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CISSP online training courses

Choosing the right CISSP training course is one of the most important decisions you will make on your journey to become a Certified Information Systems Security Professional.

The difference between successfully passing or failing the CISSP exam largely depends on how well your study materials match your learning style and schedule. You will be spending hundreds or even thousands of hours studying, so it’s crucial to find the study guide that is right for you. Using the wrong prep course can cause you to score lower and fail your exam, costing you months of study time and additional exam fees. CRUSH is here to make sure that doesn’t happen!

Ka Ity ny vaovao tsara: we have personally researched all of the Best CISSP online courses on the market to make things easier for you! Ny tabilao etsy ambany fampitahana dia hanampy anao hamaritra izay iray mifanentana tsara indrindra ny zavatra ilaina.

Disclosure: Azafady aza hadino fa ny sasany amin'ireo rohy eto ambany dia Affiliate rohy, ary amin'ny tsy misy vola fanampiny ho anao, Dia mahazo ny anarana saran'ny raha manapa-kevitra ny vola ao amin'ny Mazava ho azy fa voatanisa eto ambany. Mba ihany no mampiasa ny rohy raha tsapanao fa efa nanampy anao ao an-hevitra Mazava ho azy fa fanapahan-kevitra.


CISSP Training Course Discounts & fampitahana

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Ankapobeny ampy
WEBSITESimplilearn CISSPGraduate X CISSPCISSP ExamPractice Tompon'ny Project CISSPtranscending CISSP
PRICE$2,899 $2,320
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$489 $391
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$699 $499
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$335 $399
VIDEO LESONA32 Ora 50+ Ora35+ Ora 10+ Ora23 Ora
CPE CREDITS nanatitra35 CPEs / 30 PDUs 35 CPEs32 CPEs 30 CPEsTsy misy
Format Online, Self-dava Online, Self-davaOnline, Self-dava Online, Self-dava Online, Self-dava
Antoka3 Day Money-Back Guarantee 30 Day Money-Back GuaranteeTsy misy 30 Day Money-Back GuaranteeOn Exam Software ho zatra ihany
FREE DemoYesMarkYesMarkYesMarkYesMarkFomba fanao Exam Software Demo
MANONTOLO lava ARAHO NY fanadinanaYesMarkYesMark10 Quizzes YesMark
MOBILE FriendlyYesMarkYesMark
TELEFAONINA / EMAIL MANAMPY Eny, Plus chat anytime 24/5!YesMark YesMark
ONLINE ACCESS6 Volana 6 Volana6 Volana 12 Volana 12 Volana
Hanombokadia atombohy anio dia atombohy aniodia atombohy aniodia atombohy aniodia atombohy anio

1. SimpliLearn CISSP Prep Course

Best CISSP fanadinana Prep taranja

Ankapobeny ampy:

Vola-Back Guarantee: SimpliLearn manolotra ny mpianatra iray 3 andro vola-miverina antoka. Raha toa ianao ka tsy afa-po tamin'ny Mazava ho azy fa ao anatin'ny voalohany 3 andro dia afaka mangataka fampiasana ny vola indray raha mbola tsy jerena mihoatra ny 50% ny mazava ho azy.
Simulation fanadinana: This training provides you with 5 CISSP Simulation fanadinana. Fanadinana tsirairay dia ahitana 250 fanontaniana ho tanteraka ny 1,250 fanontaniana an-tserasera. Ny fanadinana dia natao simulate ny tena CISSP Exam ka hamela anao mba manara-maso ny fandrosoana sy fahaizana amin'ny faritra samihafa.
CPE nahazoan-dalana: SimpliLearn’s CISSP counts towards your 35 Mitohy Professional Education (CPE) Nahazoan-dalana na 30 Matihanina Development Units (PDUs). Izany fampiofanana izany dia mety ho fomba lehibe mba haharaka ny fianarana mitohy matihanina takiana.



2. Graduate X CISSP Review Course

Ankapobeny ampy:


In-Depth Video Lessons: Maherin'ny 330 videos explaining that are regularly updated with all the key topics in detail you’ll never get lost. Best of all their platform is very mobile friendly. This gives you the option to study on your own time whether it’s on a beach, bus or just at home on the couch.
Unmatched Value: GraduateX comes in at a really affordable price. While other competitors cost thousands they are less than half and offer their students a solid 30 andro vola-miverina antoka. Raha toa ianao ka tsy afa-po tamin'ny Mazava ho azy fa ao anatin'ny voalohany 30 days of usage you can request your money back.
(ISC)2 Approved & CPE nahazoan-dalana: Very few CISSP courses are actually approved. This is a huge advantage that other courses don’t yet offer. GraduateX’s CISSP counts towards your 35 Mitohy Professional Education (CPE) Credits. Izany fampiofanana izany dia mety ho fomba lehibe mba haharaka ny fianarana mitohy matihanina takiana.
Visual Experience: You’re going to get the best of what the web has to offer with this product, as the visual layout of the course is amazing. GraduateX does a great job in presenting information in a simple manner, but still using advanced design tools to give you exactly what you need to ace the test.




2. CISSP ExamPractice

Certified Information Systems Security Professional Exam Prep

Ankapobeny ampy:

Flexible Lessons: The on-demand CISSP Boot Camp Course is taught by Shon Harris and David Miller through interactive lessons designed for your busy schedule. You have the option to complete the curriculum in order, or re-visit training lessons as many times as you like.
CPE Credits Included: Rehefa tanteraka ny famerenana CISSP Mazava ho azy, ianao koa efa vita tanteraka 32 CPE nahazoan-dalana izay afaka mandeha mankany amin'ny fepetra hafa ho an'ny CISSP fahazoan-dalana. Ho koa homena ny Mazava ho azy fa mba hanaporofoana ny taratasy vita ny CPE nahazoan-dalana.
Free Demo: CISSP Exam ho zatra manome maimaim-poana ho anareo fihetsiketsehana mba hitsapana ny ifandrimbonana lesona. Ny tokony ataonao dia tsindrio ny "Course Demo" bokotra eo amin'ny CISSP Mazava ho azy fa famaritana pejy ary dia ho afaka ny hanandrana avy lesona maro.
Video Training: This course offers you a great chance to simulate future work environments and play out real-life scenarios with its unrivaled full-motion video training. With such extensive options in this regard, you’ll be prepared for test day in no time, especially given the great quality of instruction that comes with each course.



3. Master of Project Academy CISSP

Top CISSP Test Prep Course

Ankapobeny ampy:

Flexible Lessons: The on-demand CISSP Boot Camp Course is taught by Mohamed Atif a consultant and certified instructor with more than 20 years of experience. Mohamed has a long list of certifications and great overall student reviews.
CPE Credits Included: Rehefa tanteraka ny famerenana CISSP Mazava ho azy, ianao koa efa vita tanteraka 30 CPE nahazoan-dalana izay afaka mandeha mankany amin'ny fepetra hafa ho an'ny CISSP fahazoan-dalana. Ho koa homena ny Mazava ho azy fa mba hanaporofoana ny taratasy vita ny CPE nahazoan-dalana.
Free Demo: Master of Project Academy CISSP includes a free demo for you to test out the lessons. All you need to do is click the “Preview” button on the CISSP course description page and you will be able to try out several lessons.
Vola-Back Guarantee: MPA offers their students a 30 andro vola-miverina antoka. Raha toa ianao ka tsy afa-po tamin'ny Mazava ho azy fa ao anatin'ny voalohany 30 andro dia afaka mangataka fampiasana ny vola indray raha mbola tsy jerena mihoatra ny 50% ny mazava ho azy.


4. transcending CISSP

Free CISSP exam practice

Ankapobeny ampy:

Mpianatra Support: Mpianatra nisoratra anarana ao amin'io eLearning Mazava ho azy dia afaka mampiasa ny foto-kevitra velona manam-pahaizana izay afaka mamaly fanontaniana sy hanampy eny an-dalana ho any CISSP fanamarinana. Ny fananana ny manam-pahaizana dia misy endri-javatra mahafinaritra, as it allows CISSP candidates to get helpful and precise answers to their questions.
Course Content: You can get more out of the Transcender eLearning course by combining it with their practice exam program. Fanakambanana ny 2 Mazava ho azy ity faritra manome anao 23 Mazava ho azy ora fampianarana, 949 fomba fanao fanontaniana, ary 1,040 flashcards mba hamerina hijery. Ny fampiharana fanadinana fandaharana dia fanampiny $169 ary mamela anao ampanjifaina ny traikefa amin'ny alalan'ny fandraisana nanisa fanadinana, selecting which objectives you’d like to be tested on, ary quizzing ny tenanao amin'ny flashcards.
Free Demo: Izy ireo dia matoky ny fomba fanao fanadinana fandaharana izay ateriny ho afaka fihetsiketsehana izany. Students will need to create a free account and allow pop-ups in their web browser to access the demo. The demo allows learners get a good idea of how Transcender’s CISSP practice exams work. Mazava ho azy ny eLearning tsy manana maimaim-poana Demo, but the practice exam demo should give you a general idea of how the course works.
Manovaova: Having multiple study options with long term accessibility makes the Transcender CISSP training an excellent and flexible choice for all types of learners.



CISSP Certification Tips & Tricks

The ever changing cyber world of information technology is growing at an enormous pace. The dependence of governments, business and people on the IT infrastructure has made it an attractive jackpot for criminals. The cost of cyber attacks, vandalism and hacking have cost companies billions. Latest wanna-cry ransomware attack has already expose several vulnerabilities.

An important reason for failed security measures that cripple in front of advance threats is the incompetency of information security professionals. IT security is normally considered a job of high tech professionals expert in coding, scripting but with no business acumen. This has resulted in efforts that were not aligned with business objectives and goals.

Several certifications are available in market that accredit the expertise of information security professionals. The certifications help potential recruiters and market as a whole to verify the information security expertise of a professional. In the sea of growing certifications Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) nivoaka toy ny volamena fenitra tsara noho ny fahaizany ara-teknika eo amin'ny fampifanarahana sy ny raharaham-barotra ny fahalalana. CISSP no tena fantatra eran-tany ny vaovao fanamarinana fiarovana ny tsena. Ilaina ny fiarovana indrindra eran-saina fikambanana, CISSP no nitarika ny orinasa-fanomezan-dalana, izay manome toky manana ny lalina ara-teknika sy ny mpitantana ny fahalalana sy ny traikefa mahomby ny mari, injeniera, ary ny fitantanana ny ankapobeny fihetsika fiarovana ny fikambanana.

Famaritana sy ny tanjon'ny CISSP mazava namelabelatra ny ISC2, ny fikambanana izay mitondra CISSP fanamarinana fandaharana. milaza izy ireo

"Ny mpivarotra tsy miandany CISSP-taratasy fanamarinana dia ny fanomezan-dalana tsara indrindra ho an'ireo voaporofo lalina amin'ny ara-teknika sy ny mpitantana fahaizana, fahaiza-manao, traikefa, sy ny fitokisana hanao ny mari, injeniera, mampihatra, ary hitantana ny vaovao ankapobeny fiarovana fandaharana mba hiarovana fikambanana tsy mitombo be pitsiny fanafihana"

Hence CISSP exam tests and verify the person’s knowledge and skills both in technical and managerial domains. In the following section I will elaborate various questions that arise in the mind of CISSP aspirants.

How Can I Pass The CISSP?

You can if you have 5 years of information security experience in any two fields out of 8 domains of CISSP and you pass the test. CISSP covers a wide array of topics and that makes it worthy. The 8 domains of CISSP are

  • Risk Management Security sy ny
  • Nilaina Security
  • Security Engineering
  • Communications and Network Security
  • Identity sy ny Access Management
  • Security Fanombanana sy ny Testing
  • Security asan'ny fanahy
  • Software Development Security

Koa raha manana mihoatra noho ny 5 taona ny traikefa eo amin'ny saha irina, ianao fotsiny no mba hanomboka. Na izany aza tsy tonga CISSP amin'ny vidiny mora. Ny habetsahan'ny fampiasam-bola be dia takiana manatrika CISSP toby baotin'i, CISSP fiofanana sy nividy fitaovana fianarana CISSP. CISSP exam itself cost $600. Most of the free material available on internet is from old 10 sehatra lamina.

Inona no atao hoe amin'ny The CISSP Test?

A successful journey starts once the goal is well defined and understood. Understanding CISSP test, what it is, how it test you and how tough it is can really set you on strong base for the gigantic task. The long 6 hour 250 multiple choice questions test, test your knowledge, patience and persistence. It requires a lot of study, practice tests, practical experience and strong conceptual grasp on CISSP knowledge areas.

The test consist of multiple choice questions with the following distribution percentage of questions.

1. Risk Management Security sy ny16%
2. Nilaina Security10%
3. Security Engineering12%
4. Fifandraisana sy Network Security12%
5. Identity sy ny Access Management13%
6. Security Fanombanana sy ny Testing11%
7. Security asan'ny fanahy16%
8. Software Development Security10%

Courtesy ISC2


Rehefa nahita ny fanontaniana dia ho tsara niely manerana sehatra rehetra sy ny tso-po ny ezaka tsy maintsy atao mba hahafehy rehetra 8 sehatra. Ny fanontaniana ao CISSP aza mitondra marika mitovy. Ny hasarobidin'ny fanontaniana tsirairay dia mifototra amin'ny ny fahasarotana haavon'ny. Ankoatra izany 25 fanontaniana ireo fanandramana sy fitiliana nanampy ho an'ny tanjona ihany. Ireo fanontaniana ireo dia tsy naoty noho ny fikajiana ny isa farany. Na izany aza tsy afaka manavaka ireo fanandramana fanontaniana fitsapana sy ny graded ireo.

Ahoana no hiomanana ho amin'ny CISSP Test

CISSP dia mitaky ny fahalalana rehetra 8 sehatra voalaza etsy ambony. Dia mila ireto fitaovana efatra mba hiomana ho amin'ny fanadinana.

  1. Books
  2. Video lectures
  3. Kiraro CISSP toby na CISSP fiofanana
  4. fomba fanao fitiliana

Dia manazava ny tsirairay amin'ny an-tsipiriany ao amin'ny loharano

  1. Books

Ny safidy ny boky dia hanampy anao hamaritra ny habetsahan'ny sy dingana lehibe ny fianarana. Manoro hevitra aho CISSP (ISC)2 Certified Information Security Systems Professional Official Gazety Fianarana faha-7 Guide. Izany no iray amin'ireo boky ao amin'ny laharana ambony indrindra amin'ny Amazon isan-karazany 5 kintana hevitra. The book is well written and concise. The information given is to the point and there is no extra detail that is not related with CISSP exam. The book is divided into 21 chapters that are curated to make the reading and understanding easy.

In addition to this main book you can always consult additional books for in depth understanding of concepts. CISSP All-in-One Exam Guide is an excellent book for going through your weak topics. Na izany aza ny tsipiriany boky miompana dia tokony ho ampiasaina toy ny boky, fa tsy mampiasa azy io ho iray sy boky ihany. Books by Eric Conrad ihany koa, ary tena naoty Nidera ny CISSP fitsapana pahaizana isika.

  1. Video Lectures

Misy be dia be ny vola maimaim-poana sy lahatsary fampianarana izay hita ao amin'ny aterineto. Ny tena mahomby lahateny dia nomen'ny Kelly Handerhan amin'ny Cybrary. Ny lectures dia fohy, ny hevitra sy mamorona ny fisainana izay tena zava-dehibe ho an'ny mahomby CISSP fitsapana. CISSP nametraka anao eo amin'ny toeram-doza mpitantana, hence all your decisions and choices must be based on that context. The lectures are free.

3. CISSP boot camps

CISSP market demand has made it an attractive certification which is seek by huge number of IT security professionals. A lot of companies offer online and onsite CISSP trainings. These CISSP classes provide a quick head start for students and helps significantly in understanding the scope and knowledge areas of CISSP. You can view our comparison at the top of this page for the best CISP boot camps available.

4. Practice Tests for CISSP Training

Successful CISSP test attempt is based on extensive practice sessions. Practice questions must be used topic wise and in mix format to consolidate information security concepts. One reason for CISSP difficulty level to be high is that no practice questions come close to original questions asked in exam.

Therefore practice questions from multiple source must be used to diversify the test experience. Some of the resources used by me are

  • Sybex Test Bank: This comes along with the book and adds significantly to the value. Misy 20 questions for each chapter along with (4) 250 questions full exams.
  • MCGraw Hill manao fanadinana. These CISSP practice questions and audio lectures were developed by Shon Harris and the Logical Security development team. We worked hard to develop a comprehensive set of questions and lecture files that will better prepare you for the CISSP.

*A sample from each of the sources is included at the end

Ongoing CISSP certification

The CISSP credential is valid for three years; mpihazona ny ankamaroan'ny manavao amin'ny alalan'ny fandefasana Mitohy ho Professional Education (CPE) nahazoan-dalana. Misy ihany koa ny mpikambana isan-taona saran'ny ny $85 ilaina mba hihazonana ny fanamarinana

CISSP karama

Araka ny fandinihana, ny ambony indrindra mponina CISSPs dia hita ao amin'ny DC, NYC sy Atlanta Georgia. Ny tanàna tamin'ny karama ambony indrindra eo ho eo dia NYC, avy ao amin'ny $ 119.840 / yr.

CISSP Certification Concentrations

Mpihazona ny CISSP certifications afaka mahazo fanampiny certifications amin'ny faritra manokana. Misy zavatra telo mety:

  1. Information Systems Security Architecture Professional (CISSP-ISSAP). The architect plays a key role within the information security department with responsibilities that functionally fit between the C-suite and upper managerial level and the implementation of the security program.
  2. Information Systems Security Engineering Professional (CISSP-ISSEP), an advanced information security certification issued by (ISC)2 that focuses on the engineering aspects of information security. ISSEP is the guide for incorporating security into projects, applications, business processes, and all information systems.
  3. Information Systems Security Management Professional (CISSP-ISSMP), an advanced information security certification issued by (ISC)2 that focuses on the management aspects of information security. An ISSMP establishes, presents, and governs information security programs demonstrating management and leadership skills


Sample Sybex Test Questions

  1. What security flaw conveys information by writing data to a common storage area where another process can read it ?
    1. Fierena fotoana fantsona
    2. buffer tondraka
    3. Fierena fitahirizana fantsona
    4. Maintenance hook

valiny: C

A covert storage channel conveys information by writing data to a common storage area where another process can read it. Fiarovana ny tahirin-kevitra toy izany mampiditra ny fiarovana indro kely izay mamela ny mpampiasa tsy nahazoan-dalana mba hahazoana ny angon-drakitra.


  1. Amin'ny ankapobeny ny fiainana manokana politika dia natao mba hiarovana ny zavatra?
    1. Ny mpampiasa ny fiainana manokana
    2. Ny fahalalahana ny vahoaka
    3. Fananana ara-tsaina
    4. Ny orinasa maso sy manao fanamarinana ny zon'ny

valiny: D

Ny tanjon 'ny fiainana manokana politika dia ny mampahafantatra ireo mpampiasa izay ny atao sy tsy manana fiainana manokana soa ny fiarovana ny orinasa maso sy manao fanamarinana ny zo sy hanara-maso ny asa ny mpampiasa.


Sample CCCure Quizzer fanontaniana

  1. Jean dia auditor anatiny, izay nampiasa hatrany ny fanaraha-maso ny hazo isan-karazany ny vokatra tambajotra rafitra tatitra. Ao amin'ny mailaka ny VP ny IT, dia manamafy fa zava-dehibe ny fiarovana ny fanaraha-maso araka ny tokony apetraka ao an-toerana mba hiarovana ny fanaraha-maso hazo. Ao amin 'ny fanamarinana voatanisa eto ambany, izay ny osa indrindra.
    1. Unprotected audit logs can be easily altered by an intruder after committing a crime.
    2. Unapproved changes to audit logs hurt the consistency and efficiency of automating reporting.
    3. Audit logs often contain sensitive information and must be protected.
    4. In the event of an investigation, an unprotected audit log may be deemed inadmissible in court.


valiny: B

Unapproved changes to audit logs, which can negatively affect the automation process of reporting, are not the main concern of security. Audit logs are protected to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of logs.


Sample McGraw Hill question

  1. What is the first step in developing a DRP(Disaster Recovery Plan)
    1. Identify all critical systems and functions of the company
    2. Decide if the company needs to perform a walk-through, parallel or simulation test.
    3. Perform a BIA(Business Impact Analysis)
    4. Interview a representative from each Department


valiny: C

A bia dia ahitana ny famantarana sy ny asa rafitra mitsikera ny orinasa sy ny dinidinika solontena avy isaky ny sampan-draharaha. Raha vao ny fitantanana ny fanohanana, raha nanamafy, ny raharaham-barotra fiantraikany mila famakafakana tokony hanatanterahana hamantatra ny fandrahonana ny orinasa tarehiny sy ny mety ho vola lany ireo fandrahonana.


Top 3 CISSP Online Training Courses

CISSP CourseCISSP ExamPracticemihoatraSimpliLearn
Fomba fanao Fanontaniana N / A9491,250
Video Lessons35+ Ora23 Ora32 Ora
GuaranteeTsy misyOn Exam Software ho zatra ihany3 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Online Access6 Volana12 Volana180 Andro