Although the term’s origin is based in the decidedly non-nerdy sport of rugby, scrum has taken on a new meaning in the world of software development. Individuals who are interested in a high-paying, challenging, and rewarding career in the software development field may be interested in learning more about this interestingly named methodology. But how does one become a Scrum master? Here’s what you need to know: There is an official certification that aspiring software developers can attain if they wish to indicate their mastery of Scrum. These individuals are known as Certified Scrum Masters, or CSMs for short. Much like other certifications, achieving this one will require studying for and then passing a complex and challenging exam. If you’re a software developer looking to move up in your career or are a project manager with an eye for software-based career opportunities, pursuing CSM certification can be an excellent career move. In order to make this process a bit easier, take a look at this chart we’ve put together comparing the best CSM training courses:

(Top 3) Best Certified Scrum Master Training Courses Compared

Name  Best Certified Scrum Master Training Course Online PMTraining PMP Course




PRICE $1,299 $1,595 $1,198-1,398
COURSE FORMAT Classroom Classroom Classroom
COURSE LENGTH 2 days 2 days 2 days
PDUs 16 PDUs 14 PDUs 15 PDUs
GUARANTEE? Satisfaction guarantee 60-day guarantee
SUPPORT Phone, Email, Web, Social Media Email, Phone, Social Media Phone, Email, Social Media

Grey Campus Certified Scrum Master Training Course Online


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  • Guarrantee: Grey Campus’s CSM courses have an overwhelmingly positive reception among students who have gone on to pass their exams and become Scrum Masters themselves. However, something that is conspicuously absent from this prep course is any kind of satisfaction or pass guarantee. This may lead some students to feel apprehensive toward paying the fairly steep tuition fees for this course. However, Grey Campus attempts to alleviate this concern by offering a free instant retake to any enrolled students who fail to pass the exam on their first try.

The Bottom Line: Grey Campus is far and away the best study resource for students looking to learn the ins and outs of Scrum methodology. They offer high-quality coursework taught by highly qualified instructors at a relatively reasonable price. And while they may not have a course guarantee, their excellent support team can ensure all students are satisfied with their experience.


Learning Tree


  • Classroom: Learning Tree International prides itself on their ability to provide students with the highest quality classroom experience possible. With a number of locations all over the country, students shouldn’t have much difficulty finding a session close enough for reasonable travel arrangements. What’s even better is the classroom experience itself: held in a clean and state-of-the-art building with knowledgeable instructors and numerous amenities. They even go so far as to provide a continental breakfast and snacks during breaks.
  • CPE: The most obvious reason for any student to enroll in Learning Tree International’s CSM course is to learn Scrum. However, their course offers a decent amount of PDUs on top of the requisite SEUs needed to achieve certification. As a result, this course can serve as an excellent resource for individuals who are already established project managers who need to accrue CPE in order to maintain certification status. Additionally, students who wish to continue their project management education after achieving Scrum mastery can harness these PDUs for other certifications.
  • Guarantee: This CSM course is anything but cheap. Students interested in enrolling will need to pay up, which can cause some apprehension. However, Learning Tree International alleviates some of this anxiety by offering all students a very generous satisfaction guarantee. Their guarantee stipulates that if any student isn’t completely satisfied with the quality of their education then they won’t have to pay a single dime of their tuition fees. The reason why Learning Tree can offer such an appealing guarantee is because just about every single enrolled student is fully satisfied with their course.
  • Price: Something that is likely to turn off many prospective students to Learning Tree International’s CSM study course is its price. Out of all the CSM courses listed here, this one is the most expensive by a few hundred dollars. What’s particularly damning about this is the fact that some of the more affordable courses listed here offer more PDUs and features, which can make it difficult to justify the increased cost. Fortunately, the aforementioned guarantee makes this investment a bit easier to justify.

The Bottom Line: While it may not be the absolute best CSM course available to students, Learning Tree International offers many enticing benefits that make it worth their consideration. Excellent instructors teach Scrum essentials in a well-maintained classroom environment with a full satisfaction guarantee. However, the price is very high, meaning that this isn’t the best option for students on a tight budget.



PMTraining PMP Course


  • Price: In addition to offering their CSM prep courses in a variety of physical locations, the cost for PMTraining’s classroom sessions will vary depending on the locale. However, one thing that all of these courses have in common is that they have the lowest average price when compared to any of the other providers on this list. Even the most expensive of PMTraining’s courses is well below the average cost for a complete in-person Scrum educational program.
  • Guarantee: In addition to an excellent price, PMTraining is a great choice for students who are on the fence due to its impressive guarantee. If an enrolled student fails to pass the CSM exam on their first try after completing their coursework, they will be given an immediate second chance with a free retake. But if they are still unable to receive a passing grade, they can submit a request within 60 days and receive a complete do-over of PMTraining’s course, absolutely free.
  • CPE: PMTraining provides a Scrum prep course that is designed around and dedicated to ensuring that all students who enroll have the greatest possible chance at achieving CSM certification. However, they don’t offer much for any students interested in pursuing additional project management certifications or established professionals who are interested in maintaining their status through CPE. While this shouldn’t detract from its overall educational merit, this absence will likely dissuade many potential students from investing their time and money.

The Bottom Line: PMTraining provides an enticing package for prospective Scrum Masters at an equally enticing price. Although they can’t provide much in the way of CPE, they can ensure that first-time students have all the resources and chances they need to master software management methodology.