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Choosing the right CISSP training course is one of the most important decisions you will make on your journey to become a Certified Information Systems Security Professional.

The difference between successfully passing or failing the CISSP exam largely depends on how well your study materials match your learning style and schedule. You will be spending hundreds or even thousands of hours studying, so it’s crucial to find the study guide that is right for you. Lilo awọn ti ko tọ si Prepu dajudaju o le fa o lati Dimegilio kekere ati ki o ba kuna rẹ kẹhìn, wa lowo o osu ti iwadi akoko ati afikun kẹhìn owo. Fifun jẹ nibi lati rii daju wipe ko ni ṣẹlẹ!

Nítorí nibi ni ti o dara awọn iroyin: we have personally researched all of the Best CISSP online courses on the market to make things easier for you! Lafiwe chart ni isalẹ yoo ran o mọ eyi ti ọkan ti o dara ju jije rẹ aini.

Ifihan: Jọwọ ṣe akiyesi diẹ ninu awọn ìjápọ ni isalẹ wa ni alafaramo ìjápọ, ati ni ko si afikun iye owo si o, Mo ti yoo jo'gun a referral owo ti o ba ti o ba pinnu lati nawo ni a papa akojọ si isalẹ. Jọwọ nikan lo mi ìjápọ ti o ba ti o ba lero wipe mo ti ràn ọ ninu rẹ atunyẹwo dajudaju ipinnu.


Best CISSP Training Courses of 2018 Compared:


CISSP CoursesCISSP Ìkẹkọọ ohun elo Ti o dara ju CISSP igbeyewo imura papa Ti o dara ju CISSP Review dajudajuTop CISSP igbeyewo imura papa
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Ìwò Rating
AAYESimplilearn CISSPGraduate X CISSPCISSP ExamPractice Master of Project CISSPTranscender CISSP
Owo$2,899 $2,320
show kupọọnu
$489 $391
show kupọọnu
$699 $499
gba eni
$335 $399
Dára IBEERE1,2501,500 N / A1,000949
VIDEO eko32 Wakati 50+ Wakati35+ Wakati 10+ Wakati23 Wakati
CPE Kirediti Yọǹda35 CPEs / 30 PDUs 35 CPEs32 CPEs 30 CPEs
Kika online, Ara-gbigbe online, Ara-gbigbeonline, Ara-gbigbe online, Ara-gbigbe online, Ara-gbigbe
Lopolopo3 Day Owo-Back Guarantee 30 Day Owo-Back Guarantee 30 Day Owo-Back GuaranteeOn Dára kẹhìn Software nikan
FREE RirinkiriYesMarkYesMarkYesMarkYesMarkDára kẹhìn Software Ririnkiri
FULL-Ipari Dára idanwoYesMarkYesMark10 Idanwo 1 Full Length ExamYesMark
Itesiwaju ÀtòjọYesMarkYesMarkYesMark YesMark
ALAGBEKA FriendlyYesMarkYesMark
FOONU / support EMAIL Bẹẹni, Plus chat anytime 24/5!YesMark YesMark
ONLINE ACCESS6 Osu 6 Osu6 Osu 12 Osu 12 Osu
To bẹrẹBẹrẹ NOW Bẹrẹ NOWBẹrẹ NOWBẹrẹ NOWBẹrẹ NOW

1. SimpliLearn CISSP Prep Course

Best CISSP exam prep courses

Ìwò Rating:

Owo-Back Guarantee: SimpliLearn nfun wọn omo a 3 ọjọ owo-pada lopolopo. Ti o ba ti wa ni ko ooto pẹlu awọn dajudaju laarin awọn akọkọ 3 ọjọ ti lilo o le beere rẹ owo pada bi gun bi o ti ko wọle si siwaju sii ju 50% ti awọn dajudaju.
Kikopa idanwo: Yi ikẹkọ pese ti o pẹlu 5 CISSP Simulation idanwo. Kọọkan kẹhìn oriširiši ti 250 ibeere fun a lapapọ ti 1,250 online ibeere. Awọn idanwo ti wa ni túmọ lati ṣedasilẹ awọn ti gidi CISSP kẹhìn ati ki o yoo gba o laaye lati orin rẹ ilọsiwaju ati pipe ni orisirisi awọn agbegbe.
CPE kirediti: SimpliLearn’s CISSP counts towards your 35 Tẹsiwaju Ọjọgbọn Education (CPE) Kirediti tabi 30 Ọjọgbọn Development sipo (PDUs). Eleyi le je ikẹkọ a nla ona lati tọju soke pẹlu rẹ ti nlọ lọwọ ọjọgbọn eko ibeere.




2. Graduate X CISSP Review Course

Ìwò Rating:


In-Depth Video Lessons: Pẹlu lori 330 videos explaining that are regularly updated with all the key topics in detail you’ll never get lost. Best of all their platform is very mobile friendly. This gives you the option to study on your own time whether it’s on a beach, bus or just at home on the couch.
Unmatched Value: GraduateX comes in at a really affordable price. While other competitors cost thousands they are less than half and offer their students a solid 30 ọjọ owo-pada lopolopo. Ti o ba ti wa ni ko ooto pẹlu awọn dajudaju laarin awọn akọkọ 30 days of usage you can request your money back.
(ISC)2 Approved & CPE kirediti: Very few CISSP courses are actually approved. This is a huge advantage that other courses don’t yet offer. GraduateX’s CISSP counts towards your 35 Tẹsiwaju Ọjọgbọn Education (CPE) Credits. Eleyi le je ikẹkọ a nla ona lati tọju soke pẹlu rẹ ti nlọ lọwọ ọjọgbọn eko ibeere.
Visual Experience: You’re going to get the best of what the web has to offer with this product, as the visual layout of the course is amazing. GraduateX does a great job in presenting information in a simple manner, but still using advanced design tools to give you exactly what you need to ace the test.




2. CISSP ExamPractice

Certified Information Systems Security Professional Exam Prep

Ìwò Rating:

Flexible Lessons: The on-demand CISSP Boot Camp Course is taught by Shon Harris and David Miller through interactive lessons designed for your busy schedule. You have the option to complete the curriculum in order, or re-visit training lessons as many times as you like.
CPE Credits Included: When you complete the CISSP review course, you will also have completed 32 CPE credits that can go towards other requirements for your CISSP license. You will also be given a course certificate to prove the completion of the CPE credits.
Free Ririnkiri: CISSP Exam Practice offers a free demo for you to test out the interactive lessons. All you need to do is click the “Course Demo” button on the CISSP course description page and you will be able to try out several lessons.
Video Training: This course offers you a great chance to simulate future work environments and play out real-life scenarios with its unrivaled full-motion video training. With such extensive options in this regard, you’ll be prepared for test day in no time, especially given the great quality of instruction that comes with each course.



3. Master of Project Academy CISSP

Top CISSP igbeyewo imura papa

Ìwò Rating:

Flexible Lessons: The on-demand CISSP Boot Camp Course is taught by Mohamed Atif a consultant and certified instructor with more than 20 years of experience. Mohamed ni o ni a gun akojọ ti awọn certifications ati nla ìwò akeko agbeyewo.
CPE Credits Included: When you complete the CISSP review course, you will also have completed 30 CPE credits that can go towards other requirements for your CISSP license. You will also be given a course certificate to prove the completion of the CPE credits.
Free Ririnkiri: Master of Project Academy CISSP pẹlu kan free demo fun o lati se idanwo jade ni eko. Gbogbo awọn ti o nilo lati se ni tẹ awọn "Awotẹlẹ" bọtini lori CISSP dajudaju apejuwe iwe ati awọn ti o yoo ni anfani lati gbiyanju jade orisirisi eko.
Owo-Back Guarantee: MPA nfun wọn omo a 30 ọjọ owo-pada lopolopo. Ti o ba ti wa ni ko ooto pẹlu awọn dajudaju laarin awọn akọkọ 30 ọjọ ti lilo o le beere rẹ owo pada bi gun bi o ti ko wọle si siwaju sii ju 50% ti awọn dajudaju.

Lọ TO TITUNTO OF agbese ijinlẹ

4. Transcender CISSP

Free CISSP kẹhìn iwa

Ìwò Rating:

akeko Support: Omo ile enrolled ni yi eLearning dajudaju yoo ni iwọle si a ifiwe koko ọrọ iwé ti o le dahun ibeere ati ki o ran pẹlú awọn ọna lati CISSP iwe eri. Nini ohun iwé wa ni a ikọja ẹya-ara, as it allows CISSP candidates to get helpful and precise answers to their questions.
Dajudaju Akoonu: You can get more out of the Transcender eLearning course by combining it with their practice exam program. Apapọ awọn 2 ẹya ara ti yi dajudaju yoo fun ọ 23 wakati ti dajudaju ẹkọ, 949 asa ibeere, ati 1,040 flashcards lati ṣe ayẹwo. Awọn asa kẹhìn eto jẹ ẹya afikun $169 ati ki o faye gba o lati ṣe rẹ iriri nipasẹ mu akoko idanwo, selecting which objectives you’d like to be tested on, ati quizzing ara rẹ pẹlu flashcards.
Free Ririnkiri: Wọn ti wa ni ki igboya ninu won asa kẹhìn eto ti nwọn nse a free demo ti o. Omo ile yoo nilo lati ṣẹda a free iroyin ati ki o gba pop-ups ni won lilọ kiri lori ayelujara lati wọle si awọn demo. The demo allows learners get a good idea of how Transcender’s CISSP practice exams work. Awọn eLearning dajudaju ko ni ni a free Ririnkiri, but the practice exam demo should give you a general idea of how the course works.
Irọrun: Having multiple study options with long term accessibility makes the Transcender CISSP training an excellent and flexible choice for all types of learners.



CISSP Certification Tips & Tricks

The ever changing cyber world of information technology is growing at an enormous pace. The dependence of governments, business and people on the IT infrastructure has made it an attractive jackpot for criminals. The cost of cyber attacks, vandalism and hacking have cost companies billions. Latest wanna-cry ransomware attack has already expose several vulnerabilities.

An important reason for failed security measures that cripple in front of advance threats is the incompetency of information security professionals. IT security is normally considered a job of high tech professionals expert in coding, scripting but with no business acumen. This has resulted in efforts that were not aligned with business objectives and goals.

Several certifications are available in market that accredit the expertise of information security professionals. The certifications help potential recruiters and market as a whole to verify the information security expertise of a professional. In the sea of growing certifications Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) emerged as the gold standard due to its excellent alignment between technical expertise and business knowledge. CISSP is the most globally recognized certification in the information security market. Required by the world’s most security-conscious organizations, CISSP is the industry-leading credential that assures you have the deep technical and managerial knowledge and experience to effectively design, engineer, and manage the overall security posture of an organization.

Definition and purpose of CISSP is clearly elaborated by ISC2, the organization that conducts CISSP certification program. They state

The vendor-neutral CISSP certification is the ideal credential for those with proven deep technical and managerial competence, skills, experience, and credibility to design, engineer, implement, and manage their overall information security program to protect organizations from growing sophisticated attacks

Hence CISSP exam tests and verify the person’s knowledge and skills both in technical and managerial domains. In the following section I will elaborate various questions that arise in the mind of CISSP aspirants.

How Can I Pass The CISSP?

You can if you have 5 years of information security experience in any two fields out of 8 domains of CISSP and you pass the test. CISSP covers a wide array of topics and that makes it worthy. awọn 8 domains of CISSP are

  • Aabo ati ewu Management
  • Dukia Aabo
  • Security Engineering
  • Communications and Network Security
  • Identity ati Access Management
  • Aabo Igbelewọn ati Igbeyewo
  • Aabo mosi
  • Software Development Aabo

Nitorina ti o ba ni ju 5 ọdun ti ni iriri awọn ti o fẹ oko, ti o kan ni lati to bẹrẹ. Sibẹsibẹ CISSP ko ni wa ni a poku iye owo. A akude iye ti idoko ti wa ni beere deede CISSP bata ago, CISSP ikẹkọ ati ifẹ si CISSP eko awọn ohun elo ti. CISSP exam itself cost $600. Most of the free material available on internet is from old 10 ibugbe Àpẹẹrẹ.

Ohun ti Se Lori The CISSP igbeyewo?

A aseyori ajo bẹrẹ ni kete ti awọn ìlépa ti wa ni daradara telẹ ki o si ye. Understanding CISSP test, what it is, how it test you and how tough it is can really set you on strong base for the gigantic task. The long 6 hour 250 multiple choice questions test, test your knowledge, patience and persistence. It requires a lot of study, practice tests, practical experience and strong conceptual grasp on CISSP knowledge areas.

The test consist of multiple choice questions with the following distribution percentage of questions.

1. Aabo ati ewu Management16%
2. Dukia Aabo10%
3. Security Engineering12%
4. Ibaraẹnisọrọ ki o si Network Aabo12%
5. Identity ati Access Management13%
6. Aabo Igbelewọn ati Igbeyewo11%
7. Aabo mosi16%
8. Software Development Aabo10%

Courtesy ISC2


As you witness the questions will be well spread across all domains and sincere efforts have to be made to master all 8 ibugbe. All the questions in CISSP do not carry equal marks. The value of each questions is based on its difficulty level. In addition to this 25 questions are experimental and added for test purpose only. These questions are not rated for calculating your final score. However you cannot differentiate between these experimental test questions and the graded ones.

How to prepare for the CISSP Test

CISSP requires knowledge of all the 8 domains mentioned above. Iwọ yoo nilo awọn wọnyi mẹrin oro lati mura fun awọn kẹhìn.

  1. Books
  2. Video ikowe
  3. CISSP boot camp or CISSP trainings
  4. Practice tests

Mo ti yoo se alaye kọọkan ni awọn oluşewadi ninu awọn apejuwe

  1. Books

Rẹ wun ti iwe yoo ran o mọ awọn dopin ati milestones ti rẹ iwadi. Emi yoo so CISSP (ISC)2 Certified Information Systems Security Professional Official Study Guide 7th Edition. It’s one of the highest rated book on amazon with various 5 star reviews. The book is well written and concise. The information given is to the point and there is no extra detail that is not related with CISSP exam. The book is divided into 21 chapters that are curated to make the reading and understanding easy.

In addition to this main book you can always consult additional books for in depth understanding of concepts. CISSP All-in-One Exam Guide is an excellent book for going through your weak topics. However the detail oriented book should only be used as reference instead of using it as one and only book. Books by Eric Conrad are also praised and highly rated by CISSP test takers.

  1. Video ikowe

Nibẹ ni o wa kan pupo ti free ati ki o san fidio ikowe ti o wa lori ayelujara. The most effective lectures are provided by Kelly Handerhan on Cybrary. Her lectures are concise, to the point and creates the mindset that is very important for successful CISSP test. CISSP puts you in a position of risk manager, nibi gbogbo ipinu ati ìpinnu gbọdọ wa ni orisun lori wipe o tọ. Awọn ikowe wa ni free.

3. CISSP bata ago

CISSP oja eletan ti ṣe o ohun wuni iwe eri ti o jẹ wá nipa tobi nọmba ti IT aabo akosemose. A Pupo ti ilé pese online ati ki o onsite CISSP trainings. Awọn wọnyi CISSP kilasi pese awọn ọna kan ori bẹrẹ fun omo ati iranlọwọ significantly ni agbọye awọn dopin ati imo agbegbe ti CISSP. O le wo wa lafiwe ni awọn oke ti iwe yi fun awọn ti o dara ju CISP bata ago wa.

4. Asa Ayẹwo CISSP Training

Aseyori CISSP igbeyewo igbiyanju wa ni da lori sanlalu asa akoko. Asa ibeere gbọdọ wa ni lo koko ọlọgbọn ati ni illa kika to fese alaye aabo agbekale. Ọkan idi fun CISSP isoro ipele lati wa ni ga ni wipe ko si asa ibeere wá sunmo si atilẹba ibeere beere ni kẹhìn.

Nitorina asa ibeere lati ọpọ orisun gbọdọ wa ni lo lati Oríṣiríṣi awọn igbeyewo iriri. Diẹ ninu awọn ti awọn oro lo nipa mi ni o wa

  • Sybex igbeyewo Bank: This comes along with the book and adds significantly to the value. O wa 20 questions for each chapter along with (4) 250 questions full exams.
  • MCGraw Hill asa idanwo. These CISSP practice questions and audio lectures were developed by Shon Harris and the Logical Security development team. We worked hard to develop a comprehensive set of questions and lecture files that will better prepare you for the CISSP.

*A sample from each of the sources is included at the end

Ongoing CISSP certification

The CISSP credential is valid for three years; julọ ​​holders tunse nipa fohunsile Itesiwaju Professional Education (CPE) kirediti. Wa ti tun kan lododun omo egbe ọya ti $85 ti a beere lati ṣetọju iwe eri


Ni ibamu si awọn iwadi, ga olugbe ti CISSPs wa ni be ni DC, NYC ati Atlanta Georgia. Awọn ilu pẹlu awọn ga apapọ ekunwo wà NYC, bọ ni ni $ 119.840 / ọdun.

CISSP eri ifọkansi

Imudani ti CISSP certifications le jo'gun afikun certifications ni awọn agbegbe ti nigboro. Nibẹ ni o wa mẹta ti o ṣeeṣe:

  1. Information Systems Security Architecture Professional (CISSP-ISSAP). The architect plays a key role within the information security department with responsibilities that functionally fit between the C-suite and upper managerial level and the implementation of the security program.
  2. Information Systems Security Engineering Professional (CISSP-ISSEP), an advanced information security certification issued by (ISC)2 that focuses on the engineering aspects of information security. ISSEP is the guide for incorporating security into projects, applications, business processes, and all information systems.
  3. Information Systems Security Management Professional (CISSP-ISSMP), an advanced information security certification issued by (ISC)2 that focuses on the management aspects of information security. An ISSMP establishes, presents, and governs information security programs demonstrating management and leadership skills


Sample Sybex Test Questions

  1. What security flaw conveys information by writing data to a common storage area where another process can read it ?
    1. Covert timing channel
    2. Buffer overflow
    3. Covert storage channel
    4. Maintenance hook

idahun: C

A covert storage channel conveys information by writing data to a common storage area where another process can read it. Securing data in such a way introduces a security flaw that allows unauthorized user to access the data.


  1. Generally a privacy policy is designed to protect what?
    1. A user’s privacy
    2. The public’s freedom
    3. Intellectual property
    4. A company’s right to audit

idahun: D

Awọn idi ti a ìlànà ìpamọ ni lati fun awọn olumulo ibi ti awọn se ki o si ma ko ni ìpamọ anfaani ti aabo ti ile ká si ọtun lati se ayewo ati ki o bojuto olumulo aṣayan iṣẹ-ṣiṣe.


Awọn ayẹwo CCCure Quizzer ibeere

  1. Jean jẹ ohun ti abẹnu ẹniti nṣe ayẹwo iwe-owo ti o àìyẹsẹ nlo awọn se ayewo àkọọlẹ ti awọn orisirisi nẹtiwọki šiše lati ọja iroyin. Ninu ohun imeeli si awọn VP of IT, ó dandan bi pataki ti o ni pe to dara Idaabobo idari ti wa ni fi ni ibi lati dabobo awọn se ayewo àkọọlẹ. Ti awọn idalare akojọ si isalẹ, eyi ti o jẹ ti awọn weakest.
    1. Unprotected audit logs can be easily altered by an intruder after committing a crime.
    2. Unapproved changes to audit logs hurt the consistency and efficiency of automating reporting.
    3. Audit logs often contain sensitive information and must be protected.
    4. In the event of an investigation, an unprotected audit log may be deemed inadmissible in court.


idahun: B

Unapproved changes to audit logs, which can negatively affect the automation process of reporting, are not the main concern of security. Se ayewo àkọọlẹ ti wa ni idaabobo lati rii daju awọn iyege ati asiri ti àkọọlẹ.


Awọn ayẹwo McGraw Hill ibeere

  1. Ohun ti o jẹ akọkọ igbese ni sese kan DRP(Ajalu Gbigba Eto)
    1. Da gbogbo awọn lominu ni awọn ọna šiše ati awọn iṣẹ ti awọn ile-
    2. Pinnu ti o ba ti awọn ile nilo lati ṣe kan rin-nipasẹ, iru tabi kikopa igbeyewo.
    3. Ṣe kan BIA(Business Impact Analysis)
    4. Lodo a asoju lati kọọkan Department


idahun: C

A BIA includes identifying critical systems and functions of a company and interviewing representatives from each department. Once management’s support if solidified, a business impact analysis needs to be performed to identify the threats the company faces and the potential costs of these threat.


Top 3 CISSP Online Training Courses

CISSP CourseCISSP ExamPracticesun siwajuSimpliLearn
Dára Ìbéèrè N / A9491,250
Video Lessons35+ Wakati23 Wakati32 Wakati
LopolopoOn Dára kẹhìn Software nikan3 Day Owo-Back Guarantee
online Access6 Osu12 Osu180 Ọjọ



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