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Choosing the right CISSP training course is one of the most important decisions you will make on your journey to become a Certified Information Systems Security Professional.

The difference between successfully passing or failing the CISSP exam largely depends on how well your study materials match your learning style and schedule. You will be spending hundreds or even thousands of hours studying, so it’s crucial to find the study guide that is right for you. Using the wrong prep course can cause you to score lower and fail your exam, costing you months of study time and additional exam fees. CRUSH is here to make sure that doesn’t happen!

Ya mere, ebe a bụ ozi ọma: we have personally researched all of the Best CISSP online courses on the market to make things easier for you! The tụnyere chaatị n'okpuru ga-enyere gị chọpụta nke onye kacha mma dabara gị mkpa.

Ngosi: Biko mara na ụfọdụ njikọ n'okpuru ndị Mgbakwunye njikọ, na na ọ dịghị ọzọ na-eri na ị, M ga-irite a Ntuziaka ego ma ọ bụrụ na ị na-ekpebi itinye ego na a N'ezie e depụtara n'okpuru ebe. Biko eji naanị m njikọ ma ọ bụrụ na ị na-eche na m nyeere gị aka gị nyochaa N'ezie mkpebi.

CISSP Training Course Discounts & atụnyere

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N'ozuzu Rating
WeebụsaịtịSimplilearn CISSPGraduate X CISSPCISSP ExamPractice Master nke Project CISSPtranscending CISSP
Ahịa$2,899 $2,464
Gosi Coupon
$489 $391
Gosi Coupon
$699 $499
nweta Discount
$335 $399
EFE AJỤJỤ1,2501,500 N / AN / A949
VIDEO SE32 Awa 50+ Awa35+ Awa 10+ Awa23 Awa
CPE Ebe E Si Nweta Wepụta35 CPEs / 30 PDUs 35 CPEs32 CPEs 30 CPEsỌ dịghị onye
Usoro online, Onwe-paced online, Onwe-pacedonline, Onwe-paced online, Onwe-paced online, Onwe-paced
Na-ekwe nkwa3 Day Ego-Back n'Aka 30 Day Ego-Back n'AkaỌ dịghị onye 30 Day Ego-Back n'AkaOn Practice Exam Software Only
FREE ngosiYesMarkYesMarkYesMarkYesMarkPractice udomo oro Software ngosi
Full-ogologo-EFE uleYesMarkYesMark10 Quizzes YesMark
Ọganihu nsochiYesMarkYesMarkYesMark YesMark
Mkpanaaka Enyi na EnyiYesMarkYesMark
Ekwentị / ozi nkwado Ee, Plus chat anytime 24/5!YesMark YesMark
ONLINE ACCESS6 Ọnwa ole na 6 Ọnwa ole na6 Ọnwa ole na 12 Ọnwa ole na 12 Ọnwa ole na
Ina malitereMalite UGBU A Malite UGBU AMalite UGBU AMalite UGBU AMalite UGBU A

1. SimpliLearn CISSP Prep Course

Best CISSP udomo oro Prep ọmụmụ

N'ozuzu Rating:

Ego na-azụ nkwa: SimpliLearn awade ụmụ akwụkwọ ha a 3 ụbọchị ego na-azụ nkwa. Ọ bụrụ na ị na-agaghị afọ ojuju na N'ezie n'ime akpa 3 ụbọchị nke ojiji i nwere ike ịrịọ gị ego gị azụ ka ogologo dị ka ị na-enweta ihe karịrị 50% nke N'ezie.
Ịme anwansị ule: This training provides you with 5 CISSP Ịme anwansị ule. Onye ọ bụla udomo oro mejupụtara 250 ajụjụ maka a ngụkọta nke 1,250 online ajụjụ. The ule na-pụtara simulate ata CISSP Exam na ga-ekwe ka ị soro gị na-enwe ọganihu na proficiency dị iche iche ebe.
CPE Ebe E Si Nweta: SimpliLearn si CISSP mkpa kwupụta gị 35 N'ịga n'ihu Ọkachamara Education (CPE) Ebe e si nweta ma ọ bụ 30 Professional Development Units (PDUs). Ọzụzụ a nwere ike ịbụ oké ụzọ na-elu na gị na-aga n'ihu ọkachamara agụmakwụkwọ chọrọ.



2. Graduate X CISSP Review Course

N'ozuzu Rating:


In-Depth Video Lessons: Na n'elu 330 videos explaining that are regularly updated with all the key topics in detail you’ll never get lost. Best of all their platform is very mobile friendly. This gives you the option to study on your own time whether it’s on a beach, bus or just at home on the couch.
Unmatched Value: GraduateX comes in at a really affordable price. While other competitors cost thousands they are less than half and offer their students a solid 30 ụbọchị ego na-azụ nkwa. Ọ bụrụ na ị na-agaghị afọ ojuju na N'ezie n'ime akpa 30 days of usage you can request your money back.
(ISC)2 Approved & CPE Ebe E Si Nweta: Very few CISSP courses are actually approved. This is a huge advantage that other courses don’t yet offer. GraduateX’s CISSP counts towards your 35 N'ịga n'ihu Ọkachamara Education (CPE) Credits. Ọzụzụ a nwere ike ịbụ oké ụzọ na-elu na gị na-aga n'ihu ọkachamara agụmakwụkwọ chọrọ.
Visual Experience: You’re going to get the best of what the web has to offer with this product, as the visual layout of the course is amazing. GraduateX does a great job in presenting information in a simple manner, but still using advanced design tools to give you exactly what you need to ace the test.




2. CISSP ExamPractice

Gbaara Ozi Systems Security Professional Exam Prep

N'ozuzu Rating:

mgbanwe Lessons: The na-ina CISSP buut Camp Course na-akụziri Shon Harris na David Miller site mmekọrịta ihe mere maka gị ọrụ n'aka. Ị nwere nhọrọ mezue usoro ọmụmụ iji, ma ọ bụ re-nleta ọzụzụ ihe dị ka ọtụtụ ugboro ka ị na-amasị.
CPE Credits so: Mgbe ị na mezue CISSP review N'ezie, ị ga-dechara 32 CPE Ebe e si nweta na ike na-aga kwupụta ndị ọzọ a chọrọ maka gị CISSP ikike. Ị ga-enyefe a N'ezie akwụkwọ iji gosi ẹkụre CPE Ebe e si nweta.
Free ngosi: CISSP Exam Practice awade a free ngosi maka ị nwalee si mmekọrịta ihe. All mkpa ka ị na-eme na-pịa "Course ngosi" button na CISSP N'ezie nkọwa page na ị ga-enwe ike nwalee ọtụtụ ihe.
video Training: Nke a N'ezie na-enye gị oké ohere simulate n'ọdịnihu ọrụ gburugburu na-akpọ si real-ndụ ndapụta na ya unrivaled full-ngagharị video ọzụzụ. Dị otú ahụ na ọtụtụ nhọrọ n'akụkụ a, ị ga-akwadebe maka ule ụbọchị na oge, karịsịa nye oké àgwà nke ntụziaka nke na-abịa na nke ọ bụla N'ezie.



3. Master nke Project Academy CISSP

Top CISSP Test Prep Course

N'ozuzu Rating:

mgbanwe Lessons: The na-ina CISSP buut Camp Course na-akụziri Mohamed Atif a ọkachamara ma gbaara nkụzi na ihe karịrị 20 afọ ahụmahụ. Mohamed has a long list of certifications and great overall student reviews.
CPE Credits so: Mgbe ị na mezue CISSP review N'ezie, ị ga-dechara 30 CPE Ebe e si nweta na ike na-aga kwupụta ndị ọzọ a chọrọ maka gị CISSP ikike. Ị ga-enyefe a N'ezie akwụkwọ iji gosi ẹkụre CPE Ebe e si nweta.
Free ngosi: Master of Project Academy CISSP includes a free demo for you to test out the lessons. All you need to do is click the “Preview” button on the CISSP course description page and you will be able to try out several lessons.
Ego na-azụ nkwa: MPA offers their students a 30 ụbọchị ego na-azụ nkwa. Ọ bụrụ na ị na-agaghị afọ ojuju na N'ezie n'ime akpa 30 ụbọchị nke ojiji i nwere ike ịrịọ gị ego gị azụ ka ogologo dị ka ị na-enweta ihe karịrị 50% nke N'ezie.


4. transcending CISSP

Free CISSP exam practice

N'ozuzu Rating:

Mmụta Nkwado: Mmụta debara aha na a eLearning N'ezie ga-enwe ohere a ndụ isiokwu okwu ọkachamara na ike na-aza ajụjụ ma na-enyere n'ụzọ CISSP asambodo. Inwe otu ọkachamara dị bụ a kediegwu atụmatụ, as it allows CISSP candidates to get helpful and precise answers to their questions.
N'ezie Content: You can get more out of the Transcender eLearning course by combining it with their practice exam program. Jikọta 2 akụkụ nke a N'ezie na-enye gị 23 awa N'ezie ntụziaka, 949 omume ajụjụ, na 1,040 flashcards iji nyochaa. The omume udomo oro omume bụ ihe ọzọ $169 na-enye gị ohere hazie gị ahụmahụ site na-ewere timed ule, selecting which objectives you’d like to be tested on, na quizzing onwe gị na flashcards.
Free ngosi: Na ha bụ otú obi ike na ha omume udomo oro omume na ha na-enye a free ngosi nke ya. Students will need to create a free account and allow pop-ups in their web browser to access the demo. The ngosi na-enye ohere na-amụ na-ezi echiche nke otú Transcender si CISSP omume ule na-arụ ọrụ. The eLearning N'ezie adịghị nwere free ngosi, ma omume udomo oro demo ga-enye gị a n'ozuzu echiche nke otú N'ezie ọrụ.
Mgbanwe: Having multiple study options with long term accessibility makes the Transcender CISSP training an excellent and flexible choice for all types of learners.

Na TO transcending CISSP


CISSP Asambodo Atụmatụ & Aghụghọ

The-agbanwe agbanwe mgbe cyber ụwa nke ọmụma technology na-eto eto na nnukwu ihe ijeụkwụ. The ndabere nke ọchịchị, business and people on the IT infrastructure has made it an attractive jackpot for criminals. The cost of cyber attacks, vandalism and hacking have cost companies billions. Latest wanna-cry ransomware attack has already expose several vulnerabilities.

An important reason for failed security measures that cripple in front of advance threats is the incompetency of information security professionals. IT security is normally considered a job of high tech professionals expert in coding, scripting but with no business acumen. This has resulted in efforts that were not aligned with business objectives and goals.

Several certifications are available in market that accredit the expertise of information security professionals. The certifications help potential recruiters and market as a whole to verify the information security expertise of a professional. In the sea of growing certifications Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) emerged as the gold standard due to its excellent alignment between technical expertise and business knowledge. CISSP is the most globally recognized certification in the information security market. Required by the world’s most security-conscious organizations, CISSP is the industry-leading credential that assures you have the deep technical and managerial knowledge and experience to effectively design, engineer, and manage the overall security posture of an organization.

Definition na nzube nke CISSP n'ụzọ doro anya kọwakwuru site ISC2, nzukọ na-eme CISSP asambodo mmemme. ha haa

"The na-ere-anọpụ iche CISSP asambodo bụ ezigbo nzere maka ndị na pụtara miri oru na nlekọta amaka, nkà, ahụmahụ, na ịtụkwasị obi na-chepụta, engineer, mejuputa, na jikwaa ha n'ozuzu ozi nche omume na-echebe òtù si na-eto eto ọkaibe ọgụ"

N'ihi ya CISSP udomo oro ule na nyochaa ihe onye ahụ na ihe ọmụma na nkà ma na teknuzu na nlekọta ngalaba. Na ndị na-esonụ ngalaba na m ga-akọwa n'uju dị iche iche ajụjụ na-ebilite uche nke CISSP achọ.

Olee Otú M Pụrụ Daha The CISSP?

Ị nwere ike ma ọ bụrụ na i nwere 5 afọ nke ozi nche ahụmahụ abụọ ọ bụla ubi nke 8 ngalaba nke CISSP na ị ifọnke. CISSP ekpuchi iche n'usoro nke isiokwu na-eme ka ọ kwesiri. The 8 ngalaba nke CISSP bụ

  • Nche na Egwu Management
  • Akpan owo Nche
  • Security Engineering
  • Communications na Network Security
  • Identity na Access Management
  • Security Assessment na Ule
  • Nche Ịrụ Ọrụ
  • Software Development Nche

Ya mere ọ bụrụ na ị na-enwe ihe karịrị 5 afọ ahụmahụ ke chọrọ ubi, ị dị nnọọ ka malitere. Otú ọ dị CISSP adịghị abịa na a ọnụ ala na-eri. A bukwanu ego nke ego na-chọrọ ịga CISSP buut n'ogige, CISSP ọzụzụ na ịzụ CISSP mmụta ihe. CISSP exam itself cost $600. Most of the free material available on internet is from old 10 ngalaba ụkpụrụ.

Gịnị Bụ On The CISSP Test?

A ihe ịga nke ọma na njem na-amalite otu ihe mgbaru ọsọ na-ọma kọwaa na ghọtara. Understanding CISSP ule, ihe ọ bụ, otú ọ nwalee gị na otú siri ike na ọ na-pụrụ n'ezie ka unu na ike isi n'ihi na gigantic ọrụ. The ogologo 6 hour 250 multiple nhọrọ ajụjụ ule, nwalee gị ihe ọmụma, ndidi na ịnọgidesi. Ọ na-achọ a otutu ọmụmụ, omume ule, bara uru ahụmahụ na ike Ntụpụta elo ighota na CISSP ihe ọmụma ebe.

The ule iso nke multiple nhọrọ ajụjụ ndị na-esonụ na-ekesa pasent nke ajụjụ.

1. Nche na Egwu Management16%
2. Akpan owo Nche10%
3. Security Engineering12%
4. Nkwurịta okwu na Network Nche12%
5. Identity na Access Management13%
6. Security Assessment na Ule11%
7. Nche Ịrụ Ọrụ16%
8. Software Development Nche10%

Site n'ikike ISC2


Ka ị na-agba àmà ajụjụ ga-ọma na-agbasa gafee niile ngalaba na mgbalị nwere ka a mere ka nna niile 8 ngalaba. All ajụjụ ndị na CISSP adịghị ebu hà akara. The uru nke ọ bụla ajụjụ dabeere na ya ike larịị. Tụkwasị na nke a 25 ajụjụ bụ ibuo na kwukwara maka ule nzube naanị. Ajụjụ ndị a na-bụghị gosiri maka ịgbakọ gị akara ikpeazụ. Otú ọ dị, i nwere ike na-ọdịiche dị n'etiti ndị a ibuo ule ajụjụ na graded ndị.

Olee otú iji kwadebe maka CISSP Test

CISSP requires knowledge of all the 8 domains mentioned above. You will need the following four resources to prepare for the exam.

  1. Books
  2. Video lectures
  3. CISSP boot camp or CISSP trainings
  4. Practice tests

I will explain each in resource in detail

  1. Books

Your choice of book will help you determine the scope and milestones of your study. I would recommend CISSP (ISC)2 Certified Information Systems Security Professional Official Study Guide 7th Edition. It’s one of the highest rated book on amazon with various 5 star reviews. Akwụkwọ a na-ọma e dere na nkenke. Ihe ọmụma e nyere bụ ruo n'ókè na ọ dịghị mmezi nju na-adịghị metụtara na CISSP udomo oro. Akwụkwọ a na-ekewa 21 isi na-curated ime ka ịgụ ihe na nghọta mfe.

Tụkwasị na nke a isi akwụkwọ ị nwere ike mgbe niile ịkpọ ndị ọzọ akwụkwọ maka ke omimi nghọta nke echiche. CISSP All-in-One Exam Guide bụ ihe magburu onwe akwụkwọ na-aga site na gị na-adịghị ike isiokwu. Otú ọ dị nju gbakwasara akwụkwọ ga na-eji dị ka akwụkwọ kama iji ya dị ka onye na naanị akwụkwọ. akwụkwọ site Eric Conrad bụ tokwara na ukwuu gosiri site CISSP ule takers.

  1. video nkuzi

E nwere ọtụtụ nke free na akwụ ụgwọ video nkuzi na dị na internet. Ndị kasị dị irè na nkuzi na-nyere site Kelly Handerhan on Cybrary. Ya nkuzi nkenke, ruo n'ókè na-emepụta mindset na dị nnọọ mkpa maka ihe ịga nke ọma CISSP ule. CISSP-ewepụta gị na a ọnọdụ nke ize ndụ njikwa, n'ihi ya niile gị mkpebi na nhọrọ ga-dabeere na na na-ekwu. The nkuzi free.

3. CISSP buut n'ogige

CISSP ahịa ina mere ka ọ mara mma asambodo nke bụ na-achọ site na nnukwu ọnụ ọgụgụ nke IT nche ọkachamara. A ọtụtụ ụlọ ọrụ na-enye online na onsite CISSP trainings. Ndị a CISSP ọmụmụ enye a ngwa ngwa malite maka ụmụ akwụkwọ na-enyere aka budata ịghọta ihe akporo na ihe ọmụma ebe nke CISSP. I nwere ike na-ele anyị tụnyere na n'elu peeji a maka kasị mma CISP buut n'ogige dị.

4. Practice nwale CISSP Training

Ịga nke ọma CISSP ule iji dabeere ọtụtụ omume sessions. Practice ajụjụ a ga-eji okwu ndị maara ihe ma na mix format inokota ozi nche echiche. Otu ihe mere CISSP ike larịị na-elu bụ na ọ dịghị omume ajụjụ abịa nso mbụ ajụjụ jụrụ na udomo oro.

Ya mere omume ajụjụ si multiple iyi ga-eji na-diversify ule ahụmahụ. Ụfọdụ n'ime ihe onwunwe na-eji m bụ

  • Sybex Test Bank: Nke a na-abịa na ndị akwụkwọ na-agbakwụnye na budata uru. Enwere 20 ajụjụ maka nke ọ bụla isi na (4) 250 ajụjụ full ule.
  • MCGraw Hill omume ule. Ndị a CISSP omume ajụjụ na audio nkuzi e mepụtara site Shon Harris na Logical Security development otu. Anyị na-arụ ọrụ ike iji zụlite a mbara set nke ajụjụ na okwu ihu ọha faịlụ na ga mma kwadebe gị maka CISSP.

*A sample n'ebe onye ọ bụla nke na isi mmalite na-gụnyere na njedebe

Na-aga n'ihu CISSP asambodo

The CISSP nzere bụ irè n'ihi na afọ atọ; kasị ịgụ eme site n'ido Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Ebe e si nweta. E nwekwara a kwa afọ otu ego nke $85 chọrọ ịnọgide na-enwe asambodo

CISSP ụgwọ ọnwa

Dị ka ọmụmụ, kasị elu onu ogugu nke CISSPs na-dị na DC, NYC na Atlanta Georgia. The obodo na kasị elu nkezi ụgwọ bụ NYC, abịa na $ 119.840 / yr.

CISSP Asambodo kasịnụ

Ejiri nke CISSP certifications nwere ike irite ọzọ certifications na ebe nke ọpụrụiche. E nwere ihe atọ nwere ike:

  1. Ozi Systems Security Architecture Professional (CISSP-ISSAP). The-atụpụta ụkpụrụ ụlọ na-arụ ọrụ dị mkpa n'ime ozi nche ngalaba na ibu ọrụ ndị na functionally kwesịrị ekwesị n'etiti C-ụlọ na elu nlekọta larịị ma mmejuputa nche mmemme.
  2. Ozi Systems Security Engineering Professional (CISSP-CSSLP), ihe elu ozi nche asambodo nyere site (ISC)2 na-elekwasị anya na engineering akụkụ nke ozi nche. ISSEP bụ ndu n'ihi na incorporating nche n'ime oru ngo, ngwa, azụmahịa Filiks, na ozi niile usoro.
  3. Ozi Systems Security Management Professional (CISSP-ISSMP), ihe elu ozi nche asambodo nyere site (ISC)2 na-elekwasị anya na management akụkụ nke ozi nche. An ISSMP nēme ka o guzosie, onyinye, na-achịkwa ozi nche mmemme ndiwụt management na-edu ndú nkà


Sample Sybex Test Ajụjụ

  1. Gịnị nche oghom egosi ọmụma site ede data ka a nkịtị nchekwa ebe ọzọ usoro nwere ike na-agụ ya ?
    1. Covert timing channel
    2. Buffer overflow
    3. Covert storage channel
    4. Maintenance hook

Answer: C

A covert storage channel conveys information by writing data to a common storage area where another process can read it. Securing data in such a way introduces a security flaw that allows unauthorized user to access the data.


  1. Generally a privacy policy is designed to protect what?
    1. A user’s privacy
    2. The public’s freedom
    3. Intellectual property
    4. A company’s right to audit

Answer: D

The purpose of a privacy policy is to inform users where the do and do not have privacy benefit of the protection of company’s right to audit and monitor user activity.


Sample CCCure Quizzer question

  1. Jean is an internal auditor who consistently uses the audit logs of various network systems to product reports. In an email to the VP of IT, she stresses how important it is that proper protection controls are put in place to protect the audit logs. Of the justification listed below, which is the weakest.
    1. Enweghị ihe nchebe oditi ndekọ nwere ike mfe gbanwere site onye ọjọọ mgbe ayak a mpụ.
    2. Unapproved mgbanwe oditi ndekọ merụrụ ahụ anọgidesi na arụmọrụ nke automating akuko.
    3. Oditi na ndekọ mgbe nwere mwute ozi na a ga-echebe.
    4. Na ihe omume nke ihe nchoputa, ihe unprotected oditi log nwere ike e weere inadmissible n'ụlọikpe.


Answer: B

Unapproved mgbanwe oditi ndekọ, nke nwere ike isi ezighị-emetụta ndị akpaaka usoro nke akuko, na-adịghị isi nchegbu nke nche. Oditi ndekọ na-echebe iji hụ na ike n'ezi ihe na confidentiality nke ndekọ.


Ịlele McGraw Hill ajụjụ

  1. Gịnị bụ nzọụkwụ mbụ na-emepe emepe a DRP(Disaster Recovery Plan)
    1. Chọpụta niile dị oké egwu na usoro na ọrụ nke ụlọ ọrụ
    2. Kpebie ma ọ bụrụ na ụlọ ọrụ kwesịrị ịrụ a ije-site, ukem ma ọ bụ ịme anwansị ule.
    3. Igosi a BIA(Business Mmetụta Analysis)
    4. Interview a nnọchiteanya si bụla Department


Answer: C

A BIA na-agụnye ịmata oké egwu na usoro na ọrụ nke a ụlọ ọrụ na ajụjụ ọnụ ndị nnọchianya si na onye ọ bụla ngalaba. Ozugbo management nkwado ma ọ bụrụ na sikwuo ike, a azụmahịa mmetụta analysis kwesịrị ka a rụrụ ka a mata egwu ụlọ ọrụ chere ihu na ndị nwere akwụ ụgwọ nke a iyi egwu.


Top 3 CISSP Online Training Courses

CISSP CourseCISSP ExamPracticetranscendSimpliLearn
Practice Ajụjụ N / A9491,250
video Lessons35+ Awa23 Awa32 Awa
NkwaỌ dịghị onyeOn Practice Exam Software Only3 Day Ego-Back n'Aka
online Access6 Ọnwa ole na12 Ọnwa ole na180 Days