Lack of cybersecurity is one of the biggest threats of the modern age. There’s a real need for professionals who can beef up security and protect the data in the cloud. Clou22130d/.; computing faces numerous challenges today that the best Certified Cloud Security Professional training courses can prepare you to handle. 

Best Certified Cloud Security Professional Training Courses

CCSP Review
Pricing $2,249 $39 per month $29-$45 per month $399 + $149 practice exam $19.99 $348-$468 per year
Free trial 7-day 10-day 5-day and  30-day money-back guarantee
Guarantee Pass guarantee Pass guarantee 
Delivery Options

Online, self-paced,

live sessions

Online, self-paced Online, self-paced Online, self-paced Online, self-paced Online, self-paced
Access Lifetime  While subscribed While subscribed 180 days Lifetime While subscribed

Why Take a Certified Cloud Security Professional Training Course?

You might think you have enough experience in cloud security that you don’t need to take one of the best Certified Cloud Security Professional training courses. 

You can take the CCSP exam without taking a course. But even if you have extensive cybersecurity experience, one of the best Certified Cloud Security Professional training courses will improve your odds of a passing grade. 

If you pass on the first try, you save the expense and time of taking multiple tests, and you can improve your job prospects that much faster. Certification in cloud security can boost your IT career to the next level.

Here are some of the benefits of taking a Certified Cloud Security Professional course:

You’ll get in-depth training in all six domains of the Common Body of Knowledge (CBK).

Your instructors are experienced in the material and know the ins and outs of the industry.

You’ll benefit from practice questions and mock exams to help you prepare. 

Videos, flashcards, and case studies help you no matter what type of learner you are. 

When you know what to expect from the exam, you can take it with more confidence. 

Who Can Take a Cloud Security Course?

The best Certified Cloud Security Professional training courses are designed for professionals already working in the IT field. 

To take the exam, you must have at least three years of IT work experience focused on information security. You must also have at least five years of IT experience in general. Most courses also require these prerequisites before you can enroll. 

Any one of these courses can help you prepare for the certification exam put out by the International Information System Security Certification Consortium, otherwise known as the (ISC)²

Benefits of Becoming a Certified Cloud Security Professional

Some of the benefits of getting CCSP certification are listed below:

Your certification demonstrates your knowledge and abilities in cybersecurity to potential employers.

Your certification complements any vendor-specific certifications you may already have, such as for AWS or Microsoft Azure.

Potential employers will know that you’ve achieved a minimum of three years of experience in cybersecurity.

Tech companies, hospitals, government agencies, and other industries where security is crucial want to hire CCSP-certified individuals. 

Certification provides leverage for career advancement and higher earning potential.

Let our reviews of the best Certified Cloud Security Professional training courses help you choose the best training for your needs.

What’s on the Certified Cloud Security Professional Exam?

The Certified Cloud Security Professional exam consists of 125 multiple-choice questions and six sections. 

Here’s how the CCSP exam breaks down:

Cloud Data Security

Cloud Security Operations

Cloud Application Security

Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Security

Cloud Concepts, Architecture, and Design

Legal, Risk, and Compliance

Even if you have extensive practical cloud security experience, you might not know enough of the theory to do well in every section. Theory and practice are often different enough that you might have trouble getting the correct answers to some of the more theory-based questions. 

Any of the best Certified Cloud Security Professional training courses can help shore up your knowledge of theory and make it easier for you to pass the CCSP exam. 

Best Certified Cloud Security Professional Training Courses Reviews

Dooey CCSP Training Course Online

Dooey Certified Cloud Security Professional Training Course

A pass guarantee and a combination of video classes with live virtual training make the Dooey course one of the best Certified Cloud Security Professional training courses available today. AI classes and a robust schedule of 36+ hours of live training sessions give you the best of both worlds: 6 hours of time-tested video lectures and the ability to interact and ask questions. 

You get lifetime access to the course materials, and your studies benefit from the inclusion of seven real-world case studies. This course takes you beyond theory to demonstrate how cloud security knowledge applies to real-world computing problems. 

Live virtual training sessions
Real-world case studies
Higher price than many other courses


Coursera Cloud Security Professional Training Course Online

Coursera Cloud Security Engineer Professional Course 

Coursera hosts this course that’s offered by Google Cloud. Once you take and pass the seven individual classes, you’ll receive a professional certificate naming you as a Google Security Engineer Professional. Not only can this help boost your IT career, but it can also help you prepare for the CCSP certification exam. 

Coursera costs $39 per month, and they offer a 7-day free trial to get you started. Coursera suggests that it takes about 65 hours to complete all of the seven courses in the training.

Earn a professional Google Cloud certificate
Relatively low-cost
Financial aid available
Dozens of videos
No flashcards
No live sessions 
More focused on Google Cloud than general cloud security


PluralSight Certified Cloud Professional Training Course

PluralSight’s CCSP course offers almost 15 hours of video instruction over 11 different videos. There’s no practice test at the end of the training, but the first video focuses on how you can pass the certification exam. 

While this course lacks flashcards, live sessions, and a comprehensive practice exam, it does offer flexible payment options. You can choose to pay for a year of access or pay month-to-month. They also offer a 10-day free trial and a free video course overview that you can watch before you decide to sign up. 

Flexible payment choices
10-day free trial
No flashcards
No live sessions
 No flashcards


CyberVista Certified Cloud Professional Training Course 

With dozens of hours of online video instruction and a series of quizzes and exam-like questions through the course, the CyberVista CCSP training course can help you prepare to pass the certification exam. Their pass guarantee can reassure you that this course is a good investment.

One of the best features of this course is its 5-day free trial and 50-question practice test that you can take at no charge. Flashcards, the ability to contact an instructor to ask questions, and downloadable quizzes can help you study. 

This CCSP training course even offers a study calendar to help you make a study plan that fits your lifestyle and achieve your goals. For an extra $149, you can take a practice exam similar to the CCSP certification exam.

Custom quizzes
Pass guarantee
Study calendar
Practice exam costs extra
No live training


Udemy Certified Cloud Security Professional Training Course 

The Udemy Certified Cloud Security Professional training course is the least expensive option on our list. The Udemy training is a good choice if you want a refresher course.

Once you purchase this Certified Cloud Security Professional training course from Udemy, you have 30 days to decide whether it’s for you or not. If you choose to keep it, you get lifetime access to the 8.5 hours of video lessons and 12 resource materials you can download. 

There are quizzes throughout the material to test your understanding. But there’s no practice test at the end that’s similar to the official Certified Cloud Security Professional exam. 

The course materials work for both online and mobile access so that you can study from your phone and on the go. You’ll earn a certificate of completion once you finish the course. 

Mobile access
No final practice exam
No live sessions
Practice exam costs extra
Not in-depth but an overview


Simplilearn Certified Cloud Security Professional Training Course

You can prepare for the CCSP exam while earning a certificate in Microsoft Azure cloud security from Simplilearn’s training course. You can take their entirely free course option, which gives you limited access to the course materials. You also get to choose between paying for the course at once or with monthly payment options. 

Simplilearn’s course offers seven hands-on labs to help you apply your cloud security knowledge to real-world situations. This training helps you prepare for the CCSP exam, and it will also improve your skills as an IT professional. 

Hands-on labs
Free and flexible payment options
No live training or flashcards
The more in-depth course costs extra