looking for the best digital marketing courses around, then we have made your work easier. These courses will give you what you’ve been looking for!

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