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Ethical hacking is a necessary aspect of an organization’s systems and data security. Unless weaknesses are identified, it would be impossible to prevent possible threats to information systems. So who exactly is an ethical hacker? What do you require to be one? Usually, EC Council’s ethical hackers are those who get access to company systems and data with permission. These are Certified Ethical Hackers (CEH) trained to hack the systems. The aim is to find out if there are any security threats or vulnerabilities. They use the same tools and experience as the unauthorized hacker to gain entry into targeted systems but their entry is lawful. Once they identify any weaknesses, they’ll take necessary steps to seal the loopholes. With the best CEH training books around, becoming an ethical hacker is now possible! To become an ethical hacking expert, you need to be trained and pass an exam to earn your CEH certification.

This is a vendor-neutral credential that enables you to have the mindset of a hacker. You have to take your time to study and understand the target exam objectives. This will be achievable by choosing the best training books for CEH certification. The books are meant to prepare you to understand what it takes to be a successful ethical hacker. If you need more than just a book, we have a list of the best Certified Ethical Hacking training courses online too.

Organizations need your help in preventing possible future attacks. You need quality reading materials that will make you master the required security experience. We’ve compiled a list of resourceful study guides that will put you in the right frame of mind as an aspiring CEH. Use the books to understand the relevant technologies and equipment needed to perform your role successfully.

Best Certifieed Ethical Hacking Study Guide

1. CEH Certified Ethical Hacker All-in-One Exam Guide, 4TH Edition

Ethical hacking is a challenging field. In this case, you’ll need a study book that will completely guide you through what to do when confronted by security challenges. The author, Matt Walker, is an IT based security expert who has over 20 years as an education professional. He has ensured that you get up to date self-study resources that meet the objectives of the CEH v10 official exam. The material takes you through thorough discussions that cover the latest techniques and tools related to the CEH exam. In the guide, the beginning of each chapter contains chapter objectives. You’ll also find detailed explanations, practice questions, and exam tips. This comprehensive book for passing your exam also acts as a job reference guide. Why You Need this Guide

  • Includes 300 practice questions
  • Customized quizzes for each chapter
  • A testing engine with full-length questions for your exam practice

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Best CEH Study Materials

2. CEH Certified Ethical Hacker Bundle, 4TH Edition

Study with confidence with this in-depth guide written by Matt Walker, a professional in IT security. The guide is fully updated and provides you with the resources to use in hacking your CEH exam. Remember the CEH exam has an optional practical exam. This world-class guide covers the theory as well as the hands-on requirements of the practical exam. Along with the guide, you’ll get a free voucher code for a four-hour long lab session from Practice Labs. The labs provide a VM platform that offers you actual hardware and software. This can be combined with the two-hour long lab session that comes with the All-in-One Exam Study Guide. Why You Need this Guide

  • Covers all the latest ethical hacking five phases including reconnaissance, enumeration, gaining access, covering tracks, and maintaining access
  • Includes over 1000 accurate exam questions having in-depth answer explanations
  • Includes online tools like customizable practice question software with 600 practice tests
  • Includes Practice Labs voucher codes with free lab sessions of up to six hours

You can get your guide here!


Best CEH Training Materials


3. CEH v10 Certified Ethical Hacker Study Guide, 1ST Edition

This best CEH certification training guide will set you apart from the rest. You’ll acquire the required skills with the help of this resource combined with your own effort and determination. You need skills that will make you a resourceful ethical hacker able to help companies ensure their information is secure. Authored by Ric Messier, the study guide gives you a comprehensive exam content overview using instructions that are easy to understand and follow. Chapter organization is based on exam objectives. What’s more, you’ll be thankful for the handy section included to map every objective to the chapter that corresponds to it. This will ensure that you watch your progress. Why You Need this Guide

  • Includes comprehensive topic coverage
  • Consists of hands-on practical exercises to prepare you to pass your exam and for your job role
  • Meets the objectives of the 2018 CEH v10 exam
  • Has a feature that helps you identify critical study areas

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CEH Review Books

4. CEH Certified Ethical Hacker Practice Exams, 4TH Edition

Start yourself off to a great finish with the practical exercises available in this guide by Matt Walker. Learning the overall picture of the exam such as how the questions appear can only be possible through practice exam questions. Your actual test shouldn’t be the first test you take. You need to get yourself familiar with the testing environment and all it takes to sail through the exam. Why You Need this Guide

  • It’s updated to cover all the objectives of the CEH v10 exam
  • It’s a practical guide with over 600 practice questions
  • You’ll understand correct as well as incorrect answers through the detailed explanations provided in the guide
  • Includes a helpful pre-assessment test to evaluate your exam preparedness

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CEH Study Guide

5. CEH v9: Certified Ethical Hacker Version 9 Kit, 1ST Edition

Attain the hacker mindset by utilising the resources in this guide. Authored by Shimonski and Raymond Blockmon, this guide will give you the actual picture of the ethical hacking world. This includes how to go through the systems as well as networks. It’s a comprehensive review of the requirements of the CEH exam. The guide is also designed to enable you internalize necessary information through the use of on-point and concise explanations. Why You Need this Guide

  • Easy-to-reference exam material due to the mapping of every chapter to correspond to the objectives of the exam
  • Includes an exam essentials quality to assist you identify your weak areas so that you can work on them
  • Includes online study tools with chapter review quizzes, full-length practice questions, and electronic flashcards

You can check out this guide here!


Certified Ethical Hacker Study Guide

6. Passing the CEH 10: Learning the Certified Ethical Hacker 10

Don’t allow yourself to fail just because you failed to prepare. This truth should come out to you clearly even as you study for your CEH exam. With this best CEH certification guide, you’ll get the review of the exam objectives in greater depth. It’s authored by Michael Janus and Sean Oriyano to guide you in internalizing critical exam information and concepts. The guide uses concise and on-point explanations to bring the exam requirements to the fore. It adopts an approach that’s easy for you to follow. Why You Need this Guide

  • Includes highlights of essential topics such as intrusion detections, buffer flows, DDoS attacks, and malware creation
  • The concepts are brought out in a way that they relate to the actual world scenarios

Check the guide right here!


7. CEH v10: EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker Complete Training Guide With Practice Labs: Exam 312-50

This up to date text covers new CEH exam modules and delivers an in-depth knowledge on how to apply vulnerability analysis in actual world scenarios. The book has been authored by IP Specialist. It’s packed with detailed guidance on how to protect organizations against information leakage and identity theft. Ethical hacking is all about protecting data integrity! Why You Need this Guide

  • Covers all the five phases of ethical hacking and the latest CEH exam blueprint
  • Gives detailed guidance on how to feel yourself into the mindset of a hacker

Check for the study guide here!


8. Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Version 10 Cert Guide, 3RD Edition

Michael Gregg and Omar Santos, the guide’s authors, are cybersecurity experts. They have designed this study material to guide you in mastering the topics of the CEH v10 exam. The book uses a concise and focused approach that explains each of the exam objectives based on a real-world perspective. The aim of the book is to also help you learn your weaknesses and retain all that’s important for you to know. Why You Need this Guide

  • Includes key topic features to bring your attention to the most crucial material for your CEH certification exam preparation
  • Includes real world scenarios and guidance through review questions
  • Every chapter has a list of key terms to give you a smooth exam preparation period

Here’s where to access the guide!


CEH Practice Tests

9. CEH v9: Certified Ethical Hacker Version 9 Practice Tests

This certification guide by Raymond Blockmon is ideal for the high-stakes CEH exam. It has five complete tests that cover every exam section. The unique practice tests help you know your weak spots for you to work on them thoroughly. This will give you confidence in your skills and knowledge as well as enhance your exam performance. Why You Need this Guide

  • Enables you to understand the format of the actual test
  • Helps you gauge your progress in understanding new threats and vulnerabilities
  • Covers required knowledge areas such as tools, security, procedures as well as regulations

Learn more about the guide here


These best CEH certification training books offer you in-depth topic coverage and help you work through real-world scenarios. The intention is to enable you master the exam concepts crucial to acing your Certified Ethical Hacker exam. Beyond passing the exam, these valuable study guides give you the best support to help you enhance your cybersecurity career.

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