Best Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Training Courses

Are you considering a new and exciting career path? The fields of networking and IT communications are constantly shifting and growing. Working as a Cisco Certified Network Associate, or CCNA, can be a fulfilling and stable career. Generally, a CCNA installs, troubleshoots, and configures networks using products created by Cisco, a networking services provider. 

Obtaining certification as a CCNA can include studying various fields like security, routing and switching, data center operations, or wireless services. CCNA is a great career choice for anyone interested in information technology! Notably, working as a CCNA can bring variety to your day-to-day life since the responsibilities of a CCNA might shift or evolve to include assessing network performance or enhancing network security. 

Even now, CCNA certification is a prevalent and well-compensated occupation. Indeed, CCNA has developed one of the most coveted IT certifications. Beginning in the late 1990s, CCNA has grown by modernizing the syllabus with each technological progression. 

Currently, Cisco describes their CCNA exam as “a 120-minute exam [that] tests a candidate’s knowledge and skills related to network fundamentals, network access, IP connectivity, IP services, security fundamentals, and automation and programmability.”

Recently, educational organizations developed various training courses to help you succeed on your path towards becoming a CCNA. However, suppose you plan to spend time and money studying for a new career. In that case, you want to be sure that you are undertaking a worthwhile program, so here we detail the five best Cisco Certified Network Associate training courses. 

1. PluralSight CCNA Study Materials 

To begin the PluralSight CCNA training course, the group recommends that you have a basic understanding of networking and IT. However, the CCNA training program through PluralSight offers foundational networking information necessary to pass the certification exam and begin your career! 

As you work through the PluralSight training courses, your understanding will grow. Learnings will include network fundamentals, IP connectivity and services, network access, and network security basics. In addition, the program aims to give you all the tools necessary to begin working on programmability and network automation.

Skills Acquired from PluralSight’s Program Include: 

Gaining insight into the CCNA organizational functions

Configuring and troubleshooting experience

Learning multiple technologies in the data center

Understanding the unified fabric with the FCoE protocol

With a ten-day free trial, the PluralSight CCNA training course offers expert training services for anyone seeking to become a licensed professional in the field. 


Grey Campus CCNA Training Course Online

2. Grey Campus CCNA Training Course

Suppose you decide to enroll in the GreyCampus CCNA training classes. In that case, you’ll learn how to operate and maintain the components of Cisco Unified Communications and other systems like the Cisco Unified Communications Manager and the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express.

This unique and informational educational program combines training to give you a holistic understanding of CCNA work. Specifically, GreyCampus teaches students both CICD – Implementing Cisco Collaboration Devices and CIVND2 – Implementing Cisco Video Network Devices. In conjunction, the design of these specific courses provides you with the essential information needed to pass the CCNA exam and be successful in your chosen career. 

GreyCampus provides students with learning aids. In addition to lectures and teacher-driver instruction, GreyCampus offers downloadable course material and mock exams. 

Skills Acquired from GreyCampus’ Program Include: 

Mastering networking

Breaking down OSI models

Understanding the specific models of Cisco

Comprehending ethernet and LANs 

Summarizing routes

Signing up for CCNA courses via GreyCampus is easy, and if you are unhappy, the school offers a 100% Money-Back Guarantee! Specifically, GreyCampus offers a 3-day refund policy if you are not satisfied with the course for any reason. Requesting a refund is easy, too! Simply send an email to within the allowed time frame, and GreyCampus returns the entire sum of money spent for the course.


3. ITU CCNA Training Course Bundle

What’s great about the ITU CCNA training course is its flexible pricing. Usually, around $200, the ITU program is often offered a steep discount as low as $69 – and for that price, your education is a “steal”!

Not only is the price appealing, but this virtual training class is also available all day, every day. This training program recognizes that technology and network systems change all the time, and therefore, tailor their program to cater to those who aim to make an impact. 

4. Udemy CCNA Review Course

If you’re looking for a fast-paced download, the Udemy CNAA Training program is your best bet. For a comprehensive “boot camp”-style review of CCNA networking and industry updates, look no further! 

The program centers on tangible practice with lab-based instruction that directs students through education hours focused on exam passage. Udemy’s CCNA training program boasts high passage rates and publically states their aim to achieve 100% passage for their students. Indeed, Udemy has proof of success. For nearly two decades, the Udemy program has certified more CCNA licensees than any other company internationally. 

Skills Acquired from Udemy’s Program Include:

Describing the fundamentals of networking

Building simple LANs

Defining IP addressing and subnetting

Using DHCP to allocate addresses

And Udemy puts their money where their mouth is by offering an exam pass guarantee. This promise ensures that if you fail in passing the certification exam on your first try, you would not only be able to retake this program but also opt to enroll in Udemy’s mentoring program for no extra charge.


CyberVista CCNA Training Course

5. Cybervista CCNA Training Course

For less than $150, the Cybervista system provides critical training to succeed in meeting your goals in becoming a Cisco certified network associate! 

The CyberVista CCNA practice exam package is an incredible asset offered by this program. With a 180-day access period, you have plenty of time to study and review the materials to ensure you are prepared and comfortable for the exam. What’s more, the CyberVista training program provides a Cloud-based platform that has been optimized for mobile phones so that students can access courses easily from many devices. 

Even if you have worked in the networking space before, it could be essential to revisit your education on the issue since the technology is ever-shifting. More specifically, the CCNA exam updates regularly to reflect the changing times, and each CCNA certification lasts for only three years. Courses like the CyberVista training program can provide a refresher for “old hats” or introduce those new to the field of networking and its tangential elements. 

CyberVista allows you to study at your own pace so that you can meet your career goals while continuing to move through your daily life. When anywhere can be your classroom, you want to learn everywhere! This affordable exam preparation option is an efficient and flexible system to help you ace your certification.

This course consists of video modules and prepares you for the CCNA certification exam. With practice exams available, you’re able to study via video and practice what you’ve learned well before it is time to sit for the CCNA certification exam. The ITU CNAA training program will set you on the path towards CNAA certification and success from fundamentals to nuanced practices. 

Train for Certification Success

Any of these training programs can help you succeed in passing the CCNA exam. So, no matter which option best fits your lifestyle, investing in a training program is worth exploring. Because fees are associated with taking the CCNA exam, the costs to re-test could add to high sums if you fail the first time. 

With the national annual salary of a CCNA averaging at about $85,000, dedicating the time to take a specialized training course is well worth your time and money. However, in some localities, that salary is even higher. For instance, in Sunnyvale and Santa Cruz, California, CCNA salaries are their highest at about $102,000 annually. But you don’t have to be a resident of the West Coast to cash in. Other jurisdictions with higher than average CCNA salaries include Williston, North Dakota; Arlington, Virginia; and Ketchikan, Alaska! 

Simply put, the Cisco CCNA certification is an excellent step for beginners in the space who want to further their career in the IT field, specifically in computer networking or cybersecurity. A CCNA certification is an investment in your future if you have an interest in networking. After certification and with experience, your value in the job market expands exponentially and translates into dividends. 

It is never too late to advance or change your career. Exploring CCNA training programs and passing the CCNA certification exam provides an excellent opportunity to enter into or grow within the IT workspace. 

Becoming a CCNA via any of these tremendous training courses improves employability. For instance, possessing a CCNA certification proves to any hiring director you have access to vital networking concepts needed for the work and have demonstrated the same by earning the credentials. Moreover, the CCNA certificate is globally recognized so that you can work anywhere for anyone on networking systems. CCNA becomes a universal language!  

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