Best CompTIA Certification Courses

Best CompTIA Training Courses

There are sure ways to stamp your authority in the IT career world including going up the ladder. One of them is through earning a certification in the technology of your liking. For example, if your interest is in computer security, server environment, or even systems administration, there are numerous certifications that can help build and display your experience. This post enumerates the top CompTIA certification courses that you can pursue in 2023.

Top 5 CompTIA Certification Courses to Pursue

1. CompTIA Security+ Certification

Let us just say your interest is in IT security and you’d like to develop an amazing career in the field. To start off, the greatest way is to pursue the CompTIA Security+ credential. Network security is currently one of the leading IT areas in terms of growth. By pursuing it successfully, your competence in various areas such as network security, infrastructure, and organization security in addition to access control shall come into display.

The Security+ badge is a great addition to your certification in Network+ as it builds upon networking by paying attention to the vital security aspects. IT experts specialized in security are the most sought after. This is because threats to systems and networks continue to increase both in quantity as well as in severity. This means if you choose to pursue and obtain expertise in networking security in addition to networking itself, there is no doubt that you will benefit your company once you get hired.


2. CompTIA A+ Certification

The CompTIA A+ has been in existence from 1993 and it has grown to become a well-respected badge that many see as an effective way to start an IT-based career. The CompTIA A+ Core 1 exam as well as Core 2 exam training courses basically illustrate an individual’s competency as a computer technician. The credential cuts across varied operating systems and includes Microsoft, Novell, Apple, IBM, and more. It covers a number of technologies as well.

The badge is considered as the standard for IT support technicians by the majority of employers. By earning it, you will show yourself as a proficient computer expert. It is not just accepted internationally, but it is also vendor-neutral and validates that the holder is capable in specific technical tasks. This are tasks such as preventive maintenance, security troubleshooting, installation, and networking. All this cover various operating systems in addition to technologies.


3. CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+)

CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+) is among the most in-demand credentials and most IT experts aspire to earn it. As a security badge, it encompasses the following disciplines:

  • Risk management as well as forecasting
  • Enterprise security
  • Analysis of risk

Enterprise security is the most vital part of the CASP+ certification as it offers the owner action-based skills for managing SME sized organizations and above. The certification implies advanced skills as well as knowledge in the holder when it comes to IT security matters. It is globally respected and is not attached to a specific vendor. When you have it, it means your competencies span across aspects such as computer integration, enterprise security, business disciplines, and communication.


4. CompTIA Network+ Certification

This credential is also recognized among leading CompTIA credentials. The Network+ certification is especially sought after most by professionals who are just making entry into IT. If for a while you have been harbouring thoughts of being an expert in IT support, it is a great one for you. It is best in complementing the CompTIA A+ badge as it goes past basic networking aspects covered by the CompTIA A+ credential. Upon getting certified, it means you can effectively manage, maintain, install, troubleshoot, and configure infrastructures for basic networks.

Just like the A+, the Network+ badge is entry-level as well and this means you do not have to possess a degree in Computer Science to pass the associated exam. However, CompTIA highly recommends for potential applicants to posses the A+ credential before they can pursue it. Another requirement is a practical experience of 9 months in tasks targeting IT support, network administration, or academic training.

Getting the A+ badge actually offers you a stable foundation for the Network+ badge. It also makes it easier for you to pass the exam as opposed to when you jump directly to the network+ credential. This is because of the confidence it gives you. To do well in the course, you require dedication, outstanding study guides as well as practice tests.

In other words, the Network+ credential is one of the leading credentials mostly for professionals making entry into the IT sphere. It builds upon the A+ credential as it goes in-depth into computer networking. To get a good job in IT, computer networking skills are essential.


5. CompTIA Server+ Certification

If you are interested in server support, a CompTIA Server+ certification is the right bet for you. Kick-starting with the badge helps you build quality technical skills. It is great for systems administrators who wish to carry out their technical tasks with precision. Through it, a professional gains the requisite technical knowledge and skills required not just for building and maintaining but also troubleshooting and supporting technologies for server software as well as hardware.

The CompTIA Server+ credential in the real sense is mid-level and covers advanced concepts of computing. The course itself is not necessarily entry-level based. This means those who should pursue it should have experience of between 1.5 to 2 years working within the server environment. Based on directions from CompTIA, it is best if you can get the A+ badge first before pursuing this particular one. This way you acquire proper grounding and the basis for other certifications within the CompTIA set up. This includes the Server+ certification, even though it is not compulsory if you already have some good computer skills.

If you are to combine the three badges, namely, the A+, the Network+ as well as the Server+, you will be presenting yourself with a formidable way to corroborate your vast expertise in computer to hiring managers and potential employers. Through them, you can acquire a strong IT foundation.

Before passing the exam for the Server+ certification, there is a conventional test to pass. The format test encompasses server aspects such as installing, upgrading, maintaining, configuration as well as disaster recovery. Therefore, before you can think of sitting for the actual Server+ exam, be sure to obtain competency in the areas mentioned. And just like other certifications for CompTIA, this badge requires you to obtain great revision materials such as study guides and practice tests. Most Server+ study guides will include sample questions.



Generally, any of the CompTIA certifications provides you with a tested and amazing way to grow in your career. If you wish to succeed, the certifications are the best way to do so as they set you on a great path for your career. And because of the shortage of experts in IT in areas such as security, IT administration and more, having any of the above credentials or even more than one makes you a valuable asset. Organizations are always on the lookout for great talent. Pursuing and earning any of these great certifications will place you on the right path to success. And your career will greatly benefit from this!

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