Best Angular JS Training Courses

Are you searching for a great Angular training course? If your answer is yes, then I got you covered! Here are the best training courses that I have compiled for you. They’ll help you learn and master web development using Angular. You will understand concepts like Typescript, Dependency Injections, Single Page Application (SPA), Directives, Pipes, Forms, Promises and Observables. Whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate learner or an expert, these courses are the right fit for you, and we highly recommend them. Why do I say so? It’s because of what they can offer you. Let’s check out the courses right away. Read on!


  • Angular 2 Crash Course for Busy Developers on Udemy

2. Pluralsight Angular JS Online Training Course

This course for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners will teach you to use the JavaScript framework to design web apps. You get to know about Angular JS, common patterns with Angular JS, and the accepted best practices that allow building of Angular JS web applications. With an average rating of 4.6, this has proved to be one of the best and most sought after courses. Angular JS Training Online with PluralSight Details

  • In-depth course coverage of about 50 hours
  • You will master concepts like controller patterns, exception handling, usage of Angular JS in unit testing, dependency injection, and building of reusable components using Angular JS
  • Suitable for beginners with experience in using JavaScript as well as HTML
  • The course is structured to take you through beginner to advanced level
  • There’s an IQ assessment test to help you determine the level at which you can start
  • It’s taught by experts with many years of experience on the subject
  • You can access free course content for the initial ten days

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3. Angular 7 Course: Complete Guide on Udemy

The course rated 4.6 by over 72,936 learners has more than 333,617 enrolled to date. It equips you with skills in developing modern web apps that are complex, responsive as well as scalable. This course is suitable for pure beginners, as you won’t need any prior knowledge in CSS and HTML. With basic understanding of JavaScript, you’re good to go. Angular 7 Course Online Details

  • The creator of the course is Maximilian Schwartzmuller, a coding expert who begun his coding journey at only 13!
  • You need no prior experience of Angular 1 or 2.
  • You’ll learn the Angular 7 architecture including how you can use it
  • You’ll master how to use modern JavaScript, writing Angular applications using TypeScript, and routing as well as handling navigation, among other things
  • 422 lectures of advanced course coverage
  • On-demand videos of up to 28 hours
  • 38 articles and 99 downloadable study resources
  • A certificate on course completion

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4. Free Angular Training course Essentials with Lynda on LinkedIn

In this course, Justin Schwartzenberger takes you through the essentials of the Angular framework. You’ll learn how to design Single Page Apps that are complex in nature. So far, about 54,055 learners have enrolled in the course that has an average rating of 4.5. It targets beginners to intermediate level learners. It will take you 2 hours 48 minutes to clear it. Angular Training Course Details

  • The video course begins from the basics thus making it suitable for beginners
  • You’ll master features like change detection, rich templates, user-interactions, comprehensive routing as well as dependency injection
  • A complete demo on how to build a web-app that’s full-featured from the beginning till it’s complete
  • A full access to a free course and free exercise files that you can use for practice
  • An offline option allows you to view and study the course without an internet connection
  • 7 topics that include framework overview, components, pipes and directives, forms, dependency injections & services, HTTP, and routing
  • Course covers both front-end as well back-end web app development

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5. Learn and Understand AngularJS Training Course on Udemy

With an average rating of 4.5 and 73,499 learners so far enrolled, about 16,270 learners have rated this course as the best. Anthony Alicea, this course creator and instructor uses a thorough approach to take you through the basics of JavaScript. Having started programming at the age of 12, Anthony has taught over 150,000 professionals on web development. He will teach you the basic concepts powering Angular JS as well as how to apply your newly acquired knowledge in building it. That’s great, right? Udemy AngularJS Course Details

  • With basic knowledge in JavaScript and HTML, anyone can begin this course
  • You will master skills in designing custom services, custom directives, how to design an app for weather forecast using SPA (Single Page Application)
  • 55 comprehensive video lectures lasting up to 7 hours
  • 5 articles and 33 study resources that are downloadable
  • You’ll receive a certification at the end of the course

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6. AngularJS 2 Certification Course With Lynda on LinkedIn

The course by Ray Villalobos, an expert full-stack developer, equips you with skills you require to design your projects using AngularJS framework. You’ll learn what is involved in dividing own projects into specific modules, working with events, styling of content using CSS, and creating components as well as subcomponents. The video course has a current average rating of 4.5 and lasts for a total of 1 hour 41 minutes. Over 38,522 learners have so far enrolled for this popular course. Lynda AngularJS Course Details

  • A one month free access
  • The course focuses on front-end frameworks for developing web applications
  • Covers 3 comprehensive topics including introduction, getting started with Angular and creating modules
  • This AngularJS course is fit for beginners and intermediate learners as well
  • You get to understand the difference between Angular 1 and Angular 2
  • Gaining skills on how to divide own projects into specific modules
  • You’ll acquire world-class skills in designing of real world class projects
  • Inclusion of exercises to help you apply what you are learning
  • An offline access to the course and other study resources

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7. Vue JS 2: The Complete Guide on Udemy

This course created and taught by Maximilian Schwartzenberger takes you through the simple to the complex facts of designing applications using Vue JS, a JavaScript framework. Some of the topics you’ll cover include Workflow, development environment, how to interact with DOM, components, forms, and app deployment. The course has been rated 4.7 by 22,955 students. Already 76,063 have so far enrolled. You require 21.5 hours to complete this course. Unique Points

  • 389 video lectures of in-depth course coverage
  • 37 articles and 106 study resources that you can download
  • Basic knowledge in JavaScript is all you need to begin the course
  • You’ll learn Vue.js and how to apply it in real-world projects
  • The instructor takes you through how to utilise Vue.js both in Single Page Applications (SPA) and Multiple Page Applications (MPA)
  • You get access to free assignments and exercises after topic coverage
  • Once you complete the course, you will be awarded a certificate

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7. Angular 2 Crash Course for Busy Developers on Udemy A rating of 4.5 by 12,358 users and an enrolment of over 50,185 students can tell you that this is the best course for Angular. Do you know this course has been created by Mosh Hamadeni who begun programming as a 7-year old kid? I know it’s almost unbelievable! But that’s the truth. Mosh is a pragmatic software engineer who has taught over 130,000 students from 195 countries. He takes you through the basics of the Angular architecture all the way to building complex web apps using this framework. All you need is about 10.5 hours to complete the video training course. Unique Points

  • The course has been reviewed by Todd Motto, an expert in Google app development
  • Access to 5 articles and 4 resources that you can download
  • Basic knowledge in HTML, JavaScript and CSS is enough to start the course
  • You don’t require any prior experience with any of the Angular earlier versions
  • The expert instructor will teach you the basics of TypeScript, as well as object-oriented type of programming. Other areas include handling events, displaying data, using pipes to format data, and reactive extensions
  • Access to coding exercises for you to master what you’re learning
  • You earn a completion certificate once you are successfully done with the course

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8. Simplilearn AngularJS Certification Course

With 775 learners so far and with over 55 of them giving a rating of 4.0, this course never disappoints. You have three options. The first one is a self-paced course that allows you an access of 180 days. The second one is the online Flexi-Pass instructor-led training that gives you an access of 90 days, and the third option is corporate learning for groups or employees of organizations or enterprises. SimpliLearn AngularJS Training Details

  • Taught by certified expert trainers with years of experience in web development
  • 36 straight hours of online instructor-led training
  • A total of 12 free quizzes
  • You learn the Angular framework, how to design single page apps, details of Angular CLI, use of custom pipes as well as directives, and performing unit testing, among others
  • 3 Hands-on projects to help you practice as you learn
  • A free JavaScript course for beginners
  • A free ‘Starting with Angular 4’ course
  • A free e-book that you can download
  • Free tips on how to prepare and pass your exam

Final Thoughts

I know you agree with me that finding a great course is the first step towards succeeding in your career. Whether you are a novice or an expert developer, these best Angular training courses will give you all you need to be a great web developer. The courses are in-depth and come highly recommended by experts in the world of web development.