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Best CAPM Training Online

Best CAPM Exam Prep Courses Online

Project management is expected to create 1.57 million jobs through 2020. If you’re looking to improve your project management skills then getting your CAPM certification is a must! Finding the right CAPM Prep Course online can be exceedingly difficult. How are you supposed to know which is the best for you?

You can start by thinking of your own learning styles and considering where and how you’d like to study. Once you’ve determined your unique learning situation you rest assured I’ve done the rest of the work for you.


Below I have some of the best online CAPM training courses to consider plus CAPM course discounts and savings you won’t find anywhere else.

Let’s dive in…

1.PMTraining CAPM Exam PrepPMTraining PMP Course

PMTraining offers a comprehensive CAPM prep course with many options and packages. This includes prep questions that can be purchased separately, on-demand or live online courses, and a condensed bootcamp option. They boast a 97% pass rate for the CAPM exam on a students 1st try (if you take their live course option).

Their platform stands out for it’s analytics and feedback which is crucial to understanding where you need help most. Beyond the instant feedback you’ll get the ability to review the reasoning behind the questions you got wrong. While this isn’t entirely unique to PMtraining their answers and reasoning are definitely some of the best we’ve seen. As all our other courses listed here they include the 23 PDU credits, meaning you’ll meet the requirements for your certification.


Bottom Line: PMTraining’s CAPM Exam Prep interactive course is great for anyone!


2. Simplilearn CAPM Training Course

Simpli Learn PMP Training Online

Simplilearn is a well known provider that offers a range of courses for PMP, PMI-ACP, CAPM, Six Sigma and more. The SimpliLearn CAPM course includes over 9 hours of instructor led training, 12 end-of-chapter quizzes and 2 simulation exams. You can choose to take the CAPM Course Live Online or Self Paced. You will also fulfill the 23 hour requirements for the CAPM exam by purchasing their course. Better yet they offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee so you really have nothing to lose.

Bottom Line: SimpliLearn CAPM is great for learners who can benefit from the live course lectures.



3. Master of Project Academy CAPM Review Course

master of project academy CAPM review course

Master of Project Academy is a new test prep company that’s making a splash. As their name suggests they offer project management training online, amongst many other topics. Their CAPM course features over 300 lectures, 600+ सराव प्रश्न, CAPM cheat sheets and much more. They also boast a 99.6% pass rate among their students.

What’s interesting about their course is that you have two options: a monthly subscription or a lifetime one-off payment. If you are strapped for cash you may want to choose the monthly subscription and then work your way through the course material quickly. मात्र, we suggest the lifetime subscription to ensure you can take your time and pass the 1st time.

Bottom Line: People prefer flexible payment options and mini lectures


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