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Best AWS Solution Architect Certification Training Courses

Sometimes getting the training course that suits your needs can be a little difficult. However, when you can have access to a list that has already been compiled for you, then your work would be easier. The AWS Solutions Architect certification is the most sought after credential by employers today. In the near future, cloud computing would constitute over 85% of data storage. And you know what? AWS is the leading provider of the cloud computing services. This implies that there will be massive opportunities for you if you position yourself rightly. This underscores the importance of finding that course that has been specially designed for you. The AWS Solutions Architect certification training course covers areas like planning, securing, moving, as well as maintenance of massive amounts of data. Do you want to know the best courses for your AWS Solutions Architect certification? Read on.


1. Grey Campus AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Course This is one of the best AWS courses today. There are two courses available here. They are the online instructor-led course and the self-learning course. The curriculum gives you an opportunity to be at par or even better than those professionals already in the cloud industry. They have designed their content to make you pass your exam as well as prepare you for the real-world workplace environment. The course places greater emphasis on the practical aspects to ensure that you have the skills to carry out tasks like configuring, designing, and optimizing the AWS cloud framework. You will learn how to carry out these tasks while building efficient cloud server solutions. The unique thing about this course is that it allows learners with different levels of skills to learn and master these skills. This implies that if you have zero knowledge in AWS, you can always take this course. Why choose Grey Campus?

  • Anyone with basic or no knowledge of the AWS platform can take this course
  • The course starts from scratch covering areas like database, application services, security, networking and computing
  • Pre-recorded lectures in audio or video
  • The self-learning course allows you to learn at your own pace
  • Personalized training for groups of three and above at a preferred place
  • Simulated exams for practice, practice tests, and labs
  • Quizzes after every chapter
  • Emphasis on hands-on experience and practical skills to ensure that learners can apply their skills to a real-world challenge
  • Access to online support

Course Duration: 4 hours of online instructor-led training 13 hrs of pre-recorded lectures


2. Kaplan AWS Certified Solution Architect Training Courses Kaplan offers you both the associate and the professional level certification courses. Kaplan IT Training offers you the e-learning professional course in partnership with SkillSoft. They prepare learners to know how to provision, operate, deploy and maintain systems on the AWS framework. Other areas include understanding how to define as well as gather requirements to help in defining a solution that you need to implement on AWS. Here are details for the courses:

  • Availability of two study packages: the self-paced package and the e-learning package
  • The self-paced course for the associate level exam gives you two options, an online assessment with an access of 30 days, and a online exam preparation course accessible for 180 days.

Why choose Kaplan Training?

  • You get access to an affordable and effective course
  • Access to practice tests that give you a chance to simulate your own exam experience
  • You can customize your quiz settings to cover specific topics.
  • The course is accessible on a number of devices that include mobile related ones
  • Availability of an interface that is clean and intuitive. This supports a continuous and conducive learning environment
  • You can access analytics, reports and other details that measure your progress
  • Availability of self-paced learning options to accommodate your preferences
  • You’ll have the benefit of accessing online learning resources for a whole year
  • The 180-day option allows you to download and print quizzes that you can use for your offline study


3. Whizlabs AWS Solution Architect Training Courses Whizlabs provides its trainees with resources to prepare and pass their exams with ease. They constantly ensure that their content is in-line with the latest developments in cloud computing. Their intention is produce professionals who are ready for this ever-evolving industry. Their practice questions are unique from all the others. They not only provide you with sample questions with answers, but they’ll also show you the reasons why a particular answer would be correct or wrong. Competent specialists are there to compile these sets of questions while ensuring that they are always up to date. This plays such a pivotal role in ensuring that you as a learner would have an advantage when it comes to passing your exam. Whizlabs offers this training at two levels. They are the associate and the professional levels. The associate level course consists of 14.5 hours of online training, 20 free tests, and 7 practice tests. This course requires you to have a prior one-year experience solving problems and implementing solutions using the AWS Cloud platform. On the other hand, the professional level certification course requires you to have a two-year prior experience of designing, operating, and troubleshooting solutions using the AWS Cloud framework. Why you should choose Whizlabs

  • 14.5 hours of online training for the associate level course. The course is detailed and covers all the exam objectives
  • You get access to 20 free tests and 7 practice questions for the associate level exam
  • 15 practice exams and 400 practice questions for the professional level exam study
  • Practice questions are compiled by qualified test experts who ensure that they are always up to date
  • Thorough coverage of the course content
  • A great support team on stand-by to listen and support you all the way till you are confident enough to take your exam
  • You’ll get access to a mock exam software available online. The software is available those who use mobile phones as well

Course Duration: 14.5 hours Rating: 4.5


simplilearn logo

4. Simplilearn AWS Solution Architect Certification Training course With about 50 hours of in-depth learning, you can never go wrong with this course. Over 1980 learners have so far enrolled for this popular course, with 1148 of them giving it a rating of 4.0. The course covers detailed AWS framework principles as well as services like IAM, EC2, EBS, VPC, and more. You’ll gain skills in designing scalable AWS cloud computing implementations while adhering to best practices as laid down by Amazon. The course provides you with three learning options, namely, self-paced, online Flexi-Pass classroom learning and corporate training. The self-paced course gives you an access of 180 days, while the flexi pass grants you an access of 90 days to more than 8 online instructor-led video courses. Learners who meet a number of requirements have an opportunity to receive a course completion certification. The requirements are completing a batch of online training courses, completion of one project, covering the course by at least 85%, and passing a single simulation test with a score of at least 60%. Why you should choose Simplilearn

  • You get access to up to date courses that are in-line with the latest Amazon exams
  • About 50 hours of in-depth course coverage
  • Self-paced learning access for a lifetime
  • Free practice tests
  • 3 simulation practice exams each one carrying 60 questions
  • Free end-of-topic practice exams and quizzes
  • 3 real-life industry projects with labs to prepare you for the real world tasks
  • A free Linux training course
  • You get a chance to be awarded a Simplilearn course completion certificate
  • 24/7 support with mentoring sessions

Course Duration: 50 hrs Rating: 3.0/5

Final Thoughts

Why don’t you make it your goal today to pursue the AWS Solutions Architect Certification? This list that I have put together on the best AWS Solution Architect training courses will go a long way in helping you make that decision. Cloud computing cannot be ignored anymore. By obtaining the requisites skills, you prove to the world that you are ready for the revolution. This is where the most coveted jobs such as AWS cloud developer, cloud software engineer and AWS cloud solutions architect are. So don’t be left out of the present and the future of revolutionary data storage solutions.

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